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Nick Kollerstrom / Clare Kuehn

Sandy Hook


  1. If this was a CIA op they may have been reluctant to slaughter 20 children. With todays computer graphics programs you can easily create the identity of a child. These children could also be children of military stationed around the world. Don't bring them back to the States for 5-10 years till they are not recognizable from the photos. It's hard to say. I don't buy into they were sacrificed in some satanic ritual or sold off into sex slavery but anything is possible.

    1. Agreed. We don't know. We know one woman's daughter's photo was snatched from a public Flickr album and fed to or was acquired by the UK Daily Maill.

      Others could be assets. Others stolen. Point is: people are waking up to the possibilities; though they get a lot of the assignations wrong; only Gene Rosen is a known actor, and he has a "reason" to be interviewed ... he actually does live in Newtown. He is on the local TV advisory council as CEO.

      There is information on the woman's live daughter photo at

      And there is info on Rosen as CEO in local TV media advisory council at

      Some question about his residence (I haven't checked this one all out yet):

      The Greenberg Sexton and other assignations are (sorry) wrong, in my considered opinion.

    2. It seems we have some absolute proof of pre-planning. Google clocked a Sandy Hook fundraiser page (from United Way) on Dec. 11; Vimeo had an honourary Sandy Hook victim video uploaded or created and held in abeyance from Nov. 10; a fundraiser page was from Dec. 10; other victim pages were also from before the event (not just Victoria Soto RIP, making the idea that was merely a Facebook page converted after in honour, kind of silly, unless it was just a part of a more complex situation of real and unreal honour pages).

      Youcaring, Vimeo and that RIP Soto page were all down within hours of the exposes on Youtube and blogs.

      I am not sure if the United Way page has been re-posted so Google's clocking is deleted.

      I have info on all these at -- Please inform me if there is anything normal about the Vimeo and Google and Youcaring sites' dates. Prager is claiming it's all meaningless and due to Exif data weirdness and suchlike; if so, prove it. It is my sincere belief the Google and Vimeo problems, at least, are true absolute proofs of pre-planning.

    3. 1/10/2013 -- Sandy Hook tweet story / Vimeo video - debunked

  2. The FACTS the REAL FACTS associated with the Story need to be FULLY developed and 100% Honesty is REQUIRED

    1. Agreed, this is a serious attack on the right to bear arms in a meaningful definition of arms. Even if Lanza was alone and nutty and that's it: this is hyped.

      It is not "ordinary times" right now, where guns are really not so necessary to have as a deterrent for gov't/paragov't takeovers.

  3. 1) Hurricane Sandy

    Formed October 22, 2012

    10 22 12

    Dissipated October 31, 2012 (Halloween)

    2) Sandy Benefit Concert New York City
    Major entertainment figures participate
    Date: Dec 12, 2012

    12 12 12

    Double 6 6 6

    3) Sandy Hook Dec 14, 2012

    12 14 12

    Illuminati numbers anyone?

    Also 3 "Sandy" events form the triangular (pyramid).

    Like 9/11 had 3 event points: New York, Washington and Shanksville.

    1. Well, 12-12-12 and 12-14-12 are significant yes, because 6-6-6 doubled there is 2 days (double) away from 6-7-6.

      And the middle date? 12-13-12, or 6-13-6 doubled on the end. Yes.

      Good point.

    2. Faul was there too at the 12 12 12 Concert.

    3. You're right! Ha ha ha. I thought you were trying to mock the work on him.

      ------ Well: he could have truly thought it was a great cause,

      or his friends in high places ... could have told him about plans ... and so on.

      About him and the occultic stuff and elitism:

      Here he is with the (double) 666 handsign of forefinger to thumb (base of 6) and three other fingers up, as top-of-6 each time.

      It's also an "okay". But we know that he's into Crowley -- at LEAST the positive stuff -- and this is at his Knighthood ceremony, so elitism, and he puts his hands nearly together as a deliberate gesture with a very serious face.

