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Jim Fetzer & The JFK Show #49 Don Fox Permindex

THA Talk Interview with Jim Fetzer & JFK Don Fox Discusses Permindex. In 1967, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted New Orleans business man Clay Shaw for conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. Garrison suggested in his book, On the Trail of the Assassins, that Shaw received instructions from Louis M. Bloomfield. In addition, Garrison discovered that Shaw and Bloomfield were board members of two trade organizations, Permindex and Centro Mondiale Commerciale, both expelled from Italy in 1962 for subversive intelligence activity.


  1. Bronfman, Bush, Cheney - Seagrams, Zapata, Brown & Root:




    PERMINDEX was a corporate front, headed by Major Louis M. Bloomfield of Canada. Clay Shaw operated a division of PERMINDEX in New Orleans at the International Trade Mart. The connections between Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald have, at this time, been proven by documentary and photographic evidence, despite myriad attempts to discredit the Garrison investigation.

    Halliburton was one of the financiers of PERMINDEX. George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root were also financiers. Halliburton acquired Brown and Root after 1963. In the Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, William Torbitt, states:

    The principal financiers of Permindex were a number of U. S. oil companies, H. L. Hunt of Dallas, Clint Murchison of Dallas, John DeMenil, Solidarist director of Houston, John Connally as executor of the Sid Richardson estate, Haliburton Oil Co., Senator Robert Kerr of Oklahoma, Troy Post of Dallas, Lloyd Cobb of New Orleans, Dr. Oschner of New Orleans, George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root, Houston, Attorney Roy M. Cohn, Chairman of the Board for Lionel Corporation, New York City, Schenley Industries of New York City, Walter Dohrnberger, ex-Nazi General and his company, Bell Aerospace, Pan American World Airways, its subsidiary, Intercontinental Hotel Corporation, Paul Raigorodsky of Dallas through his company, Claiborne Oil of New Orleans, Credit Suisse of Canada, Heineken's Brewery of Canada and a host of other munition makers and NASA contractors directed by the Defense Industrial Security Command.

    PERMINDEX was the operator of death squads in Europe, Mexico, Central American, the Caribbean and the United States. The persons and corporations who worked with PERMINDEX took over the government of the United States of America on November 22, 1963. The perpetrators have never been brought to justice, and now Halliburton, a Permindex backer, thus and financer of the ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY, has one of its own, Dick Cheney, trying to be the Vice President of the United States.

    1. Wow. Thanks. Didn't know the Halliburton connection, if it's true.

    Sherman H Skolnick was an interesting man

    Part One
    By Sherman H. Skolnick

    Too many assassination researchers are busy writing and selling books with conspiracy theories, and videos of the same, or setting up paid lectures and seminars, to go beyond describing what took place in Dealey Plaza. As a non-commercial assassination researcher, when I come to some political assassination seminars I am appalled how I am treated by supposed friends and acquaintances. They hoot and heckle me when I try to ask a question beyond which way the bullets went in Dealey Plaza.

    When I discuss the rationale of the ultra-rich for this bloody deed:

    1. Such as John F. Kennedy and his friend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were closet communists, at least the FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and various Directors of CIA believed that.

    2. Although Kennedy once explained he was only nominally a Catholic, there were the controllers of America, if not the world, who believed the U.S. should not have a Catholic President. That has been the prevailing view from the downfall of Al Smith as presidential candidate in the 1920s to this very day.....

    3. Those who call the shots, who govern us NOT by the consent of the governed, were and are afraid of the Vatican connection. Such thinking was involved in blaming certain factions centuries ago for the Gunpowder Plot in England and the period of great bloodshed with Oliver Cromwell.........

    4. The strongest justification for blowing out Kennedy's brains in an open car was that his his charm and language, he was causing a bad psychological view to sweep the great unwashed of America: that the era of the common man has arrived, a dangerous and seditious idea to those who rule by deceit and trickery while promising ordinary people a so-called "Bill of Rights". Some loudmouths proclaim a new "Bill of Rights" is needed to smash the "Bill of Wrongs". In federal courts, long-dominated from the early years of this nation by multi-millionaire banker-judges, the U.S. Constitution too often is a mirage and a dead letter. Americans of European lineage say, it is dangerous to bother the people from the high windows.

    5. And there are and were some with Jewish surnames, not necessarily followers of Judaism, who believed and still believe. that no Kennedy should occupy the White House. They have put a "blood libel" on the entire Kennedy family: that "Founding Father" Joseph P.Kennedy was pro-Hitler as U.S. Ambassador to London up to 1940,and was viciously anti-Jewish. Using his London office, Ambassador Kennedy brokered a deal between Nazi chemical monopoly I.G. Farben and Rockefeller's Standard Oil of New Jersey. To share the profits of business and this deal was made actually THREE WEEKS AFTER THE ONSET OF WORLD WAR TWO in September, 1939.

