Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Raw Deal: Activist Angel

Donald Trump, Pizzagate, Jeff Rense, Gordon Duff, Hillary and much more.


  1. Your ability to keep your feet on the ground is why I continue to listen to your shows. Avoid the esoteric stuff, it will drag you off on a tangent. It's real alright, but not the kind of real you're equipped to handle at the moment. I would encourage more friends to listen to your shows but I don't think you have the whole story regarding the so called holocaust. There is no question in my mind that Auschwitz is just a theme park for the holocaust phenomenon that was plugged into by Zionism to get there State; but, as I have posted before on your blog, David Irving seems to me to be the foremost authority on this subject and has uncovered evidence that implies that close to 3.5 million so called Jews were murdered, probably shot and buried in 4 camps close to the Polish, Russian border. He asserts that this massacre was managed and carried out by Himmler and Heydrich probably without Hitlers knowledge and has documents that prove this assertion. I am not a fan of the religion of present day Jewry, (it is a religion not a race any more), or of the considerable influence, mostly negative, on the wellbeing of the human race, but facts are facts. That said, they have made so much political capital from the event, it's hard not to suspect they were somehow, at a very senior level of the Zionist movement, complicit. Please check this out. To quote you, if evidence comes to light that counters a position previously held, we need to take this into account. Happy New Year, Tommy

  2. Irish guy, I've read Irving on that subject.
    As I remember, he was not entirely sure that the document in question was reliable because it did not follow the normal protocols. Also, with ground-penetrating radar available, why haven't mass graves been found? By the way, I have changed my views of Hitler after reading much more on the subject. I think he was a megalomaniac. My apologies. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

    1. It is said history is written by the winners. Therefore deciphering true history is indeed very difficult.
      Regarding my views on Hitler being a megalomaniac: That is if one can believe what one reads to be true. I tend to believe Irving as he uses primary sources, (IF one can believe THEM.)[The Nuremberg trials transcripts cannot be believed as the defendants were tortured and outright lies were told about the so-called Holocaust. It was definitely a kangaroo court.] It appears that Hitler's long-time desire for Lebensraum [stolen land, to my mind] was Germany's undoing, in particular his attack on Poland which started the war, under apparently contrived and fraudulent reasons. I, however, could be wrong.

    2. Obviously I am wrong about equating Lebensraum as stolen land in regards to Poland, as that land had been stolen from Germany after the Treaty of Versailles.

  3. More pieces to the puzzle:
    "1939 - The War That Had Many Fathers" by Major-General Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof

  4. Jim Rizoli Interviews Benton L. Bradberry, author of The Myth of German Villany. (1:09:03)

  5. Also view the documentary, "Hitler's War - What the Historians Neglect to Mention"

    It appears that I was premature in calling Hitler a megalomaniac.

    For a good overview I recommend "Pawns in the Game," by William Guy Carr. PDF