Friday, July 13, 2012

Evelien Gilbert

LIBOR banking scandal


  1. Super program! The end is particularly sobering.

    It seems the answer to the question of 'why?' was eluded to by your recent guest Daniel Noel, who talks about the 'the essential psychopath' and about Łobaczewski's “Political Ponerology.” Łobaczewski and others coined the term of “ponerology” for their new science based on its etymological meaning of “the study of evil.” It seems that the elite of the elite are psychopaths that we the masses have to protect ourselves from.

    Perhaps the truly sad part of the human condition is that the overwhelming majority of us has a good moral compass but we are forever destined to be ruled by the tiny minority who has absolutely none. Those who desire power the most (i.e., these psychopaths), eventually achieve it.

    Wonder if Celente is correct in his prediction of: "Off with their heads 2.0"

  2. I did not listen to this show but I did listen to the other recent show Ms. Gilbert did here. I will get my info about LIBOR from Max Keiser or other financial experts, and not from a special effects engineer.

    I found her presentation on the show a few weeks ago to be much ado about nothing, aside from being vague in what she was actually saying. The reason I say her show about storyboards used in relation to what we saw on TV on 9-11 was much ado about nothing is that since we already have established that video fakery was employed at the World Trade Center 9-11 Twin Tower events and that the alleged plane crashes could not possibly have happened as told to us, and that the whole official story has been an elaborately produced lie, I think her opinion that storyboarding was used in the TV presentations is only of incidental interest and not very important. Certainly all the tedious information about what storyboarding software could have been used to present the TV 9-11 production means not much to 9-11 truth seekers.

    I agree that what we were presented on TV, as video (real or faked video) or as commentary that day was a forumula, action packed, Hollywood disaster movie that had "made in the USA" written all over it.

    But our job is to determine when we are presented fakery, when we are presented real live "amateur" video, and when we cannot determine whether what we are seeing, or seeing as part of a whole, is real or fabricated.

    That is why I like 9-11 truth seeking to focus on all that surrounds the "no planes theory". How exactly the Towers came "down" does not seem to be what we should be focusing on, and so far that tack has only led us nowhere and run out the clock.

  3. She recommends Max Keiser in her show.

    On this topic, Keiser Report: Fraud Race (E314)is useful:!

    He interviews Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics and they touch on LIBOR. At 16:30 in the interview Rob gives an insightful statement about what the derivatives market/bubble is: "What the derivatives complex serves as...a lot of people try to characterize it as debt. The derivatives complex is not debt. What the derivatives complex is, it's a price control mechanism, it's a price control grid. And it gives the people who regulate and the people who have purview over the derivatives complex control over all the strategic pricing. The price of capital. The price of energy. The price of capital itself. And these are the things where you see the control is instituted and is most pronounced. All these strategic things."

    The derivatives bubble is somewhere on the order of 1 Quadrillion+ dollars in what is tantamount to financial betting. Whether it can be considered debt, bets, strategic control, whatever, it is amazing that more people don't know about it because once this house of cards goes, so does the global economy. 2008 was just a tiny precursor. If you have any cash for which you want to retain some buying power through the coming crash then stock up on your gold and silver mates.

  4. Great Interview. But, Please!
    Find some other Beatles' tunes to play!
    The same tunes over and over and over gets very tiresome.