Wednesday, November 16, 2011

John Costella

JFK: The Zapruder film


  1. Thank you for this superb program! This interview is invaluable because it complements and updates John Costella’s extremely detailed essay in “The Great Zapruder Film Hoax” and his voluminous materials on the internet. I especially appreciated the precise scientific knowledge and application of scientific principles to understanding the Zapruder film.

    In the early part of this program, John talks about the alteration of the Stemmons Freeway sign. I have always been troubled by the moment in the film when the lumbering limousine is about to appear in view after being blocked by the freeway sign.

    At around frame 217, there suddenly appears on the film print a large horizontal line and many tiny lines that create almost a “spider web” effect on the screen. This moment really looks to me like a film “splice” at the key moment where the Warren Commission identified the impact of the “magic bullet.”

    Jim or John: would you comment on this moment of an apparent film “splice” at frame 217 and how this film anomaly has been explained away by the those who contend that the Z-film is authentic?


  2. Interesting article from Daily Mail UK...'proves' Oswald did and acted alone!!! Check out the photo and evidence...hilarious!!

  3. What's with the creepy heavy breathing from Fetzer through out the interview? very distracting