Wednesday, December 3, 2014

L.J. Delsa / The New JFK Show #38

Former investigator for the HSCA (w/ Jim Fetzer & Gary King)


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    What an awesome show.. Fascinating to hear someone who knew Garrison..
    Really enjoyed it!
    Now when is Gary going to interview Ed Haslam?! Can't wait !!!

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    Chapter 15, The Select Committee on Assassinations, The Intelligence Community and the News Media, "THE TAKING OF AMERICA, 1-2-3

    "Before the PCG [Power Control Group] had time to react, Downing and Gonzalez hired Dick Sprague as chief counsel. Sprague very rapidly hired the equivalent of his own FBI. He sensed from the start that he might be up against both the FBI and the CIA, so he carefully screened his investigators, lawyers, researchers and other personnel to prevent intelligence penetration of the staff. However, some personnel were "handed" to him by both Gonzalez and Downing.
    "It goes almost without saying that the PCG would have tried to infiltrate the staff. What they learned by their early infiltration was that Sprague and his crack team were not only on the right track in both the JFK and MLK investigations, but also that the tactics used by the PCG in those weeks were making the staff and some of the committee members suspicious about the PCG itself.
    I forget how the guest put it, but he forgot to say Sprague was up against the CIA and it was they who sabotaged the HSCA.

    This book, The Taking of America, 1-2-3 by Richard M. Sprague (not the same person as THE head of the HSCA) is the best basic book on the hidden history of the US and JFK, I've been recommending it for years. Read it online.

  4. Let's not forget the murder of witnesses by the CIA both in the Garrison case and the HSCA.

    Chapter 17, 1985: The House Select Committee (2), THE FINAL COVER UP: How The CIA Controlled The House Select Committee On Assassinations

    The CIA's problem
    Given this background of the HSCA status in late 1976, it can easily be seen that the CIA was up against much more serious opposition than it ever had been before in the JFK murder and cover-up.

    They had ruined Jim Garrison's reputation and curtailed his investigation by various dirty trick means. They had been in solid control of the Warren Commission by the simple expedient of having four of the Commissioners belonging to them; Dulles, Ford, McCloy and Russell.

    They were also able to kill enough people who knew the truth, to slow down any truth-seeking that might have taken place. They also hid documents, destroyed and altered evidence, lied about other evidence, and bald facedly (Dulles) admitted that they wouldn't tell the President or the Commission if Lee Harvey Oswald had been a CIA agent (which he had been).