Monday, February 13, 2012

Mary Sparrowdancer & Michael Norvell

The Persistent Persecution of Sean Dix


  1. Just went to mary's article [] and 6 of the links don't work. That's over a quarter of the linked sites [excluding Sean's].

    It is interesting that Jim and guests keep expressing astonishment at the events they describe. They are bewildered that police and NY prosecutors and all the rest are failing to fulfill their duties and are acting on behalf of JNJ. "This is not the kind of thing that should happen in the US..."

    Oh yes it is! This is precisely how it is supposed to work! The state doesn't exist for our benefit, otherwise it wouldn't exist at all. We are not a nation of laws; we do not have a Constitution; law is not enforced to protect us but to protect wealth and power from us. The police and other institutions of the state security apparatus are not shields but swords. We don't have a democracy, we don't even have a republic, we have capitalism, we have overlords. And Sean Dix is discovering that the "authorities" are those who put the "rule" in ruling class.

    If you are surprised by what you have listened to, or are incredulous, then you still don't get it. If you think the state wouldn't murder somebody to protect corporate profits, then you are living under a delusion. The history of capitalism has been chock full of Sean Dixes, thousands upon thousands of them. And their will be thousands more as long as capitalism prevails.

  2. This is of course defensiveness among monopolist and rabid capitalist people, yes, but it is not "capitalism" in the broadest sense, since capitalism also means regular business, not only "killing as business as usual to protect profit and control".

    Also: This is not a general "State" potentially murdering someone. First it was "J&J" related defenders who would have convinced a dentist to inject dangerous fluoride, or she found out later. She may have thought all Dix's talk of dangers of fluoride, etc., was wrong (if fluoride is used "properly") and gotten so defensive they could get to her to commit the crime. Something like that must have occurred.

    People get defensive when their training is challenged, and can be induced to kill, or feel like it could hurt the person.

    Now of course, some people in the "state" who would be goons and creeps or agents for hire, could get to a prisoner. We also know some people in law enforcement can be in there for the wrong reasons, and close ranks against someone who "questions their authority".

    So yes, Dix is at risk. But the statement you make (unqualified) about "the State" is too broad and will lose listeners who might otherwise understand the risks to Dix from "J&J" defenders and defenders of "the State".

    My issue with your statements is that though your intention is fair, the language you use will outrage those who don't try to understand what you mean by it and what you don't mean by it. And there are lots of people who would fall into that category: they'd think you're "afraid of regular governance" ("the State") or vice versa that you're "against all enterprising spirit of innovation and pride in business transactions" ("capitalism"). The reason is that you don't acknowledge other meanings for the terms you use.

    1. do you ever leave the keyboard to go take a shower? Just curious.

  3. Clare,

    I don't know why you put this phrase--"killing as business as usual to protect profit and control"--in quotes. I'm not its author.

    I'm using the term 'capitalist' in the same sense as David Ricardo, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, John Law, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Nikolai Bukharin, Alan Greenspan, Ron Paul etc. The way it has been used since the dawn of capitalism, the way they do in business schools.

    The 'related defenders' of JNJ would clearly include CNN and law enforcement. And they most certainly are the 'state.'

    It seems beyond unlikely that she, a professional dentist, would even consider what Dix or anybody else thought about fluoride. If she does she should have her license removed. Unless you believe that the dosage was accidental, then she was trying to kill him, or at least scare him.

    It is not a m,atter of 'goons' in the state getting to a prisoner, IT IS THE STATE THAT HAS IMPRISONED HIM. Not some lone nut in the state, but the state itself. You are starting to sound like the Warren Commission.

    And it's not about 'questioning their authority', Dix isnt there because he pissed off a cop. He is there to protect JNJ, more specifically their profits. It is about capital, clearly.

    My statement about the state is my belief. You certainly have every right to disagree, but is my opinion and I'm more than prepared to defend it. And as regards to losing listeners: I do not subject my thoughts to considerations of popularity. People can despise them if they wish, but my thoughts are what they are.

    Regarding the last paragraph: i am against 'regular governance' and am for democracy, face-to-face whenever feasible. Governance should be the collective enterprise of the whole, not the prerogative of a special class, even an elected one. [that is if our elections are legitimate.] We should govern ourselves rather than be mere spectators as we are now.

    And I most certainly am against capitalism--I detest it. I think it is very sad that anyone should exploit other human beings as employers exploit employees. To make a profit one has to pay one's workers less than the price their labor fetched in the market, THAT'S WHAT 'CAPITAL' MEANS. And it is a vicious person indeed who takes 'pride in such transactions.' Capitalism does to us what Michael Vick does to dogs.

    And scientific and technological innovation has been around at least 3,000 years longer than capitalism. It was a technological breakthrough--the steam engine-- which gave rise to capitalism in the first place.

    Anyway Clare, thanks for the debate.

    1. never mind her Dave. She like to pretend that she knows what she's talking about, but she really doesn't.

  4. There is growing evidence that, while this may have originated with J&J, the DA's Office now appears to be running a vendetta against Sean. More to come. But David may be right about the role of the judicial system and of law enforcement within the framework of a capitalistic system run amuck, such as we have today in the USA. It is tragic but, perhaps, as he maintains, also completely expected and predictable.

  5. This is a horror story. I get chills. Well done pursuing it.

  6. This case is really getting under my skin.

    As Jim keeps asking, why didn't JNJ just buy the damn rings? Usually when a company is faced with potential competition from a new product that they don't want to market themselves but want to keep off the market, they just buy it and sit on it [think rotary engine, salter ducks etc.]. Yet in this case they stiff-armed Sean at the door and had their goons at CNN smear his product. JNJ is a huge company. Many of their products--band-aides, baby powder, baby shampoo-- are number one in their respective spaces. They could have bought the rings without it making even a ripple in their budget. This was small potatoes for them.

    And in most cases where the government falsely imprisons somebody there is at least a pretense of concern for the public welfare. People like Lynne Stewart or Bradley Manning are at least said to be a threat to our national security [not that that is true in either case]. No such justification can be invoked here, this is about money, nothing but money. Sean Dix is an economic prisoner. He's not dangerous politically; he has no information which would be embarrassing or damaging for the government like, say, Judy V. Baker; he's not an enemy of the state in any sense. This is just a case of a huge company deciding to crush a little guy because it was more profitable this way, and because they could.

  7. This is another sad story of the corporate fascists using government as their police force. Capitalism needs government to balance it on behalf of the people. When government is complicit with the corporations then we have an unchecked dictatorship .ordering my floss rings today.