Monday, October 4, 2010

Mark Glenn / Denis Rancourt

What's up with Obama's Staff? / The 9/11 Movement


  1. It is indeed strange to see the departure of Emmanuel, Summers, and Axelrod, but Glenn is using the event to predict anything which will later allow him to say he told us so... whatever should happen. His logic is odious and dangerous. [BTW-- I am no fan of AIPAC, Zionists, Neocons, or Israel's oppression of Palestinians.]

    The second half of the program was enlightening. Rancourt filled in some blanks which have troubled me about the ineffectiveness of the Left and the Truth Movement. Nothing will change until people fight back. Why he draws back from being curious about 9/11 was troubling however, especially as a Physicist.

    My favorite short film that most simply clarifies how planes cannot bring down skyscrapers is this one:
    heavy weight REMIX - genghis6199

  2. Amazing video! Simple. To the point. (Fires, of course, not covered, though: people still have some impression ... the word "fires" and "hot" bamboozle them. Show them a REAL raging fire at the same time as the tiny fires on 9/11 AND show this video ... you have 'em. Many will still shut their minds but, well, so be it.)