Wednesday, October 31, 2012

John Hankey

Romney, Bush and more


  1. Throughout this interview is the notion that things will be very different depending upon who wins the election. Well, how different were things after Obama took over for Bush? Face it, it matters not who wins, both are puppets controlled by the same string-pullers.

  2. To paraphrase the late, great L. Fletcher Prouty: no matter who gets (s)elected as president, in order to stay alive and serve out their full term they have to be very aware of the "line they can't ever cross".

    So when the "Secret Team" says it's time for another war, or for the current war(s) to continue -- IT WILL HAPPEN!

    Obama was a CIA creation, enslaved to Wall Street and Israel. Romney was a Wall Street creation, enslaved to the CIA and Israel.

    (The elite ALWAYS hedge their bets.)

    As Webster Tarpley observed, the main difference between the rival candidates' backers' intentions lies in how quickly they will work to impoverish you and constrict your remaining freedoms.

  3. Who is Barack Husein Obama? Set aside all the CIA ties and the forged birth certificates, all of which may be true. This is all you have to know... Read how Obama made his early career fronting for Chicago real-estate tycoons, who needed black faces up front so they could bulldoze poor Black residents of South Chicago out of the way to fulfill their billion-dollar gentrification schemes.