Friday, October 19, 2012

Michael Murphy and Eric Sayward

Chemtrails, 9/11, and more


  1. We're probably just at the ground floor of the chemtrail truth movement, but it has the potential to pull together a lot of issues around the environmental destruction and the threats to food safety. Eric Sayward brought some lingering issues back into the general discussion: What's the best way to promulgate truth?, How is real history so successfully hidden from the general consciousness?, To what degree is our culture managed?, Are perplexing questions best resolved by appealing to a demonological mythos, or will science ever be able to resolve them satisfactorily for the general public? We are definitely in a period of devolution by design, and it wouldn't be the first time.

  2. I think that Eric Sayward is an intelligent guy but when people start talking about demons it really turns me off. How is this any different than the fear of ignorant peasants or scrofulous illiterate monks in the dark ages or the climate of fear that engendered witch hunts in America?

  3. What I find interesting about chemtrails is that the perpetrators are doing it in broad daylight over major cities. They could just as easily do it in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. I live near Ottawa, and the skies are often filled with chemtrails from morning to night on clear days. It seems to me that they must be doing it so obviously for a reason. And the reason must be, I suspect, to be able to monitor how people react, if they react at all, to the chemtrails. Naturally most people are oblivious to them, and do not even believe what they see with their own eyes. You can't point them out to strangers, they think you are nuts. When you point them out to friends they usually say that there must be a reasonable explanation, or that they are simply contrails from passenger planes. Few people believe that thay are seeing non-passenger planes spraying chemicals into the skies. Our society is completely dumbed down, it is almost shocking.

  4. Still the lie that 3000 (as opposed to very few, if any) died on 9/11 is being pushed. It is now a disgrace that mr. fetzer, a serious scholar, continues in this vein. I heard him recently on an interview with brian stavely state that he had his hands full with other aspects of 9/11 and he would leave that aspect of the fraud up to others to persue. How disingenuous! Did you approach your investigations into the kennedy assassination (which was alsp faked) in the same haphazard, disjointed and illogical fashion mr. fetzer? Since when does half an investigation suffice? What better way to smash open the lie than to show that the vast majority of 9/11 'victims' are nothing more that photoshopped computer generated non-entities with no real existences! Here mr. fetzer is a link to get you started on this (apparently) secondary aspect of the big lie.

    You must surely delve in, out of curiosity if nothing else? Who knows where it might lead you?
    Hopefully not into continuing silence and further denial. Kevin Barrett is another who is constantly pushing the 3000 dead aspect. I am not a researcher or scholar, yet I have been aware of the victims fraud for 2 years now, only 3 months after looking into the 9/11 conspiracy for the first time.

    Something stinks here, and it stinks bad IMO.

    Unlike 9/11, the chemtrailing phenomena is deadly reality, and will play its part in the demise of us all. I believe a massive (fake) worldwide nuclear radiation storm will soon be unleashed on us all, with chemtrails (with secondary activation components added when the time is rife) delivering the deadly goods in place of any actual radiation.
    This is just an opinion, but is a real fear of mine.

  5. I agree with pshea up until the chemtrails. If you eliminate the fear created by the vicsims, you negate the whole effect. Since the media has been taken over to generate fear on a full time basis, it removes the need to actually do anything physical other than to move a few props into place.

  6. Lots of talk about how the media and schools have indoctrinated us with a false view of history, then beginning at around 110 mins a stream of opinion that originates from black propaganda put out by the media and schools.

    I’m talking the Crowley, Nazis, Bushes thing. The ‘Luciferian’ / ‘Satanic’ parasitic order. The Bushes financing Hitler. Eugenics and all the stuff that Nazis did that our governments are doing today.

    It's all bullshit and Sayward got it all from mainstream media (the Hitler-Bush non connection, the negative take on Third Reich eugenics); from the alternative media (the idea that the dysgenic programs currently operating are 'eugenics', the Crowley-Bush non connection, the 'Luciferian' agenda); and from orthodox miseducation (that Lucifer and Satan are bad but Jehovah good. Just read the Torah, where Jehovah is objectively evil, genocidal, anti-human and immoral. If any angel rebelled against him we really ought to be open to the possibility they were good.)

    Sayward didn't come to any of these views by independent enquiry. He was told to think them.


    Like with Muad Dib bringing his cranky religious views into his 7/7 work, Sayaward would be best advised to leave that stuff out of a serious scientific and health issue like chemtrails.

    Normal people won't believe that satanists, even conventionally defined, are running airlines to perform Luciferian rituals in the sky and human sacrifices on earth. And won't take seriously someone who believes such crap. Best just stick to the neurotoxins that we can prove.

  7. Wow! pshea now rakes me over the coals for not having delved into the "vicsim" issue. Kevin Barrett and I are both some kind of disinfo ops for not following up every lead on this issue, no matter what else we may have done to advance the cause of truth and justice regarding 9/11!

    I am sorry, but there are only so many hours in the day. All the flights were fabricated, so I know that the passengers who allegedly died in crashed that did not occur are simply names on manifests, including some completely made up. There has to be a lot of monkey business going on about them.

    I took a look at the Simon Shack site devoted to this question using your link and found his discussion about it at He has done so much on this that it would probably be worthwhile to invite him on the show. Perhaps you could let him know that I will be writing to him about coming on?

  8. Looking forward to your continued research into the last step of unraveling the 9/11 hoax - the total media deception. Unlocking this last piece of the puzzle will expose you to all the subsequent and previous media hoaxes (JFK, anyone). It will set you free of the fear when you realize the most of what you are told is simply not true.

  9. The first widely distributed claim that JFK faked his assassination and lived on in secret for many years was a front page article in that amiable forerunner to The Onion ---- THE WEEKLY WORLD NEWS! (Complete with a hidden-camera, telescopic photo of elderly Jack lounging in a wheelchair, his once-luxuriant locks now thinned and turned wavy grey, his Armani sport coat replaced with a Cardigan sweater, and his finely tailored trousers covered with a blanket. Other than on the curious and complex web musings of the bold Mr. Culto, on what verifiable sources do you base your "JFK Death Hoax" beliefs, guys?