      At 0:16 seconds.

    4. @Aral Sea -----

      I posted (on Jan. 1, 2013) your wonderful observations as an update on a page on my blogsite, with my comments from immediately below your points.

    5. Great. I am glad you found it useful and to record it on your blog can get more people to consider the date numbers and any significance they have.
      Thanks Clare Go Leafs Go

    6. HA! "Go Leafs Go." Funny. Thanks a lot! :) Not a particular follower, myself, but hey -- it's all good and that was cute.

  4. Go to Prison Planet Forum - General Discussion and click on the thread "Sandy Hook Dad Caught Acting! It's All a Fraud!!" Click on page three and look at the photo comparison's of Sandy Hook participants with people from an online photo album of a certain Greenberg/Sexton family from Florida. I am convinced that these people from that Picassa online album are the same people connected to this Sandy Hook thing. The teacher Kaitlin Roig, the "grieving" Soto brother from Leon Greenberg's Facebook account, little Noah Pozner said slain at Sandy Hook School sitting with Emily Sexton, daughter of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Richard Sexton, etc. Check it out.

    1. You can actually go to the Picasa site for comps and see them larger. The orbital bone of the woman and several features of her brow and cheeks are NOT as close as should be. The man also has a bit of a pug nose and friendly roundish face whereas husb of Jennifer does not. They are NOT the same people.

      The person who started this idea on GLP thread has posted elsewhere some inaccurate ideas. The Giffords shooting, however MAY relate to the grandfather. This is a separate issue.

  5. No one died. Why do people reject all other evidence but then hold on to central claim?

    I am also curious why the truth movement has in almost no organized fashion ever considered 911 as other than a false flag where we killed 3000 of our own. Why is there not even one lonely outpost that publicizes the anomalies in the victims.

    At least recently the no planes reality has sunk in, but many still unconsciously think there are terrorists or hijackers, etc.

    1. Actually, I was the first to go over the anomalies in the victims in a major scholar Truth Researcher's site (here -- Jones didn't cover it). The show is at July 19, 2010 here:

      Now note: I go over IN DETAIL and IN GENERAL.

      I cover the actual anomalies found in specific items of evidence and actual problems found overall (i.e., the general lines of the story of what to expect vs. what is now knowable about the victims) AND I cover indications of problems in the researchers' own work.

      The researchers are not perfect; some of their examples are sure or mostly so, and some of their lines of reasoning broadly excellent -- while other lines of reasoning (especially the idea that the photos are ALL or ALMOST ALL morphs) are incorrect.

    2. The truth movement as organized by well known entities is part of the psyop. Nothing organic about it. As for the vicsims of 9/11, has the vicsim report from hoi pilloi. It makes sense to me that nobody died in empty, gutted towers.

    3. The thing called the truth movement is partly just people who wake up to parts or all of what is known about the event; and also the operatives within it. The name is used for either or both. It is not, therefore, okay to use it as if it were one definition: "It's organized as disinfo from the start." People were and are waking up; disinfo ploys run within that.

  6. My bad... I didn't refer to you per se, but the general coverage. You are actually among the more courageous and open-minded intellects handling para politics today.

    1. Thanks. Christopher Marlowe (below) is back from the grave -- he was a British spy, ha ha -- saying I was uncareful but more than that, that I discredit things because of where I'm uncareful.

      I do sometimes repeat something. MOST of what I put up I check out, however. Not all, at the time. I get tips for corrections as anyone does.

      I do try to be careful yet courageous; but sometimes under courageous I'm less careful. There's a balance. I try to strike it OVER TIME, by correcting and learning, but I don't do it perfectly especially at first. I get too busy combing.


  7. I have seen some pics of this couple (Jennifer and Richard Sexton) that do not look exactly like the CNN couple Nick and Laura Phelps and others that do. Could the use of lookalikes be going on here. several other uncanny matches have been found also: Dead ringers for little Noah Pozner, Kaitlin Roig from the Greenberg Picassa album and the kid claiming to be Vicki Soto's brother found on Leon Greenberg's Facebook account, which anyone can go check for themselve's.

