Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Real Deal #191 The 2016 Campaign /Melanie Kramer

More thoughts on Campaign 2016, 3rd week of April/Why Lawyers SUCK! Special Guest Melanie Kramer


  1. Seeing how Prof Fetzer voted for Barack Obama when this dumb ole redneck was warning against what has actually occurred by electing that criminal, tells me that your discernment of POTUS candidates is lacking.

  2. "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." -Emma Goldman.1869 – 1940.

    Elections are "an advance auction of stolen goods." H.L. Mencken

    Bottom line: It really makes no difference which clown gets elected, the deep state will carry on exactly as before.

    In other words:" New boss same as the old boss" as Pete Townsend once said:

    Or, "Dream On" Mr Fetzer?:

    "......In your dream, Donald Trump is not a fraud,
    In your dream, Sanders is not a fraud,
    In your dream, all the rest are not frauds,
    In your dream, Obama is not a fraud,
    In your dream, Reagan was not a fraud,
    In your dream, all the rest were not frauds,"

    "In your dream, the constitution was not a scam,
    In your dream, the Supreme court is not a scam..."

    Lyrics excerpted from "Dreams [Anarchist Blues]":

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