Friday, November 17, 2017

The New JFK Show #170 Larry Rivera/Gary King/Jim Fetzer

The Lee Oswald Mock Trial Sham!


  1. Hi Jim -- May the rest of your days be filled with peace & happiness.
    I agree with you most of the time BUT MO is that the early Paul is better than the late Paul. Of course, this is true of all the Beatles as I prefer early stuff to post '65 with a few exceptions-- mostly after the India fiasco. BTW-- Have you noticed that D Kelly is a dead ringer for Paul's son??

    I also have a different take on JFK-- MO is that if anyone is responsible for US in Vietnam in is JFK because he throws Diem( another Catholic for God's sake) under the bus. Diem was NOT persecuting Budda and he is on record as saying he was content with US G Beret advisors but didn't want US full combat troops.
    This is what Bobby is referring to when he says that 'mistakes WERE made'. Diem is the only person that could have held S Vietnam into a situation like exists to this day in Korea. BTW-- It is A Dulles( who had nephew convert to Jesuit) that advised JFK on keeping Diem.

    Also Gulf of Tonkin-- I heard your comment the other night about reading a source w/ a diff OP. Pls read description of the event found in W Carrol-- 70 Years Of Communist Rev.

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  2. BTW-- did you see the Ytube clips of JFK saying he DOES NOT agree with those who say we should pull our advisors out of S Vietnam and that we 'Hope" to begin the disengagement of US troops by end of "64-- the key word is HOPE...


  3. So far there is no comment from Jim...