Friday, July 15, 2011

Dean Hartwell



  1. Thank you, Dr. Fetzer and Mr. Hartwell, for excellent information.

    Just focusing on the planes and passengers aspect of 9-11, and seeing the large numbers of important questions that being either not asked or not answered, I tend to not care so much about how exactly the towers were destroyed.

    I see a total meltdown of the USA Constitutional republic happening as I type. In truth, there is a world meltdown happening too. I think the same few people responsible for all the wars and genocide and enslavement of people are the same people who did 9-11.

    Would love to get an autographed copy of Facts Talk. No 9-11 truth library would be complete without this book.

  2. Yup, good, clear, well presented information. I bet the book's the same and would make a good 911 primer for newbies. I hope Mr Hartwell considers getting in touch with one of the European TV stations and hooking up for an interview there ... Be sure to boost his sales over here.

  3. Here are a few more clues about 911:

    Only very few people know exactly WHO did 911 (and a host of other ‘Crimes against Humanity’). Not even Dr. Alan Sabrosky knows exactly WHO THEY are when he (sort of) correctly asserts that “ISRAEL (MOSSAD) DID 911″. Yes, Zionist Israel planned and executed 911, with a lot of help from some of their katza, sayanim and “Auslege” goy stooges within America’s Gov’t and public/private institutions. Yes, THEY used nanothermate AND mini/micro nukes. Yes, THEY stole GOLD from various vaults in the WTC (including building #6). NO AIRLINERS crashed anywhere during the 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA! Bush is FAR too dumb to be responsible for the BIG LIE of 911! (although he helped to COVER IT UP). Obama is another COVER-UP artist, who, along with Bush and people in their Administrations, committed HIGH TREASON – and should all be hanged!

    Click on GodSend and keep clicking to discover the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth – about 911 and other secrets kept by America’s government. Be prepared for SHOCK & AWE!

  4. Typical Fetzer hyperbolic nonsense. Neither of these idiots realizes that the list of the 19 hijackers was supposedly found by the FBI in a rental car. What really bothers me about these two bozos is that they think the military of the United States somehow needs to the help of a tiny little Middle Eastern country. Talk about disinformation.

  5. PS With any kinda luck, Yahweh's MELTING will occur while those 81 US CONgress critters are in Tel Aviv, crawling up the rear end of Bibi Netanyahoo and drinking spiked borscht on the house! (the "rebellious house of Israel"). ;)

  6. For a Situation Assessment and the FINAL SOLUTION to America's (and Humanity's) #1 problem (including 911), go here: