Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Real Deal #135 BOOK BAN!

Sandy Hook Book Banned


  1. "FUNNYMAN" Fetzer ... more bs!!!

    Fetzer and the other guy whom you recorded this with: WHO IS GOING TO "TAKE DOWN" THE SOETERO ADMINISTRATION?

    Amazon is a private company and thwy owe you ZERO allegiance.

    Halbig thinks he's going to find "justice" thru the courts?? that's what makes you a FUNNY MAN!!!

  2. i'm a Vietnam veteran ... and my testimony to all the world is that henry fetzer speaketh LARGELY thru IGNORANCE!!

    jerry bolduc

    1. Ah, shut up, you anonymous internet clown. You couldn't shine Dr. Fetzer's shoes nor are qualified to take out his garbage much less critique him.

    2. I mentioned the FACT that I am a Vietnam vet because Fetzer's always telling everyone at every turn that he "was a marine corps officer". I'm not proud of the fact that I fell for the bs about the bogus Gulf of Tonkin lie.

      As for you Steele, pull your head outta your ass and open your eyes (wipe 'em first) clown!!!

  3. Jim,
    So disappointed about your spat with Kevin. You both have valid points of view about homosexuality, but going at it like you did, in the full glare of public scrutiny, is hardly the best way to promote the truth agenda, if we can call it that.
    I think you should both agree to bury the hatchet and do a 'kiss and make up' show together (perhaps not literally, given the issue in question!)
    We need you both more than ever.

    1. A sad, sad day. Dr. Fetzer not on False Flag Weekly News. I was horrified to see Gordon Duff. His slippery manner is hard enough to tolerate, but when I hear him muddy the waters -- saying that there were no dancing Israelis, for example, it made me lose interest in the show. It went from being the best news show in the world, to being marginally useful. I have no confidence in anything Duff says. He came out and said much of what he says is disinfo.

      Is it possible that Dr. Fetzer was fed bad info to break up FFWN?

    2. JF can be a little naive at times, we should admit that, straight off. I think he's all at sea over Paul McCartney, for example. (And God knows what we should make of Greg Hallett!) We can allow him the occasional slip up though, can't we? The guy's only human, after all. No-one person has a monopoly on truth.
      Just listened to the whole show with Gordon Duff sitting in as co-host. It's uncomfortable listening on any number of grounds.
      My big problem with Duff is that he seems to think we should trust him because - largely by his own reckoning, I suggest - he has friends in all the right places; nothing more substantial than that. (I'm on first name terms with David Cameron, by the way.)
      The great thing about JF is that he is a collaborative scholar. His work is characterised by carefully undertaken research and is nearly always supplemented by the independent studies of other highly qualified scholars and academics - on JFK and 9/11 particularly.
      Where are your named and accredited sources, Mr Duff? Where is your substantial body of published work?
      And Kevin, you are not doing anything for your own credibility by allowing Mr Duff to blithely declare JF a "dimwit". A dimwit?!! How could you let that pass? What's going on here? Have you lost all judgement, as well as respect for your former friend?
      FFWN was a great show, with JF and KB co-hosting. Sadly, it has apparently become another victim of poor management and lack of editorial control. The commentor who suggested not doing it as a live show made an excellent point. Some kind of moderation is essential when you have highly intelligent and forthright personalities vying with each other to get their point across. Duff routinely abused his privilege by jumping in when KB was trying to make a perfectly good and pertinent point of his own. And KB's too gentle a soul to withstand such an assault - God bless him. I think that's partly why he lost it with JF over the homosexuality thing. He WAS being browbeaten on that particular episode. That's JF though: you have to give him his head, to a certain extent; but not to the point where he takes over entirely.
      Of course, Jim is not a bombastic asshole; he just behaves like one sometimes!!