    There is a woman who did an ABC interview claiming to be the mother of Sandy Hook student Ella Seaver who is a dead ringer for B grade horror movie actress Debbie Rochon who appeared in, of all things, a low budget horror movie entitled "Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre" from the year 2000. If it is not her, I will eat my hat. Check out the forum thread cited above for comparison pics of this woman.

    1. I have seen that Lingerie film info and though she's not actually physically the same woman, the crossovers in types of looks is striking, plus some aspects of the film. Could be they were copying, or a snuff or alternative filmmaker was hired to put together this fluff film, before. Certainly, ideas float in intel circles on how to effectively lower the arms in the US long before they do it.

  8. This is a little YouTube video I did showing some side by side comparisons. "Is Sandy Hook Shooting a Psych Warfare Game?" -

  9. Brian or Clare,

    Will you compare the photograph of the young boy Noah Pozner, supposedly killed at Sandy Hook, with Gerald Posner. Just do a google search on our famous spook friend. I think the resemblance is interesting, and my thoughts are that these hypothetical kids are the children of known assets and what not...

    But there is also another possibility. Before I became disinterested in the work of our Wellaware1 buddy, I did feel he had some tactics that these guys use very correct...

    One is the use of photographs that ARE IN FACT OLDER PHOTOGRAPHS, preventing the kind of mistake that happened with the 911 hostages turning up alive somewhere. They will use photographs from a while ago, as can sometimes be gathered by other nuances in the film.

    I don't think that is the case here, as these photos don't have that feel, but there is something strange. This much is clear.

    My intuition is telling me that every independent journalist and real investigative reporter should all be focused on Sandy Hook; for whatever reason, this thing has so many holes that it might actually be enough of a lightning bolt to wake up the rest of this slumbering nation.

    It is my honest opinion that there is no series of killings in anyway; but that this is instead some kind of drill, or gladio-like tension event; I think our most modern black ops leaders have realized they don't need to indulge in senseless carnage when it is only the effect they are after.

    Also, we have a ridiculously large top secret complex now, with so many people part of an inside circle that it is not hard to imagine that assets and trusted known entities would be among the participants.

    The fake crying father that is now notorious reminds me of many Mormons I knew in Utah; and also has that young military officer vibe. Naval, I'm guessing...

    The coroner who answered reporter's questions is the biggest smoking gun to me, or one of them... but like any evidence, in any case, it can all be disputed at one point, and it all devolves down to the question of which evidence is suspect, and which has the blessing of authority, whatever that term is thought to imply these days.

    This is why my first instinct was to check the social security death index, and then see if we can get real citizen investigators on the ground at that location, very quietly asking questions and getting good human intelligence.

    I have thought that the PEOPLE need their own intelligence outfit, and short of that happening in all the right ways, perhaps we can create our own ad hoc groups.

    I used to comment at Veterans Today, invoking the same arguments, and back then I called for Gordon Duff to take some leadership of that idea, but perhaps that forum is so very large, and I am not sure where Gordon is really with such a wide cross section of conflicting opinions.
    Take away his arrogance, and you have a cool cat though.

    Now, Fetzer, on the other hand, is the real deal. (Just like his show is called). He has just the right combination of open-minded curiosity and tempered critical thinking discipline. And best of all, to top it off, Fetzer just exudes integrity and good guy.

    Clare, where is your blog at? And why can I never find it?

    Finally, relating to the material above, my impetus in looking in this direction is that after casually looking at so many of these "strange events," whatever their true nature, I notice the recurrence of certain names. It is very subtle, and only something I notice from devouring both historical black ops and the current ones. It may mean nothing at all, but when a few names pop up here and there, I just wonder... is a family involved, relatives carrying on the torch, or perhaps similar alias get used a lot. Bishop was one such name at one point.

