Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meria Heller / On the road with Dr. Fetzer

Police abuse,  conspiracy epistemology / The JFK Show crew travel to New Orleans and Dallas for JFK #39

  NB: 131 min.


  1. They mentioned on the show torture by placing people in coffin-like structures. Trauma-based mind control! That's what I suspect and the technique may go back to Ancient Egypt and the opening of the mouth ceremony. Why did they cut a small slit at the mouth on the mummies? To make the victim able to breathe. Imagine being drugged and then waking up inside a sarcophagus wrapped like a mummy and only be able to breathe through a small hole at the mouth. And believe you had died! Extreme horror that makes the victim's mind split into an alter personality. In recent times it's called Monarch programming or something like that.

    1. In the case of mummies, it was done on already dead and mummified bodies.

      If done as torture, of course, that is different -- nor is it implausible that someone did it that way or that mimicking mummification could be methods of enlightenment or torture for the living.

    2. In many cultures, partial burial was part of a testing of stamina and even hallucination or divine vision-inducing process (depending on whether you think any visions are divine or not.

    3. @Clare Kuehn Yes of course, the ceremony was done with mummifying a dead body. Here is the trick though: what do you think the purpose of the ceremony was? The purpose was to initiate those who were to be trauma-based mind controlled. A preparation so that when the victim wakes up in the sarcophagus it will be an utterly horrifying experience. Instead of going to a glorious afterlife as promised in the ritual the victim wakes up being buried alive inside the sarcophagus.

    4. Wow. I hadn't really been thinking in terms of trauma-based mind-control vis a vis the Egytians. And I don't know if the slit it mummies is connected or not. I dimly recall my reading of the "opening of the mouth" ceremony decades ago, when I was into that stuff. But, without a doubt, there was a "near death" experience being generated, no doubt, in the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber ceremonies, possibly assisted by (shrooms? What WAS the Lotus thing all about? What kind of entheogenic was THAT???) in order to "launch" out of the body into other realms of communication with beings of another (higher? or???) order. Your insight is definitely being added to my list of things that make me go, "hmmmm....." :)

  2. Thank you for visiting the locations together, Jim & Gary. Nice. Wow. Let's get Ed Haslam back on the show, too.

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  4. Rends Mind Anal,

    If they really did this thing that approximates to some supposed ancient Egyptian rite, normal people would assume it's because it terrified the victim, not because we live in a society dominated by the descendants of the ancient Egyptians or adherents of their imputed ideology. Putting captives in a box frightens them - no 'Egyptian' occult ceremonial expertise necessary.

    It's anything but the bloody obvious with you isn't it Anders?

    If I were to punch you in the face would you look for some ancient, occult significance to the gesture, or would you think I had some personal immediate motive for doing so, that related to your personal immediate actions?

  5. The present news reports indicate that Washington’s obsession with torture stems from 9/11, to prevent a repetition. The president speaks of “the fearful excesses of the post-9/11 era”. There’s something to that idea, but not a great deal.

    Torture in America is actually as old as the country.

    What government has been intimately involved with that horror more than the United States? Teaching it, supplying the manuals, supplying the equipment, creation of international torture centers, kidnapping people to these places, solitary confinement, forced feeding, Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Chicago … Lord forgive us!

    Anti-Empire Report, December 19, 2014

  6. Why was Chicago mentioned?

    Chicago Police Torture Cases | People's Law Office
    For over a quarter century, People’s Law Office has been at the forefront of uncovering and publicizing the police torture ring led by former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge, and has obtained exonerations, release from prison and money damages for torture survivors in civil rights lawsuits.

    This scandal features two decades of systemic violence perpetrated on over 110 African American men and women, and has implicated at least two Chicago Mayors and numerous officials of the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County State’s Attorneys’ Office. The work of People’s Law Office was instrumental in obtaining the 2008 federal indictment of Jon Burge, which led to his conviction and imprisonment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

    ....Unfortunately, the prosecutors published a whitewash report in 2006 and refused to indict Burge and his men.

    In response, People’s Law Office, in collaboration with Northwestern’s Center on Wrongful Convictions wrote and released a Shadow Report. This Report, signed by over 200 organizations and prominent individuals led to Cook County Board and Chicago City Council hearings at which People’s Law Office attorneys and their clients testified.

    The Cook County Board passed resolutions calling for federal prosecutions of Burge and his men and new hearings for torture survivors behind bars. Chicago City Council members also called for federal prosecution of Burge and demanded the City cease funding Burge’s defense and settle torture civil rights cases. Soon thereafter, the City settled four of the torture cases for $19.8 million

  7. Listen to Jim Fetzer at: 01:21:06 I saw the Carson show Jim mentions with guest Jim Garrison whom Carson attempted to smear and embarrass but it turned around on him..

    Carson was with NBC and it was NBC and an investigator, Walter Sheridan, who infiltrated Garrison's office, bribed witnesses, even killed witnesses, etc. and which led to Garrison getting equal time under the Fairness Doctrine to rebut the lies NBC broadcast about him (which is no more thanks to Reagan since 1987, and under which we got full time propagandists with no accountability like Rush Limbaugh. The repeal of the FD rapidly accelerated the amount of false and biased reporting, don't you agree?)

    If I had to choose one hero of the 20th century, I would choose Jim Garrison. Just listen to him on the Carson show and his rebuttal to NBC on You Tube. What a thrill, Gary, to be in his home!


    NBC and Walter Sheridan Bribing and Intimdating Garrison's Witnesses
    Garrison's case was big news and predictably the news media swung into attack mode. None was more vicious or had more resources at their disposal than NBC. For the job as lead investigative reporter, NBC assigned Walter Sheridan. Shortly after Shaw's arrest Sheridan arrived in New Orleans and began questioning witnesses — perhaps bribing and intimidating would be a better choice of words.

    Sheridan questioned a former electronics expert and CIA asset Gordon Novel and immediately put him on a $500 a day retainer........
    Garrison's main witness at the time was Perry Russo, a young insurance agent who had claimed he overheard a conspiratorial conversation between Shaw, Ferrie and Oswald at Ferrie's home.

    Sheridan "interviewed" Russo and seriously distorted his statements during the broadcast. As the New Orleans States-Item reported, "Russo said Sheridan, WDSU-TV reporter Richard Townley and Saturday Evening Post writer James Phelan repeatedly visited his home in attempts to persuade him to cooperate with NBC and the defense."

    .....Russo said, "Sheridan offered to set me up in California, protect my job and guarantee that Garrison would never get me extradited back to Louisiana" if he cooperated. He accused Townley of threatening him with public humiliation unless he changed his story and cooperated with the NBC program.

    The 25-year-old witness said members of the trio told him both, "NBC and the Central Intelligence Agency are out to wreck Garrison's investigation." Of course, Russo's accusations were met with denials, but as we shall see Russo's claims seem to have been accurate.