Wednesday, February 13, 2013

John Friend

"Hollywoodism," the Holocaust, false flags







    1. Hey pshea, the Roman Empire? Huh?

      I don't know if you've noticed, but Jews own the media, Federal Reserve banking system and Wall Street, Hollywood, and have overwhelming influence in government, politics, and academia. They even brag about this, but if a non-Jew points it out or is critical of it, they are called an "anti-Semite" and a "racist".

      Hitler perfectly described how the Jews use the Big Lie technique and PSYOPS to distort our reality and advance their tyrannical political agenda:

      "But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood... All this was inspired by the principle - which is quite true in itself - that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.

      From time immemorial; however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited."

  2. i didn't not mean to not leave all capitals last post. or perhaps i did. 'tis but a trifle anyway, isn't it?

    1. It's about time you got your just deserts.

      TIT! TIT!

  3. Concluding that the JFK and RFK assassinations were totally faked events is something that only VERY YOUNG conspiracy researchers could fall prey to. There is absolutely NO WAY that the recently arrived "Culto Cult" could ever convince serious older researchers, many of whom have spent several decades of their lives carefully, critically sifting through the genuine evidence, false evidence, and still-puzzling evidence attached to the Kennedy killings -- that the murders really didn't happen at all. So just leave us alone, will ya, and go back to amusing (and abusing) each other in your wet-behind-the-ears "alternate reality".

  4. I thought John did a great job talking up the fakery aspect with Jim. Gently pushing while Jim resists with his real video on 9/11 with fake planes. Excellent links dropped by John as well. Understanding WW2 is complex but very important when trying to decipher all the disinformation around Germany.

    1. Ab you should try getting Brian David Anderson on your show. Here is his website:

      Maybe we could have someone moderate a debate between Anderson and Jim? That would be great! I'd be up for doing it on my show.

  5. 'very young conspiracy researchers', 'culto cult', 'wet behind the ears alternate reality'..

    what a load of shite andy! who do you think you're kidding? you sound like jim fetzer when he was disparaging the no planes lot a few years ago!
    are you not on board the notions of almost complete media fakery regarding 9/11? well it was the same core group who were also responsible for the jfk 'assassination, you know?

    how old do you need to be to recognise the truth andy?(i am 41 btw).
    we have all seen how far so-called seasoned researchers have taken us!

    let me make it easier for you andy. here is the index for one of the most important threads on the internet.

    if, after clicking (in good faith) into any of the sub-links presented, you have not discovered enough tantalsing threads to warrant your further investigation into all the evidence gathered supporting the main assertions made, then it is time to hang up your boots andy, as indeed your dancing days are done and you can only ever furthermore be a hindrance to any truthseeking. in my most honest opinion.

    the same goes for you jim.

    it doesn't matter if culto (along with other contributors) or smoulto or tippytoes wrote the thread, the overall evidence shouts for itself, that;


    and i ain't no fool.

    to xavier - you can kissh my mothersh knickersh!!

  6. pshea did a great job on my show here: If anything Andy this "movement" needs new eyes and brains to break it out of its trance. It appears to be spinning in controlled circles. I've only cited culto as it's just about the only place I've even seen JFK discussed in this way. Please tell us where he's misled and I'll listen.

  7. Here are some good links for sources debunking the Jewish "Holocaust" narrative that I mentioned during the show:

    Holohoax & 9/11 actors: liars and fraudsters perpetuate The Big Lies of history

    Jew admits "Holocaust" is a fraud and a PSYOP

    Book review - The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century's Biggest Lie

    The "Six Million" Myth

    Elie Wiesel Cons the World

    The Last Days of the Big Lie (this documentary totally debunks many of these fraudulent "Holocaust survivors")

    Carolyn Yeager has done some great programs on the "Holocaust" fraud

  8. Just how extensive the fakery was on 9/11 is a crucially important question, but so far Dr. Fetzer has insisted that the supposed plethora of "credible witnesses" and "authentic images" is what keeps him loyal to the "hologram theory".

    Nevertheless, he also maintains that true science requires keeping an open mind to even the most improbable alternative theories until they can be thoroughly investigated and, if proven false, discarded.

    The sad fact seems to be that Jim has, so far, avoided a thorough reading of the Vicsim Report and an attentive, full viewing of the SeptemberClues videos. (And if he has actually done such personal investigating, why hasn't he told us of his conclusions???)

    He has, on the other hand, repeatedly asked Simon Shack to be a guest on Jim's radio show, and he also asked Simon to be a presenter at Jim's Vancouver 9/11 Hearings -- but to no avail.

    Instead, Jim has ended up with some much less credible radio guests, of late, and the massive (but we really don't know for certain HOW massive) fakery of 9/11 continues to be mostly avoided on "The Real Deal".

