Monday, June 24, 2013

Stew Webb / Nick Kollerstrom

Middle East / Woolwich atrocity / Bush Crime Family


  1. geezus S, Jim, this yammering gatekeeper in hour one has the Alien Agreement ponzi going, right? Ask him a follow up. What do these Martians want, money, big tits, fame, water? Gawd, this sounds like Rense or Red Ice sh*t. Even Bill Cooper figured out the alien BS after getting slickered early on.

    1. Thanks, Veteran. It's good to know that there are others who also recall poor ol' Bill's late-in-life, mounting scepticism of the very intel agency co-opted, ET mythos he did so much to promote during his early years as a celebrity conspiracist. Coop's subsequent emphasis-shift to deciphering the Secret Societies' massive, symbolic infusion of occultism into politics/statecraft is the proper legacy with which he should be credited.

  2. On the issue of Snowden Jim said he thinks the guy is legit, Stew said he thinks this is another false flag. I agree with Stew. The Wikileaks story is also, in my view, a false flag.

    It is clear that a gradual destruction and discrediting of the entire system is in the works, and the offer will come soon to replace it all with something better.

    Create the problem and then offer the people the solution.