Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Real Deal #151 Barry Soetoro/ JFK #88 Horne/Haslem/Nelson

Barry on Sandy Hook/The New JFK Show #88


  1. Israel are merely the 'hand of the King', as are we! (Disposable "PiRats")

    Very important information accumulated here:

    Ritual symbology for Goyim.

    Italians are Jews!

    Jewish (Cohen) Whistleblower of inner sinagogue!

    These bastards from HELL threaten my children and just murdered "Benji" my Shepard over the “November IDES” videos and modified the audio! I'm rather perturbed and 'cannot take this anymore!"

    If your audio too is messed with or the channel is deleted by Joogall see "Ides of November" folder here:
    CensoredByRacistJews and their 5th Column FAKE 'activists' who should be shot for treason!

    Love/Regards from Cal/USA,

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