Wednesday, February 8, 2012

John Barbour

Jim Garrison, JFK and Hollywood


  1. I can only download 14Mb

  2. Yip. Same Story.
    What an interesting character John is.
    I hope the full link can be sorted out.

  3. This was a great interview, John and Jim. John, fyi (and I sent you an e-mail about this through your Website), one of the links (I think it's to episode #3) of the documentary you made, accesses episode #4 instead.

    Fabulous that you made this documentary!

    I do find the way to access it awkward, though -- one cannot simply go to a page with all the episodes and download or play in order, from a menu.

    I should also let you know that the account on Youtube showing your documentary has been closed down (scrubbed). Perhaps try uploading it again and/or doing a "promo" video and uploading that. It would get you more hits for your Website and more people informed that way.

    Finally, John, thank you for sharing all you have -- and I do hope you come back and talk more about your Garrison experiences, since you talked mostly about yourself (which is important to give a context to what you have done and why, in making the documentary, and is also humanly interesting).

  4. Just when it was getting exciting, too and John had just finished calling Jane Fonda a " a hairy commie bitch ". What happened to the audio? Why is it incomplete?

    Maybe Jane pulled John off??

  5. The file has been re-uploaded and the entire program is now available.

  6. What a great guest, a fab listen! Always enjoy the Real Deal, please keep up the good work Prof. Fetzer, it's much appreciated! :)