    I can't recall those names just now but will compile a short list: but Pozner is one.

    Also, there is something wrong with this policeman, Vance.

    Talk soon.

    1. @Solfeggio ----

      Replying to only two points here for the moment.

      1. My blog is at

      (For some reason, some people have to type in the .ca not .com -- whereas, when I type in .com it turns automatically into .ca for Fetzer's). Perhaps international Blogspots don't convert to US site when you use US site in US, but US site gets translated to international site internationally. It would be typical of US companies to set up only one way.

      2. There WAS someone who turned up later ... just as with 9/11. It is here:

      I didn't know of it at the time we did this show.

  10. Much is being said about Satanism in various places; and while there may be a degree of truth in such claims, I do not think whatever cult hiding in the shadows is always the the same dark, malicious and decidedly metaphysical monster that many believe.

    I think it stretches incredulity to suggest as many have that "the children were kidnapped", and perhaps this was for some future tribute, or solstice sacrifice, or many variations on this theme.

    If a cult or secret society is involved, I believe it would be because of the clandestine cover it provides, or the assets and requisite participants who -- whether blackmailed, or otherwise coerced through cult like indoctrination.

    When I see the occasional participant flashing the hand sign, it may be indicative of a secret society, like the Masons, or some other nebulous sub rosa civilization just hiding under our exoteric one.

    Perhaps these people are all part of some larger sect or cult in that they are compromised, have to serve the agenda of whatever nefarious organizing principle lies behind it... it might be a familial matter in that child becomes parent and passes on the tradition, always maintaining an OMERTA silence.

    Maybe it is more simple, and they are all friends and family, so to speak, of the defense establishment, and in particular, the black ops crowd. Perhaps this black ops community is the so called "breakaway civilization" that we hear so much about. A kind of netherworld existing parallel with our own, and we are none the wiser. Perhaps the few times our exoteric society and this esoteric one grate against each other, we witness one of these strange events, and the whole affair needs to be swept under the carpet.

    It is an interesting thing to consider: and this separate society would need to identify themselves and maintain their own unique culture and identity while outsider were everywhere about them. We would be oblivious, or even if suspicious, never consider the improbable truth or sheer scale of the enterprise.

  11. So if this were true or indeed possible, even for arguments sake, how would they get away with this? Well we might consider that strange subcultures might in fact be points of entry for these operators, and certain cults, of which Satanism is one, might be such a military industrial complex gateway.

    The community would demonstrate all the trappings of such cults and we would never understand the larger picture, or only come up with hyperbolic ideas as to what they are up to. This is the paranoia that always exists in the mind of an outsider... we can only speculate as to the true story behind the curtain.

    But our uninformed speculation would fail to correctly identify the true pathological agent behind the phenomena we witness because we would be foolishly looking at symptoms alone, whether these be hand signs, numerology patterns, or movie tie ins.

    It is unnerving to think of this culture living right here among us, and yet always without us. It would explain how so many people can seem to serve throughout the world as trolls, shills, and the otherwise consistently wrong on every parapolitical issue.

    Perhaps these people are all citizens of this Hades, a bizarre circus of contract operatives, mechanics, and their vast infrastructure of friends, family members, and so on... passed on generationally, and select members drafted or inducted in other trusted ways, like Skull and Bones etc...

    Hand signs, code words, and other iconic cues might be the way they know their own and transmit to their own, "this is just a psy-op, etc." The uninitiated are taken for the whole gambit.

    It would be this larger organized crime ring that is indeed the bane of our world. Nevertheless, I think it premature to assume they are sacrificing their own, or worshipping some evil being in the way our Christian culture conditions us to think. I think it may be something more to it, along the lines of a masonic conspiracy, an elect that participates and passes off the fraudulent event as truth.

    If any of this is true in any way, of course, exposing it would be an incredible way to hasten the larger truth movement, since these people are clearly getting desperate. I am really in shock at the coverage of this Sandy Hook event, and more importantly, what this says about our entire communications complex.

