Friday, July 26, 2013

Frank Vera

George Air Force Base


  1. Of all the podcasts, this one cuts through and lays bare the pathology of a system wholly devoid of life value and a society so captivated by it that they themselves fail to recognize are part of the disease. Indeed as Mr. Vera stated, "if it wasn't for a handful of good people" he would have starved to death while he slept on the streets.
    I kept waiting for Dr Fetzer to interject "yes Frank they were trying to kill you" but in hindsight the good Dr. was rightly kind and respectful enough to not state the obvious. Perhaps I shouldn't state that here, but it is SOP in our system of amerikan "exceptionalism." The true number of government caused deaths and cover-ups goes unnoticed.
    The statement that they are aware that he was exposed but can not acknowledge it should tell all. While he continues to attempt to navigate a psychopathic system to obtain records of the clearly obvious, so he can have healthcare and continue to live; death by a thousand cuts will continue. "Turned down for social security disability" while the alcoholic or morbidly obese meet the codified criteria. I guess "poisoned by government criminality" doesn't meet any codified "disability" nor is it likely to.
    Mr. Vera is most certainly a very fine human being; brave; tough as a box of nails; compassionate; respectful; intelligent; humble and the list could go on. Hearing his story is gut wrenching, which is finally to my point.
    There are untold numbers of people in this country whose experiences deserve attention. Whether it is the veteran sleeping in a cardboard box sick from dioxin or depleted uranium, or from having "seen the elephant" in war; or an injured worker, or, or, or, however wrongfully injured, the common mans story is far more powerful than the focus on the elite murderous psychopaths.
    An awakening is slowly taking place. While it is important to focus on national and world events, the real awakening will happen when the people are finally able to recognize the sickness enveloping every aspect of their lives, right in hometown America. In my humble opinion, Dr.Fetzer, along with John McMurtry and a few others are of a handful of people able to pierce the veil of the criminality that surrounds us. And it doesn't matter whether it is in Washington. The sickness has infected everything down to the smallest local governments. Reporting like this podcast strikes people where they live and should continue.

    1. Sick is the operative word. The sick psychopathic criminals that direct this sham of a Government for the demonic few sickos to run wild on a red carpet orgy of lies feeding a sick lust for power. The sick masses of humanity are incrementally forced vaccines, sickly made
      to ingest flouride, GMO foods, MSG, Aspartame, corn syrup while nano particles of aluminum, barium etc rain down on them in a sick aerosol air war. Our culture has completely degraded to a sick worship of celebrities and inbred garish monarchs smiling knowing the carnage that lay before them in a demonic blood lust. If this scenario doesn't lend credence to an end times delivery of salvation from a higher benevolent God I don't how it can get any worse.

  2. All organizations have such convenient lies; this one was / is deadly.

  3. Thank you Jim
    Frank Vera