Friday, July 27, 2012

Greg Hallett

A report from the rightful King of England


  1. Just a small point "modus operandi" is the correct Latin and means "way of operation/working"
    "Modus operandus" is wrong. Greg was right the first time and in "modus operandus" Greg may be assuming that "operandus" is the masculine adjective when it is, in fact, the verbal noun or gerund. In Latin The gerund is a verbal noun - as the infinitive often is and is formed by adding -ndum to the stem of the verb. Whereas the gerundive is a verbal adjective and has the same endings as an adjective in the 1st and 2nd declensions.
    I think this is where Greg was confused.

    Examples of use of the Latin infinitive and gerund:

    Natare est difficile - Swimming is difficult ( To swim is difficult).
    Puer natare amat - The boy loves to swim. (The boy loves swimming).
    Pisces ad natumdum nati sunt - Fish are born to swim.

    The gerund^ is a verbal noun!

    Ars natandi - The art of swimming ^
    Modus vivendi - Way of living. ^
    Modus operandi - Way of working. ^

    In "modus operandi" etc., etc., etc. the "operandi" etc., etc., etc. is the genitive singular of the gerund "operandus" etc.,
    etc., etc. and, of course, ends in "i".

    Remember the gerundive* is a verbal adjective!

    Amandus, amanda, amandum - being loved, to be loved.*

    habendus, habenda, habendum - being had, to be had.*

    I hope this helps.I think it's better if you read about this for yourself. I could go on but I don't want to spoil it for you.

  2. I think he's just assuming operandi is the plural of operandus, as some people use viri as the plural of virus. Talk about over complicating matters ;-)

    1. " I think he's just assuming operandi is the plural of operandus,.."

      You obviously haven't a clue what you're talking about. "Modus operandi" was the phrase in question."Modus operandi" means "way of doing/operating?. Since "modus" is a singular noun, why on earth would it be followed by a plural adjective? What has the plural of "operandus" to do with the matter at all? I may complicate but you brutalize and dumb down to the point of asininity and inanity. Do you know any Latin? Scisne loqui linguam Latinam?

    2. "Modus operandi" means "way of doing/operating?.

      Remove redundant and unnecessary question mark after "operating".

      " Redundant and unnecessary "

      Two words that could be applied to you, I fear.

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  4. What does the name “Balto” mean? A name is much more than just a name!

    B is for bestow, as you give so much.

    A is for absolute, for you know your mind.

    L is for love, your love of life!

    T is for tried, tried and true you.

    O is for openness, it's refreshing!

    Would somebody pass the sick bag?

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  6. I think you need to get a grip on the bigger picture rather than act as a distraction on minuscule pedantic differentials. If that's the contribution on contents of Greg's work, just don't waste anyone's time.

    1. Maybe you just need to get a grip.

      Stop trolling this blog with your multiple identities, Lord Balto!!

    2. Knowledge is completely wasted on this audience if this is a true reflection; sad but sickening.

  7. What I'd really like to hear of is Greg's knowledge on 'flying the planet' gravity/anti-gravity and the 'real deal' on the geophysical relationship of Earth to the Sun in manifesting oil and other resources. No-one is covering this and everytime it gets interesting, there's a switch back to the Hitler stuff or whatever which is fascinating but at this time, I feel that what is being done with our planet and resources (mission to mars fakery and star wars programme) is essential to get a grip on.

    1. Any luck on learning more about Greg's - Flying The Planet?

  8. I bought several of his books and love them.