    There can be no democracy nor government of the people if the people cannot deliberate on real information. This implies a police state of the worst possible kind: one that has even sought to imprison the mind itself.

    1. How do they "get away with it"? They don't, in a sense ... many are onto it now, even in flawed ways: more suspicious. But by pushing the "It couldn't be us!" idea, sure, if most in the halls of power tend to believe them, and the mass media general reporters don't suspect, and some know ... then they push the nonsense and disparage the increasing numbers of people who get it. That's how.

  12. Clair Kuehn seems to suffer from that disease of internet researchers of just repeating garbage without actually doing any research. Thus, much of what she says sounds much like listening to some batty woman gossiping.

    For example, there is no evidence whatsoever that the Catholic Church had anything to do with this incident, but Clair spent a lot of time talking about Catholic "pedophiles". Clair appears to have a heavy anti-Catholic bias.

    Another related point is that Kuehn even tries to implicate Michael Jackson's death, by tying in Jackson's doctor to the "Catholic Order of St Rose of Lima". To my knowledge, there is no such "Catholic Order". St Rose was in the third order of St Dominic, and the parish of St Rose of Lima is under the diocese of Bridgeport.

    Much in the same way that a crazy lady with a lot of cats might talk endlessly about some fantasy that she has spun out of her own mind, Kuehn wastes a bunch of time spinning this intrigue involving a Catholic pedophile ring, but of which she has ZERO evidence. This type of batty research is harmful to any Truth movement because it makes researchers look like crazy people, and it tends to waste people's time chasing down stories that don't exist.

    Kuehn should spend more time talking about things that she knows, and less time indulging her own personal animus.

  13. @Christopher Marlowe --

    Men can be batty. So drop the anti-woman rhetoric NOW.

    As to your points:

    You have my correct name in front of you yet you can't get it right; imagine how people in a hurry or emotion and not much to go on yet can get things wrong?!

    In fact, your version of Clare ------- Clair ---- is NOT a name for anyone: in French the feminine adjective is Claire and it's used for women; the masculine adjective "clair" is not a French name for men, or only very very rarely if at all.

    The name Clare is an Irish version; and can be used for women or men. It also is commonly how the name of Italian Saint Clara (of St Francis story fame) is rendered in English: Saint Clare. It also can be a last name.

    So can Clair.


    If I got the St Rose of Lima order and Michael Jackson's thing wrong, then great. Leave a comment and I'll fix it. I got that part from someone else. I do what I can to check things out, but some things repeat from the links I put.

    The old "how would they get away with this" idea is a saw, however: they get away with things (whichever "they" in whichever case) is that people ask that instead of go through the minefield of material.

    Also: all photos repeated as moving photos on that day were from the Fire Hall, not the school. Which is fine, except it wasn't made clear that that is what was happening so the ambulances and caution tape (around them!) made it look as if there was a great rescue effort. In fact, there was not, or there was not one we saw much of -- and the EMS were stood down around 10:10-10:15. Police went door to door I've now discovered for more shooters, presumably, yet they knew where all dead would be found by 10:10?

    I have my areas of knowledge; it can (less disparagingly) be called a personal animus, but I do try to be careful as does anyone caught up in a minefield ... there are things which slip by me and all researchers here.

    At least I'll correct them AND look at almost anything.


    1. Listening to your answer reminded me of getting a letter from a lady who ignored most of what I said and talked about other things BECAUSE I had caught her flat footed being totally wrong...or maybe because all of her howling cats had distracted her short attention span.

      My post raised two issues: the Catholic Church and the non-existent order of St Rose of Lima. You talked about these two entities in your interview, and neither had anything to do with Sandy Hook. So your personal animus caused you to waste everyone's time while you slandered the Catholic Church.

      That is not a "minefield" that caused you to do this; it was your own sloppy research. Saying that "some things just repeat from the links" is a very sloppy and self-serving way of saying that you repeated things that were not true. That is not called an investigation, that is spreading rumors. I can bet that you would have done some research if the rumors were not pleasant to you, or if they said something bad about cats.