    This unholy arrangement, which went on while ordinary people of U.S. and Germany killed each other, shared the profits by two supposed enemy corporate entities all during the conflict, done by fraudulently backdating the deal with Kennedy's help to several weeks BEFORE the Nazis attacked Poland. (See: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin.)

    AND: some pointed to the fact that the Kennedy fortune was built, in part, with mobster aid, by Joe Kennedy supplying smuggled in booze into the U.S. all during Prohibition, done by Joe Kennedy on behalf of British royalty who wanted the profits from their Scottish brands of spirits......

    6. Further, some with quite an impressive list of apparently documented facts,want to blame JFK's murder on Israel. They point to the fact that Kennedy, as U.S. Senator in 1957, made statements opposing the aspirations of the then new State of Israel. And further, that Chicago gangsters, supposedly Jewish, aided the American CIA, in the Dallas murder. ["Final Judgment" by Michael Collins Piper.]

  3. The JFK assassination had the fingerprints of Jews all over it. Ben-Gurion and the hardliners in Israel were incensed that JFK was thwarting their nuclear weapons ambitions. Ben-Gurion was fearful that without nuclear weapons Israel would be doomed.

    Kennedy was going to put the kibosh on the CIA and the Federal Reserve. JFK was thwarting the Zionist agenda. He was seen as a direct threat to the survival of Israel.

    In Dallas Jew Sam Bloom insisted that JFK speak at the Trade Mart instead of the more secure Women's Forum. This maneuvered JFK into the kill zone on Elm Street. Several Jews were in Dealy Plaza when the assassination occurred including Abraham Zapruder who filmed the execution, Yitzhak Rabin who was later promoted to lead the IDF and eventually became Prime Minister of Israel, Jack Ruby and let us not forget LBJ himself was a Jew.

    Jew Jack Ruby executed the patsy Oswald in the basement of the Dallas police station on live national television.

    Arlen Specter, who came up with the infamous "Single Bullet Theory" was a Jew.

    So we see Jews in prominent roles from start to finish in the JFK assassination.

  4. Thank you for raising the issue of Permindex. It links to the Bronfmans here in Canada, plus the P2 Lodge crap some years later. It was like the big BCCI of its day; all kinds of money would have been laundered through it.

    The fellow who did the most complete work on John Lennon's death., with Total Info, Jim's long-time producer, and called himself Salvador Astucia, was very imperfect in some reasoning but compiled excellent briefs. He named his site "jfkmontreal" because of the Jewish Mafia and European connections to the JFK assassination.

    With Jim's interviews of Ladybug from Toronto -- personally overreaching in assigning probably too many hits to her family members, we do have a testament (confused or accurate) that her two hitman acquaintances (one her brother) went down from Montreal to help in the hit.

    Something through Montreal and Permindex was done, I think.

    1. The jfkmontreal site was taken down a couple of years ago; it is on the wayback machine, but gives virus warnings sometimes. It was particularly uncareful in naming Jewish power as the nearly sole power in the world, even making some wrong claims about that group in detail, and the FBI as the main arranger (without CIA and other considerations), but it was excellent on Lennon's death, Hendrix, Joplin and a few others.

      He compiled some rambling musings on the Montreal connection to the JFK murder, too, but they are uneven and veer into bigotry style at times. Yet there are some interesting aspects.

  5. Fact: JFK was the [fake] criminal boss of a "legal" criminal organization, the US government.

    He was removed from office because he apparently wanted to do things that interfered both with other criminal individuals/org.s plans inside that criminal organization, and with those of other criminal organizations [foreign governments, individuals, etc.] outside of the US government.

    He was therefor removed. So what? [End of story]

    The whole issue of who did it, the jews, the mafia, the illuminati, the Knights of Malta, etc. is a red herring, a sideshow distraction from the bald fact that if you have these sorts of wholly criminal organizations [ie governments], in the first place "running " the world, events such as the JFK "assassination" , are unavoidable/ inevitable.

    Meaning, its impossible to know exactly who was responsible, and it would not make any difference even if you did, for in the end, its just "the system" doing what it always does, nothing more, nothing less.

    The whole JFK assassination story is just a [very]minor theme in a far larger composition.

    "Waking up" to JFK, 9/11, Apollo etc etc. is really nothing more than the process of an individual gradually becoming aware of the true nature of "the system" that they have heretofore always mostly revered.

    However, most will not wake up to the ultimate reality of this system [its inherent unchangeable criminality], and will remain forever in denial of its wholly corrupt, unchangeable nature, and instead concern/distract themselves by trying to improve/change what can never be changed.

    As such, to this day, "the system" is working exactly as it should, as it always has, and exactly as it always will.

    Regards, onebornfree.
    The Freedom Network

    1. To characterize any state as criminal simply because it is a state is rather wrongheaded; the intent is to have rule of law and appeal *for you*; corruption should be addressed as such, not undermining the purpose the government should and largely does serve.

    2. OBF wrote: "The whole issue of who did it, the jews, the mafia, the illuminati, the Knights of Malta, etc. is a red herring"

      Actually the JFK assassination was a murder. Most of the American public doesn't buy the Jew-run government and Jew-run media BS about Oswald being the lone assassin.

