Monday, July 25, 2011

Paul, Rolf, and Total

Oslo Travesty / 2012 Polling


  1. Now we know that the killer, Breivik, called the police app 10 times (!). This is how police knew him by name. It also explains why the killing stopped for intervalls, when Breivik tried to contact the police, with little success, they wouldnt call him back as promised. So he continued killing for awhile, contemplated suicide, caller police again - no response waiting.. go kill a few more call police again etc.
    Truly amazing.

  2. Oh, almost forget.
    Independent witnesses report a second shooter.
    Dark haired, no uniform, shorter than Breivik and with a gun hung over his back.
    Police pretend they are not interested - why?
    Well, police DID catch and imprison someone they believed to be Breiviks accomplice but it turns out he was just one of the youths, but foreign looking.
    So it seems the second gunman got away and the story is now that Breivik acted alone (we heard that before) rather than admitting than they possibly let one shooter get away.

    Cover up by the police, but cover up of their incompetence it seems. I think they are secretly hunting for the second guy.