      So you spent most of your time talking about how to spell Clare, which I'm sorry I misspelled. It was not done on purpose, but probably done as a result of trying desperately to spell "Kuehn", which is very difficult for me. (I am a very bad speller.)

      You also wasted a lot of time disputing "how they would get away with this". But looking back over my post, I can't see what you are talking about. Maybe you need to put your cats down when you read a post. Maybe their fluffy tails are distracting you too much.

      In sum, you spent most of your reply talking about nonsense instead of profusely apologizing for you batty, waste-of-time "research". It's kind of ironic that you tend to get distracted by non-issues and cats even when you are writing a response to criticism regarding this same habit.

  14. The truth, or at least some it, can often best be determined not by what is there but by what is not there but should be.

    For example, planes hit the towers, well... where is the wreckage. Children murdered... well, what should we see that we do not?

    And so on.

    1. Agreed. Gordon Duff, who insists that only the Israelis would kill children in such a way as is claimed, with which I disagree, has straight the point you made, about what should be coming out in the news and isn't.

  15. "The name Clare is an Irish version; and can be used for women or men. It also is commonly how the name of Italian Saint Clara (of St Francis story fame) is rendered in English: Saint Clare. It also can be a last name."

    In Ireland the first or Christian name
    " Clare " is used exclusively for girls and women. "Clare" is not a first name used by men in Ireland. There are two Italian saints called Clare. Clare (not Clara) of Assisi and Clare of Montefalco. As for men called Clare in Ireland , perhaps you are thinking of County Clare in Ireland where I believe there are a lot of men but none whose first name is Clare.

    I hope this is clear, Clare.

    P.S There are two saints called Clarus.

    1. Agreed. It can be said to be both: one big thing for shorthand, or a large organization but also compromised, linked networks.

      The more research I did, and corrected myself several times, I discovered that it's very large (even in a limited sense, it's large), but the positive group ideals and negative group ideals, created groups and protected groups and pre-existing groups make the totality even larger.

      Some of the positives are not so positive all the time: there are those in an 'outer circle' and 'inner circle' -- and those who are more useful to refer to as regular criminals or the corrupt people of power, but who also attend or are attracted to cultic activities at times. There is also the further complication that even when people participate in something, they can be a criminal mind of some type but it may be others who are more into cultic activity itself.

      Plus, if we recognize the positives or neutrals (regular Masonry and hierarchy adoring groups -- Order of the Garter ... or whatever), we will often find attitudes we can call cultic or which bleed into worse behaviour in those groups.

    2. Clare was often used for males, as short for
      Clarence. It was used in the works of Irish American author Clarence Day Jr. as a name many used to refer to his father, Clarence Day Sr.

  16. yes, i can attest to frederico's comment.
    i live in clare, ireland and there are alot of men, but none called claire (the most usual form of the spelling) that i know. that name is reserved specifically for females.

    sorry for mispelling your name clare, in my latest comment addressed to you.

    all the errors/anomalies we see in the sandy hook production are surely intentional.

    a big reveal to bring down the house of cards?

    9/11 and the aftermath were meticulously planned and all of this is surely a continuation towards a definite endgame.
    the west has always been pencilled in for destruction as the seats of power (the roman empire) move east.
    the corruption and decadence of the west is then exposed and destruction from within is assured.
    a clean up and restructuring is subsequently made very easy.

    what if all the players in this drama are all actually cg creations, purposeful crafted variations of living or once living people?

    this would explain the crappy video quality, impossible photographic anomalies and curious video rendering glitches.

    have they the capabilities to completely fake any narrative/scenario/cast of motion characters?

    you betcha!

