Friday, January 11, 2013

Jim Fetzer on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio

Show description:

Second hour: Long-time listeners know that I admire Dr. James Fetzer's work, agree with him on many but not all issues, but am not always impressed by the infamous "Fetzer school of tact and diplomacy." Still, I am even less impressed by his enemies, including some otherwise good people like Kevin Ryan and Anthony Lawson, who sometimes fall into mindless anti-Fetzer hysteria.
The latest anti-Fetzer hysteric is my AFR co-host Pete Santilli, a fanatical Judy Wood cultist who launched a completely unhinged attack on Fetzer last week. Pete's gripe: He claims that Fetzer is somehow covering up Judy Wood's efforts to attribute the 9/11 demolitions to mysterious "directed energy weapons." What a crock! The fact is that Jim Fetzer is virtually the only major figure in the 9/11 truth movement who ever gave Judy Wood a fair hearing. Before attacking Fetzer, Santilli should be targeting every other important member of the 9/11 truth movement, virtually none of whom has ever had much use for Judy Wood.

Judy Wood is obviously a paranoid "if you're not with me you're against me" personality, and her paranoid style has proved contagious; most of her supporters, including Santilli, are equally nutty. This paranoid style has alienated 90% of the truth movement, and 100% of people unfamiliar with 9/11 truth. But that doesn't mean Judy's wrong; she may well be correct in arguing that various anomalies surrounding the 9/11 demolitions suggest that some sort of ultra-high-energy device(s), perhaps mini-nukes or other "classified" weapons, were used. If so, the perps are undoubtedly happy that such a paranoid and divisive personality is "poisoning the well."

Kevin Barrett / Ian Henshall and Jim Fetzer


  1. This is certainly essential to listen to if you have heard the original AFR interview. I think Santilli is milking this for all he can get. He knows he can't get Alex Jones to debate him so he goes after an easier target who is willing to confront him on air. I also heard the Wood/Johnson aftershow on Youtube which is a good listen.

    The interview in the beginning is also good as it relates to this 9/11 movement in general.

  2. Those of us who have been convinced by material presented on the two rival 9/11-fakery forums (LetsRoll and CluesForum) that many of the photos and video depictions (of the towers' destruction and rubble pile) SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED AS EVIDENCE can only be grimly amused by this raucous new battle -- between the Wood Cult's flakiest apostle (Santilli) and the august Dr. Fetzer.

    On the one side, the highly emotional Dr. Wood and her fanatical groupies refuse to acknowledge ANY of the many obvious contradictions and blatant examples of forgery in the "sacred" imagery on which their "Tesla-technology-is-vindicated" religion is based.

    On the other side is the prince-of-logic Dr. Fetzer, who despite his heroic attempts to maintain self-composure is nevertheless greatly, even painfully flustered by the bizarre stream of vitriol coming at him from the Wood camp. And yet Fetzer himself remains reluctant to directly address the widest implications of the Clues/Roll discoveries that a substantial portion of the photographic "evidence" over which this distracting argument rages -- is itself HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

    Were the 9/11-derived, massive war crimes of the US/UK/Israeli "Axis Powers" to be the subject of a future prosecution in the International Criminal Court (as Italy's Chief Justice is proposing), each item of probative evidence, including the photographic record of the "instigating event" and yes, even the fabricated identities of certain "victims," would need to be scientifically verified for authenticity. And if warmongering fraud is thereby proven to the satisfaction of the court, then the commercial NEWS MEDIA (owned, of course, by you-know-who...) themselves become ACCESSORIES BEFORE THE FACT. In other words, CO-CONSPIRATORS!

    1. Excellent comments! On the discussion threat, an astute commentator has observed that NONE of Judy's photos are date/time stamped, which makes your point all the more pressing. I think you have it right and that there are serious questions to be raised about the images on which she places such enormous emphasis. Thank you.

  3. Hi. It's Pete Santilli here from the Pete Santilli Show which broadcasts 11am-1pm mon-fri and on Saturdays. (American Freedom Radio)

    This radio broadcast was purely an attack on Pete Santilli and Judy Wood providing no substantial evidence on 9/11.

    Kevin Barrett if you are siding with this psy-op agent Fetzer you are clearly in the same boat as him. I will be doing an investigation on your dealings in suppressing 9/11 information.

    If i find anything fishy or sinister i will be launching my own truth jihad on Kevin Barrett and i'll see that he is taken off American Freedom Radio. Alternative media has no room for shills such as Fetzer or Alex Jones.

    For other interested readers check out broadcast 317 of the Pete Santilli Show where i have an indepth discussion with Dr. Judy Wood, the only credible 9/11 researcher mentioned in this comment along with me, Pete Santilli

    1. To say that Dr. Wood is "the only credible 9/11 researcher mentioned in this comment along with me, Pete Santilli" is to me very misleading if one is familiar with Dr. Fetzer's or Kevin Barrett's work.

      They may not even have the right answer but they (Fetzer and Barrett) demonstrate the right to research and question the events of 9/11.

      Even if someone claims to have "the evidence" (Dr. Woods book) and if we cannot even question "the evidence", then we are in dire straits indeed.

  4. willy-nilly silly shilly santilli.

    deal with the fakery issue dude-
    -fake terrorists
    -fake witnesses
    -fake planes
    -fake plane crashes
    -fake video and photographs
    -fake victims

    kevin barrett and jim fetzer still insist on 3000 9/11 dead when there were really very few if any, most being computer generated identities with no basis in reality.

    you are being duped santilli or you are a dupe/stooge.

    man up and deal with the fakery issue.

    i am getting a strange feeling that this is ALL theatre.

    btw clare,
    too much waffling on radio abirato.
    didn't make for good listening.

  5. Andy,

    I really dig your mind. Do you have a blog or anything?

    Keep it up. You are one of the few Swans in this Ugly Duckling world.

  6. id trust a trained logician and philosopher of science whose only real benefit is the progress of rationality than some fool Pete Santilli whose only methodology is to benefit himself financially through advancing his televison shows and the precarious usage of lawyers

  7. Santilli broadcast was "purely an attack" on him because he deserved it. About the only accurate statement he had said so far.

    Jim Fetzer is making a reasonable effort to advance the cause of truth. Pete Santilli is trying to debate someone way outside his intellectual capacity, approx. 2 points below a rock.

  8. Pete Santilli's recent show with Morgan Reynolds had at least one interesting section; where he played the conversation he'd had with the obvious fraud Gordon Duff.

    It's impossible not to take away from the conversation that Duff said Wood's DEW hypothesis is correct - meaning he knowingly promotes a false nuke theory, and that he threatened Santilli for working to reveal the DEW solution.

    Of course all the BS on VT about Nazis, Vatican assassins, Templars, aliens, Jesuits etc., plus his frequently drunk, always rambling and fact-free radio appearances ought to be enough anyway for thinking people to dismiss that clown. Fetzer and Barrett appear swayed by the audience Duff claims to provide. They surely cannot be impressed by the man or his 'inside-info'.