Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Real Deal #128 The New JFK Show #80 Masonic Involvement

The Real Deal #128 Deep 911Behind The Scenes
The New JFK Show #80 Masonic Involvement in #JFK


  1. Thank you for going into the Masonic-Cultic Intel connections in the JFK case more overtly now.

    1. William "Bill" Cooper created a secret (hidden, infiltrating) information gathering organization. Is it still out there? I hope they are. When to act?

  2. does anyone know any websites with free chat and video chat rooms?
    Alt Talk Live

  3. I hear this is the "The Alien Scientist" 9-11 economics is prob true. But then he did one video about chem-trails and blended truths and false, not very Scientific at all, only posed as. I think he took money. One thing about the twin towers, they only bolted the steel beams, they did not weld them, thus termite is of interest still.

  4. Nukes like veteran today says, the main destructive force, but they used several. No planes only cgi Computer-generated imagery real time, and prob 3d generated holograms for the public to see (not very good), All mainstream media witnesses controlled, actors.

  5. Everything from the pentagon plane (no plane but a missile no doubt) to the hole in the ground in PA also not being a plane, and everything else would therefore be a lie as well regarding the towers.

  6. Hey and guess what - they also faked the moon landings - they probably built the pyramids and maybe even laid the cornerstone on this plane we call a planet - hope you're doing your homework Jim - if you stay true to your facalties and principals you will resolve we are not on a spinning ball my friend. Good luck!

    1. They faked the moon landings....

      They also faked the moon!!

      EXTRA!! EXTRA!!

      Read all about it!!!

  7. Where the hell are the new shows.
    I can't stay anchored to a computer (ie, YouTube),
    so for god's sake upload the audio in MP3 please.
    Otherwise I don't have Jim's take on all things political, para-politcal/conspiratorial!

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