Monday, November 14, 2011

Karyn Holt Harcourt

JFK: Chauncey Marvin Holt


  1. The multiple sub-plot stories of the JFK assassination are not unlike a Quentin Tarantino film! I would love to see the lives of Chauncey Holt, Judyth Vary Baker, Lee Oswald and Dr. Mary Sherman, brought to life in a film based on these stories and their relationship with such a paramount moment in American history... And at the core, Kennedy and Kruschev trying to save the planet from nuclear destruction from their generals and advisors!!! Holy Hit that would be a hell of a script!!!
    It's beyond frustrating to not be able to share these gigantic stories with the rest of the world but they're just too damn big to tell!
    Thanks Jim, once again for having these amazing guests and being the gracious host that you can be...
    And Chauncey Holt.. I want to read the book if there is one.. What an amazing person. I think I've watched everything posted about the guy. He makes James Bond seem like a fruit cake. Who could make this kind of stuff up... you can't.

  2. Well done, Jim!! Great show!! Thank you!!

    Holy frijoles and suffering sassafrass!!

    The JFK assassination has more faces than
    McDonald's 50 icosahedron and dodecahedron shaped McNuggets. The irony is that you COULD make it up but NOBODY would believe you!

    Finger lickin' good!!
    Oops - that's the other outfit!
    Yeah. How come they don't say that so much these days.....??

    So all of a sudden, it's not so "finger lickin'" good???


  3. Thanks for this opportunity, Jim! There most certainly is an interest on my father, Chauncey Holt, and so much that remains untold! For me to have information to add to historical events is quite exciting, but to have the luxury to also add stories surrounding his personal life as a man, a father, grandfather, friend and husband is a beautiful thing to begin to compose. Being his daughter I have special stories, details, facts, and information, and the only person who can tell these stories through the eyes of my father. It is my goal to share experiences and personal knowledge only privy to me, over the course of a lifetime living with my father. Over the course of the past decade or so, information has been passed around by researchers and much of those details have furthered many of them in their own personal theories. Still, there are chapters that are missing, and stories that can only come from the perspective of Holt through the eyes of his family. Those details are at a much deeper and personable level. I was the apple of my father's eye and we shared a very rare and unique relationship and I can share those personable details from a first hand vantage point. Hopefully, people will continue to encourage me to present these details and stories, ask me questions and interact while developing the details of this personal knowledge into writings and stories which remain untold. Again, information in the public venue can only tell certain and limited portions of Chauncey Holt. There are no venues now, or upcoming, which can share alongside historical events of Chauncey Holt chapters of his personal life. These details are as rare as the relationship itself, at an entirely different and personal level, and through personal correspondence that I hope will be intriguing and engaging, and to honor the final request by my dad at his passing. It is with honor and respect that this course is being pursued by me, and I intend to present personal stories shared by my father, family members, and close family friends. Those who have an interest in learning more are encouraged to visit the following sites currently being constructed;, ChaunceyHolt at Facebook, YouTube and Blogspot titled "Dont Know Jack", as well as taking the time to personally correspond with me at My "own personal works" are heartfelt and solely created to connect the stories provided by my father and as experienced by a life led by his side from 1964 to his deathbed confession and taping by me in 1997, and my own personal writings and research over the course of 14 years since his passing. I hope the memories and details I share are captivating, funny, and informative. Thanks again!

    1. Karyn - are you still writing the blog?? I haven't seen much from you since like 2011. Was hoping to read a bit more. Thanks!

  4. Is the confession available yet? Is it on the Website somewhere?

    By the way, take great pains, Karyn, to secret away your materials or copies of them while you work on the book, and keep a running version of your writings also safe elsewhere. You might know that break-ins and so on are not unknown in these cases.