    Perhaps by now Dr. Fetzer has "written off" the most outspoken of the massive-fakery adherents because of their overbroad, sweeping, fantastical assertion that "EVERYTHING conspiratorial is fake... including the Kennedy killings". Well, if the maxim holds that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs, then there is far more evidence available today that the digital images and victims of 9/11 are MOSTLY false than there is that the Kennedy brothers did not die at all in 1963 and 1968, Yes, there was a huge amount of deception surrounding those game-changing, war-enabling removals from power of nearly a half-century ago, but the prime objective of those two bloody 1960s "removals" was to expand, and then continue, the obscene profitability of the interlocked power structures of munitions/drugs/banking. (The objective was certainly NOT to provide "early retirements" for a pair of sexually obsessed satyrs, who could then devote their remaining years to exclusively sybaritic pleasure. Nor was the objective simply to delight the clever plotters by "fooling the public" with an elaborate parlour game of charades.)

    Of course not. This was, and is, bottom line oriented, power politics, played for the exclusive benefit of the already super-rich. And the brothers represented a maverick, rival faction, within the power elite, that opposed the expansion of a war that was ALREADY underway (from the time, during the Eisenhower years, that the USA first replaced France as the shepherd of the Southeast Asian heroin trade).

    In the decades (of deception) that followed, Afghanistan-sourced heroin became even more vital to the Western financial elite than Southeast Asian-sourced smack, and thus arose the various American machinations to drive the Russians, and then the Taliban, out of "our" poppy fields. All this jockeying for position on "The Grand Chessboard" brilliantly culminated in the massively fraudulent cassus belli of 9/11 which, since it was set to occur on a "mystical" date drenched in masonic/satanic symbolism and was profitably tarted up with numerous, in-your-face, Zionist connections, was immediately understood -- all across the many and diverse factions of elite power -- as an uber-sacred narrative NEVER TO BE QUESTIONED in "polite society".

    And even in the "impolite" societal discourse of "alternate" (foundation-funded) news and politics -- what questioning IS allowed must never extend (c.f. Democracy Now, 9/11 Blogger, etc.) to the authenticity of the images/witnesses/victims themselves.

    Perhaps, deliberately OR unwittingly, the extremist-existentialist (and off-puttingly dismissive) mantra that "EVERYTHING is fake" will now make the search for 9/11 truth even more difficult that it has been. I hope and pray that is not the case.

    1. Andy,
      I think your analysis is quite good and very insightful. You appear to have an excellent handle on this grand scheme, perhaps more than most of the commenters I've read anywhere. I think the more people realize the extent of the fakery the less fear will be produced/induced. I'm going to mention your prose on my show tonite: I hope you can call in and further elaborate.

  9. no-one is saying everything is fake. i follow the evidence and that the jfk assassination was staged/faked is where it leads. jfk was a bit player in a greater agenda. is it coincidence that aldous huxley died the same day as jfk or that the beatles arrived in america in feb. 1963 (after massive hype) to, as jim fetzer himself says, console the broken hearts of a traumatised population?

    deal with the evidence andy. there is myriads of the stuff conveniently gathered for your perusal. faking shit is the name of their game.
    the bigger the scale (lie), the better.
    if it ain't broke, don't fix it, eh?

    give it a go and see what you think.
    please get back to us.

  10. pshea,

    List three pieces of evidence that support your JFK Hoax hypothesis; surely we cannot just devour a thousand meandering posts on the thread you provided; however, on good faith, just list the strongest points that you can extract from there and I am certain we will all evaluate it with neutrality. And keep in mind that Huxley's death on the same day is irrelevant at best, and how The Beatles arrive in time to console the nation, I think this notion is absurd. Is all the material for your JFK theory this circumstantial and immaterial? This is the very caricature of conspiracy theory as ridiculed by skeptical society: juxtaposition of events that are then afforded a mystical aura, with an inappropriate description of the "agency" involved.

  11. take your pick from the index here

    the faked headshot. you can see the squib rolling up jfk's face.

    (how squibs are used - )

    parkland hospital and the faked bloodstains.

    the bloodstains on jfk's clothes.

    again, it is all the evidence when viewed as a whole that leads to the unavoidable conclusion.

    is it really so much of a chore to go through the thread?

    jim, why don't you invite culto on to debate the issue. it would make for a cracking show.

  12. John's interview was one of his best here. He kept his points clear and concise and really has Jim moving very close to the Holocaust revisionist camp.

    A good debate would be between John F. and Alan Hart. Listen to his interview on Kevin Barrett's show and see that they could have a lively debate.

  13. I've also noticed there is no revisionist camp for the Communist narrative. John F, Spingola and Condit have stuck to the official narrative of Stalin and his crimes of millions dead yet how do we know there is no fakery in that account either? How real was the Gulag Archipelago?