    1. The name "Clare" is a popular Irish first name for Irish female children although nowadays the "Claire" spelling has caught on. I think this is a generational thing. Older women will spell it "Clare" while younger women will prefer "Claire". This change from "Clare" to "Claire" has come about in recent years and has a lot to do with fashion. There is a famous order of nuns called the "Poor Clares". Perhaps this also has something to do with the preference for the "Claire" spelling.

      Also "Clare" or "Claire" is not and has never been a first name given to or used by male children. One of my own daughters is called "Mary Clare".

      " Clare " because her aunt is called "Clare".

    2. Yes, Clare is a name in Ireland for males and females. Clair was a French male name but is less common now than only the female name Claire.

      The English version is Clare for the Italian Santa Clara, the famous Saint Clare (friend of Saint Francis) and the Poor Clares.

      And yes, the French female name Claire is also appropriated around the world, including in Ireland.

    3. Short for Clarence in boys. Much rarer but occurs/ occurred more in the past.

  17. You are obviously an ill-informed, sad, lonely, little girl, Clare. You need to get your muddled head out of your fat voluminous ass and start telling the truth. Clare is NOT a name for males in Ireland. Clare is a name used only by females. One wonders how anyone can take what you say on other issues seriously when you persist with the silly idea that Clare is a name used by men in Ireland. Are you on medication of any type, Clare?

  18. I've just seen a video on YouTube:-

    Clair Kuehn is Paul McCartney!!

    1. Ha ha! Thanks. 31 seconds of deflection ... but fun. HA

      It's Clare, though, Geraldine. Thanks.

      At least I'm the original Paul (JPM) being compared to Macca.

      I see Jim Fetzer is done as George Washington!

    2. Hilarious: I got TWO! I am both JPM and a Lost Royal being compared to Queen Elizabeth II when young.

      Greg Hallett is done once (as compared with Prince Charles) and Jim Fetzer is compared with George Washington.

      But I now realize I would actually BE Macca in this comparison, unless, like real Paul/ Faul comps, I can insist that I am the original and Macca the double. Hallett and Fetzer are supposed to BE their comp.

      JPM and Macca are in a special situation. So I'll be the original ... in my own idea of it. Just because I'd prefer that. HA HA HA.

      No comments are allowed on the videos or the channel. What a dufus. There should at least be channel comments.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. hi cleaire.

    well it must be decidedly rare and a practice consigned to the past because in
    all my years (40) of being irish and living in ireland, i have never once heard the male name
    clarence (pronounced clarr-ence) shortened to clare.
    if a man came up and introduced himself as clare, i would tell him to feck off and sober up. ha.

    anyway, look into neil aspinall (the mysterious 5th beatle). though he reportedly 'died' not so long ago,
    he was paul, or rather paul was he.
    facial scars in common with the original paul
    (amongst other things) give the game away.

    look into this clare. no better girl.
    i saw the notion introduced 1st somewhere on the pro-boards.

    check this out.
    look at the look on faul's face in the 2nd photo.
    faul meets paul. hmmm.

    the 'neil aspinall' (neil-as-in-paul)
    as named in the 1st photo is not the same
    'neil aspinall' as named in the 2nd one with faul.

    that's how they get away with these things (9/11, jfk etc.). they toss out tons of conspiracy junk to conceal the faked heart of
    and all those in the know, know.
    that's how they participate in the 1st place, and continue to live with themselves.

    fakery fakery everywhere.
    and we lap it up.





  21. " well it must be decidedly rare and a practice consigned to the past because in
    all my years (40) of being irish and living in ireland, i have never once heard the male name clarence (pronounced clarr-ence) shortened to clare. "

    'Tis true for you, sir! I have never heard the fooking likes in my life, myself .

    " Now Clarence, would you feed them fooking pigs like a good girl, now so ".

    I think Clare is making it up as she goes along!! LOL It makes a change!! At least we don't have to put up with her "Paul is Dead" crap!!

    Clarence = Clare in Ireland!!!?? LMFAO

    Maith thú,pshea!!

    Beir bua is beannacht as Éirinn anall!!

    Slán anois!!