      Figuring out who assassinated our duly elected President at high noon in the streets of Dallas is a worthy endeavor.

      As Col. Prouty said: who benefited and who had the power to cover it up? Who had their people involved from beginning to end? That's right - the Jews.

    3. Agencies of the federal government murdered JFK at the command of powerful moneyed interests. After 50 plus years, it is imperative that the history books correct the record which says Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. (And while they are at it, correct the facts on the rest of the unsolved assassinations.)

      The evidence shows that Oswald did not fire a rifle on that day. The evidence shows that individuals in the CIA were guilty of plotting and conspiring to kill JFK.
      Over 100 witnesses were killed in the cover-up, such as David Ferrie. Others were threatened by the FBI and members of the media. Walter Sheridan was an undercover agent who tried to bribe Garrison's major witness to leave town for California.

      It is important to note that the cover-up continues to this day with the likes of Don Fox claiming "the Jews did it." It is not cool to make categorical statements and generalizations like this. In fact, the problem we have with Don's work is that none of it is backed up with evidence or references to evidence.

      Col. Fletcher Prouty, btw, was referring, in that quote, to the CIA and elements in the government when he made that statement--not "the Jews."

    4. Good comments, Joan. The CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the anti-Castro Cubans, the Eastern establishment that is associated with the FED, the Mafia, the Texas oil men and Israel all sponsored the assassination, which was facilitated by LBJ and covered up by Edgar using the FBI. There were at least six shooters, none of them named Oswald, who were supervised by George H.W. Bush and General Edward Lansdale. I have laid out the proof so many places it dumbfounds me to encounter remarks such as those OBF has posted here.

  6. "To characterize any state as criminal simply because it is a state is rather wrongheaded; the intent is to have rule of law and appeal *for you*; corruption should be addressed as such, not undermining the purpose the government should and largely does serve."

    Dream on.

    As I had previously said :

    " However, most will not wake up to the ultimate reality of this system [its inherent unchangeable criminality], and will remain forever in denial of its wholly corrupt, unchangeable nature, and instead concern/distract themselves by trying to improve/change what can never be changed."

    JFK was a crook, pure and simple- the provisional Don of a criminal organization, and [best guess] therefor removed from office by an amalgamation of rival, competing criminal organizations.

    " Government - a gang of crooks writ large"- Murray Rothbard. "The Anatomy of The State":

    Short video: "Government = The Most Dangerous Religion ":

    Regards, onebornfree.

  7. This is well said. There is no law in the underworld. These people do business outside the law order. A crook like that, and as in this example JFK, would have no option of an appeal. The code of law was written for the commoners. It operates in the real world. The moment politics find its way to the court of law it's finished. Either this, or the law is finished.

  8. OBF's passionate/pathological anarchism is a worldview to which he is perfectly entitled, but what PURPOSE does his repeatedly/obsessively interjecting it into these Fetzer-show threads serve -- other than digressive TROLLING?

    OBF, why do you do this?

    Do you see yourself as some sort of "evangelist" for the "Gospel According to OBF"?

    If so, have your extremely lengthy, ultra-numerous, logorrheical efforts actually won you ANY converts?

    Do you seek some kind of afterlife reward in "Anarchist's Heaven"?

    Or are you just bound and determined to continuously foul Dr. Fetzer's cyber-nest as eternal revenge for his having rudely (and somewhat crudely) dissed you?

    1. Right, Andy. Just because law and states can be corrupt or seen in a jingoistic, religion-like way does not make rule of law in nation states an ideal which we need.

      OBF says below that he's "just having fun" but though he postures emotional fangless passivity in that way, his actions often (not always) simply re-state that he cannot conceive much or any good in our having nation states.

  9. @ A. Tyme : Andy, I'm just having fun, how about you?

    Video: "Try to Explain Government to An Alien ":


  10. Andy Tyme wrote:

    "OBF's passionate/pathological anarchism is a worldview to which he is perfectly entitled, but what PURPOSE does his repeatedly/obsessively interjecting it into these Fetzer-show threads serve -- other than digressive TROLLING?"

    Andy, what exactly do you mean by "digressive trolling"? Could we not suspect yourself of doing the exact same thing? What have you ever offered here (or on Cluesforum), Andy dear - in the way of constructive discourse? Are you not just a refined, particularly articulate and 'educated-sounding' gossip-column-type commentator?

    Simon Shack

    1. "Digressive Trolling," Simon, is simply and repeatedly going off-topic to irritate posters in a thread who are seriously exploring the subject at hand.

      You certainly don't tolerate it over at CluesForum, but so far (albeit with a rare exception or two) Dr. Fetzer continues to do so -- over here.

      And as for me (with a multi-year record of promoting and defending your 9/11 research at various locations around the web) I really don't believe I have descended to the baleful practises of a "gossip-column-type-commentator" -- because the topics those characters concentrate on and attempt to analyse rarely, if ever, rise above the level of social ephemera and pop trivia.