    1. Interesting question. Anarchist Michael Parenti asks the same question here. Why, when the Soviet Union fell, was there not massive coverage of Gulag inmates being greeted on release by cheering friends and family? Surely the Western media would have been interested in broadcasting to all the world such a damning scene for Stalinist "communism" so that anti-communists could revel in such a field day for them. The video is subtitled in Dutch / De video is ondertiteld in het Nederlands. The complete video, in parts in a YouTube (automatic) list, covers his talk on "The Fall of Communism" and makes some striking points, both for and against the Soviet system. In the talk, he rightly chastises some leftists in the West for their lack of support for the Stalinist bloc's positive aspects and others for their failure to condemn the negative ones.

    2. Hey Aral Sea, there are a number of reliable sources documenting the brutal nature of the Soviet system, going all the way back to the Jewish Bolshevik terrorists who led the "revolution" against Czarist Russia in 1917. The "Communist revolution" was nothing more than a decapitation and overthrow of the established Russian political and cultural/social system in the most ruthlessly violent manner imaginable. The entire Soviet system was totally tyrannical and anti-human, and was managed largely by various cabals of Jewish gangsters and psychopaths over the course of its history. Stalin, who from what I know was not Jewish himself, but had a Jewish wife and close associates, was particularly brutal. Below are links to a number of good sources on this subject.

      "With the collapse of the Soviet bloc, and before that with the revelations of the great Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others, virtually every educated American not named Oliver Stone or Peter Kuznick now knows that the Soviet Union, particularly during the long period of Joseph Stalin’s absolute dictatorship, was little more than one big killing machine. Stalin ruled through terror and fear, but also with a cult of personality in which he was regarded as a god-like father figure for the country and for worldwide Communism. The main instrument of the terror was the precursor of the KGB, the dreaded NKVD. The major victims were first the losers in the civil war, primarily the aristocracy and the supporters of the tsar, including the Orthodox Christian Church; then the small land owners who resisted the draconian collectivization program or just anyone who owned land; then in the 1930s the revolution turned in on itself with the years of the Great Terror, and literally no one was safe."

      The Rulers of Russia

      Bolshevik Butchers of Russia

      German Soldiers in the Soviet Union: Letters from the East

    3. Here is a more objective account of the Russian Civil War. It admits that many Russians joined the Red Army because food went first to the soldiers who were fighting the Czarists and anti-Bolshevik socialists (allied, by the way, with the Western bankers and industrialists who also sent Western allied-powers troops to assist them). Not mentioned in this account is that "The Great Engineer" Herbert Hoover (who personally owned one billion dollars' worth of Russian timber, oil, and mine stock - in 1912 dollars!) placed the bulk of what the public was told was humanitarian food relief for starving civilians (American Food Relief) in the hands of Polish and White armies fighting the Red Army in the Ukraine, as detailed by anti-fascist writers Sayers and Kahn, whose work was suppressed during the McCarthy Era and here rehashed in an archived Dave Emory broadcast.

      Before I began this comment, I was listening to rabid attacks on communism on both Rense and Revere radio broadcasts. If communism is dead, how is it that there's such an escalation of anti-communist propaganda on the "alternative" media? Is it because the bankers and industrial corporatists are secretly "reds"? How would promoting anti-capitalist revolution improve their bottom lines? Does that make sense??? And would it make sense for a Barack Obama who was installed by a CIA whose origins were Cold War anti-Soviet (and predominantly post-WWII Nazi) to be conducting a "communist takeover" of the USA? Think about it, and ponder this history of the so-called "Libertarian Movement". Who's acting in the interests of the bankers and corporatists: is it the "reds"? Or is it the Nazis, resurfaced with a goldmine of Third Reich propaganda carefully preserved by their underground assets for just such a time when working people are questioning whether there's an alternative to a system which offers them increasingly nothing but starvation?

    4. I'm simply dumbfounded at your comments on these threads atlantabill. You are terribly confused on a number of subjects.

      Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same Talmudic coin. These ideologies are fundamentally Jewish inspired, and both produce the same exact results: the economic, political, spiritual, and cultural destruction of the nation (ie, Europe, America, Canada, Australia, etc.) in which they are practiced. I have no doubt various industrialist, nationalist, pro-Czarist/pro-monarchical factions funded the anti-Bolshevik White Army against the Jewish-led (and international banker financed and instigated) Bolshevik terrorist psychopaths.

