Friday, October 8, 2010

Chuck Boldwyn

NIST 9/11 report

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  1. Chuck's work is superb! It appealed to me because I have a grad background in medical sciences, and a good understanding of physical principles, and I was totally absorbed following along with his diagrams. But you don't need an overly technical background to understand Chuck's research and explanations -- he has painstakingly and thoroughly designed it to be easy to follow for anyone with a reasonable basic ed. If only Americans could be bothered to spend time away from the utter bs on the box and their indulgent lives, and tune in to your consistently stellar shows, Jim. Chuck just needs to make sure his text and diagrams are proof-read, and the latter spiffed up before publication. They look as if they have been generated using amateurish graphics software, and need to be made textbook grade. Please forgive that observation -- it is meant to be constructive.