Thursday, June 30, 2011

John Jenkel / Total Info

Willie Brown, Enron, and 9/11


  1. The conspiracy community is full of guys like Mr. Jenkel; unwilling to be another foot soldier, and insistent on seeing themselves as the sole provider of truth.

  2. I think he's an idiot. However, I think that there is more to the planes than even the 911 movement talks about.

    I have never heard much about the United Flight 23.

    Has anyone?

  3. There's a good article from the SF Examiner reproduced here:
    The guy has "followers." I don't think they wear brown shirts, though.

  4. I think most 9/11 researchers are aware of Willie Brown's warning not to fly on the morning of 9/11/01. Beyond that, and baring where/why/how he got the warning, its a completely uninteresting story. Yes his story is proof positive all by itself that 9/11 wasn't in the hands of a small group of suicidal terrorists...but there are probably a thousand individual pieces of evidence that act as the same irrefutable smoking gun.

    And this Jenkel character: what an immeasurable asshole. I don't care if he has real inside information, or a long winded and totally irrelevant bullshit story to tell, don't act like such an asshole on the radio. I really hope he is not invited back, as he did not offer one single bit of value to 9/11 research.

  5. Mr. Jenkel sounds like a man who has a personal beef with Willie Brown and who has woven various threads of the 9/11 account as told by the media along with information from his "inside sources" into a disjointed narrative meant to demonize Brown and Enron.

    I don't know anyone in the 9/11 truth movement who thinks that Dick Cheney was a target instead of the mastermind of the attacks. If it were Donald "Rumsfield," as Jenkel kept calling him, who ordered NORAD to stand down in order to take out Cheney, they served together in the administration for years afterward.

    And the Laura Bush angle seems as random as it is absurd. If Bush wanted to single again, there are a myriad of ways much easier to accomplish that than flying an airplane into a building where she would be.

    Plus, as Mr. Jenkel would say, "I would submit to you" that he can't be a serious 9/11 researcher if he hadn't even heard the reports that cell phones would have been unable to connect in those airplanes. He seemed to lack much of the basic knowledge that Dr. Fetzer and us his audience have had for quite a while...

  6. BanksterBuster:

    Well, he clearly is a believer in the ultimate goodness of the federal government. Thus his need to blame others. Kind of reminds me of Dmitri Khalizov, though a lot less intelligent, in his need to see the government as a victim of circumstance and not the ultimate guilty party.

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  8. Funny interview. Jim has the patience of Jobe, and its clear the guest knows not who he is speaking to. Guess that's the nature of the business of keeping your mind open to different 911 theories.