      The "Nazis" are not running anything in the West, and never have. National Socialist Germany was utterly destroyed by the Jewish capitalists and propagandists in the West, and their Jewish Communist allies in the Soviet Union during and shortly after WWII. The international Communist conspiracy to overthrow Western civilization was largely complete following the defeat of Hitler's Germany in WWII. The Soviets had agents in all key positions of influence in American, and even British, society - in the press, government, academia, business, etc. - all the way back in the early 1930s! The Commie/capitalist Jews have been behind all this madness (including 9/11!), especially following the defeat of NS Germany, the last remaining obstacle to the tyrannical "New World Order" we hear so much about - NOT the "Nazis", or the "fascists" (you do not understand National Socialist or fascist philosophy, by the way), or any other faction in the global power structure.

    5. This comment of yours, John Friend, is archetypical Nazism and confirms my worst suspicions about you. People here who have doubts should visit Mr Friend's website. It's an extraordinary act of illogic that he has committed by, at one instant, denying that "'Nazis" aren't running anything in the West" and, at the same time, illustrating in the same comment that at least one Nazi (himself) is is promoting Nazi propaganda in (I assume) the West. For another example of fascist illogic, you may note that he prominently displays at least one quotation from George Orwell on his website, either ignoring, or ignorant of, the fact that Orwell described himself as a "democratic socialist" (small 'd'). For an historical background to Orwell's 1984, visit the 1984 page at my website. For the substantial chain of evidence that links pro-Nazi and Nazi-fascillitating business interests in the U.S. (a list that reads like the Fortune 500 of the dominant corporations and private companies) as partners to the German bankers and industrialists who brought Hitler to power, as well as to the Nazi political leadership, and are today facilitating the Nazi takeover of the U.S. and using the U.S. "homeland" as a base to create a re-emergent Third Reich, please spend some time listening to (the non-communist) Dave Emory's archived radio programs in his Anti-fascist Archives. I have a basic disagreement with Emory's attempt to place the center of Nazi power in the new Germany, among other things (I think that it's shared by the U.S.A. and its Israeli partner); but I believe that he's represented evidence for the Re-emergent Third Reich Thesis with extraordinary expertise (although Emory often uses the term "Fourth Reich", which I believe is for the most part historically inaccurate). As for myself, I will tell you without reservation that I consider myself a Trotskyist and an adherent of authentic Marxism.

    6. Well it's not as if I'm hiding the fact that I sympathize with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, and fascism. Would you be interested in appearing on my radio program to discuss these matters?

    7. That's very gentlemanly of you, John. I have to admit that I had a romantic attraction to Hitler's movement in my wayward youth. I'm half-German on both sides of my family. And, as you might agree, there's something about a good German military march (and the Nazi ones are the best) that sends goosebumps down our spines. "Wir kommen wieder" is my current favorite. I can easily understand Hitler's attraction for the Germans of his time and have even contemplated writing a novel from the Nazi point of view just to show how understandable it was. At the same time, I know enough of German intellectual traditions and German Social Democracy (before the treason of Ebert, Noske, and Scheidemann) to realize that Hitler was as much a betrayal of Germany as Stalin was of Russia. My warning in regard to Nazism is this: "It can't happen here: Germany was a cultured nation." As hokey as this remembrance might seem to many, I think it comes very close to representing more of the truth about the DDR (GDR) than the Western propaganda slant or even such laudable efforts as Das Leben der Anderen.

      I'll have to mull over your kind offer. There's so much I'd want to say that needs to be backed up by documentation and long explanations of theory, and I'm really just getting into the detailed history of the Nazi Underground, that I'd come off as a mere "propagandist" rather than a scholar at this point. To show you what I mean, I'd suggest you read on-line or download (if you haven't done so) Paul Manning's Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (which is dedicated to Bormann, by the way), and this is just an introduction to the history of the Underground that includes the half-dozen or so other books I'm reading now on the subject.

      There is nothing revolutionary about Hitler's message. It proposes a system no different from the all-against-all system we have now: even if you were a full-blooded "Aryan", you'd still be a wage-slave or a wage-slaver. Marxism exposes the contradictions within class society that propel it to a future in which the last exploited class will inevitably overthrow the last exploiting class, and put science and technology to the task of freeing all from meaningless commercial drudgery.

    8. Himmelherrgottmillionendonnerwetter! I put the link target wrong for the Bormann book. It's HERE.

    9. One more correction: the book was originally dedicated "to Martin". I believe I've seen a copy that has this dedication. Dave Emory says that Bormann himself wanted the book to be published and that it was those who took over the running of his organization made the attempts over a 20-year period to halt its publication.

    10. The website didn't like my linking directly to the mp3 of the song/march "Wir kommen wieder", which I mentioned above. But there's a link HERE to the Soldatenlieder archive's mp3 for listening or download.

  14. It is good to hear the holocaust hoax brought up.
    I would like to offer some choice links for information this subject:

    One third of the holocaust:

    Buchenwald a dumb dumb portrayal of evil:

    Judea Declares War on Germany:

    The Last Days of the Big Lie :

    The final solution to Adolf Hitler:

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