Friday, June 21, 2013

Paul Taylor / Stew Webb

Mossad / Bush Crime Family


  1. Putin, the "great statesman," once again comes to the aid of his "partners" in Washington by offering asylum to Snowden if the latter agrees to stop leaking.

  2. Stew Webb either forgot to take his meds, or he's the most gullible person alive. Or maybe both.

    1. I agree except with the "take his meds" part. I have a BA in psych (which is bullshit) but so are "meds." For a laugh read the DSMRIV, then get back to me. You are playing right into the hands of BIG Pharma with your "meds" crap.

    2. So is "Conspiracy Theory" (a gift from the CIA) and "Tin Foil Hat" ( a gift from Julian Huxley), your's I think sounds kind of James Randi-ish and with "One in Five American Adults Takes Psychiatric Drugs*" I would think that the general population is suggestible in that area so lets keep the suggestions to a minimum, if you please. By the way here is some language from the James Randi Forum underscoring my above point: "What to say to a 9/11 Truther...

      1: You are a facinating subject, let's labotimize you!
      2: You are suffering from paranoia. Please take your meds!
      3: You suffer from post tramatic stress syndrom.
      4: You suffer from paranoid personality disorder.
      5: You are insane!
      6: You are a joke!
      7: You are a dip****!
      8: You are retarded!
      9: You are delusional!
      10: Do you have dementia?"
      *Source: Foxnews (dot) com

  3. Stew Webb is right out there with Judy Wood, Pete Santilli and all the other disinfo agents whos job it is to make truthers look bad. Im sorry but I dont believe Stew Webb is the real deal.

  4. Are we really expected to believe this stuff goes on? Like George H.W. Bush drinking the blood of a sacrificed child? Can Stew Webb provide any documentation to substantiate that claim? Jim do you really take this guy seriously?

  5. You would think child sacrificing, Satanist trillionaires could muster up enough assets to shut Stew up.

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  7. Nigel SmitesJuly 22, 2013 at 9:34 PM

    Could you do more research on Webb? He might be another fraud.