Monday, June 27, 2011

Jim Fetzer

JFK and 9/11 on Irish Radio


  1. Great interview!!

    But why do you never come to
    Northern Ireland, Jim??!!

    You'll be welcome and welcomed!!

    Come north, Jim!!

    Come north!!!

  2. Dr. Fetzer is a natural phenomenon.

    It is truly amazing how he is able to compress and deliver so much useful information off the cuff as he does.

    Sometimes I almost fear that the directed energy of his brilliant and encyclopedic brain might turn him into dust from the top down!

    Thank God he is obviously made of something stronger than steel.

    Much admiration!

  3. Great stuff indeed!
    Hi EBC I'm in Northern Ireland too! we ought to start a podcast of our own. Would definitely enjoy discussing some of the themes on the Real Deal with ya sometime. I joined your blog thing there.

  4. How far back did the idea for the assassination of JFK go? In my view it may have been in the air as far back as even the
    late 1950s. Here's an interesting few lines I found while reading Gore Vidal's book Palimpsest A Memoir.

    Vidal writes about the 1960s' Convention...

    " Lyndon was more interesting than Jack. He worked us over thoroughly. He assured us that his recent heart attack had not been all that serious, but he did confess that, at one point in the hospital, he and Lady Bird had debated on whether to buy a blue suit that he had picked out just before the attack:
    " We decided to buy it, because one way or another, I'd get some wear out of it." He made some guarded allusions to Jack's Health."


    One way or another.......?

    I wonder was LBJ wearing that same blue suit on 22nd November 1963....?

    Palimpsest A Memoir, Gore Vidal Published by Abacus