Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rick Adams / Gary King

Covering the Waterfront / The New JFK Show #25 is a JFK Researcher Alert! Dr. Jim Fetzer sets his sights on Walt Brown! Remember 9 out of 10 JFK researchers are working the other side of the street. Another one bites the dust.


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    1. Larry Rather Leaves Us Dangling For This Dramatic Info He Brings To Fore

      Very interesting indeed, Larry--but in a single vid, I submit, it would have been best to shorten the actual readings u did (though they were quite interesting, don't doubt), and to then give more of ur summing-up and conclusion.

      Excellent scholarship on ur part, too, for the book u bring-up for attention--I'd hrd of it, but didn't know specifically about the info u so well high-light for us.

      But for this interesting vid of urs, I'm not sure of what ur conclusion is, though I take the pt. about this amazing effect of music u talk about--would seem there's much more to it.

      Regarding the culture in general, one observes the West is in a distinct and discernible "decline," much as described by Oswald Spengler, so the music would be quite a bit an EFFECT of the larger "decline," not necessarily a cause, I would say.

      Don't leave us dangling--by all means, post something more conclusive for over-all evaluation and info. Keep up ur great work. A.

    2. Go ahead and check out my other cultural alchemy vids, if you saw this one on its own i understand why you would say that. Im not proposing the music as a cause, rather that the media in general in conjunction with foundations, think tanks, the atomic age have been orchestrated to weaken.

  2. Great Issues Of Discussion, Including Basic Nature Of Judaism

    Well Prof. I just now finished listening to the first show--I guess w. Rick Adams, as I recall--u provide excellent, extensive, and revealing discussion, fact-based and to the pt.--this is when u're truly at ur lucid best.

    One question I have is about the "galvanic corrosion" issue; I had hrd (or read) that the steel and aluminum construction for the WTC towers were directly connected, thus setting up this corrosion problem which, along w. the asbestos issue rendered the towers WORTHLESS at time of Silverstein's purchase and actually requiring de-construction--which would have cost a billion dollars.

    No wonder the Port Authority, run by Jews, were willing to sell--to another Jew, Lucky Larry. BUT how could Larry have gotten insurance for this worthless bldg.--a big pile of scrap metal? Do u know and can u say anything about this "galvanic corrosion" issue?

    Another great issue that came up was about the Jews. So James, did u know there's now quite a bit of doubt about the "Khazar" issue?--see

    But the real pt. about Jews is THEY'RE TALMUDISTS, by definition--and "Zionists" are not essentially diff. fm Talmudists.

    The Talmud thus is elaboration of "oral teachings" of rabbis, pretending to be derived fm Torah (1st 5 books of "Bible"), and the large pt. is Talmud bids Jews to war against gentiles, even if it demands lying and murder, and Talmud GLOATS about the execution of Christ, calling Mary a harlot who mated w. Roman Centurion, "Panthera," the real father of Christ, etc.

    So u see, Judaism is a religion of war (like many ancient religions, actually), thus for practical purposes criminals and criminality--a religion of psychopaths--"Zionism" is mere offshoot and tangential manifestation of this basic Talmudism, NOT essentially diff.

    And as I noted for u earlier, there are actually great, articulate, and informative sources u could well consult and interview, good Prof., upon this ESSENTIAL subject of Judaism: Charles Carlson at, Ted Pike at, and Mike Hoffman at, all of these extremely articulate and knowledgeable upon the subject--u really should consider talking w. these good people.

    The pt. then, good prof., is JEWS ARE THE PROBLEM--not mere "Zionists." BUT it is understandable that u and so many others want to make this distinction, btwn Jews and "Zionists," by way of otherwise preserving political & economic "viability" (like Bill Clinton), ho ho ho ho. Observe how people are TERRIFIED of daring to criticizing Jews who are held to be above criticism, the mark of the REAL rulers.


  3. JFK: The "Big Lie," And The "Big-Lie" Culture Of Schizoids Exploited By Satanists

    Well, just now listened to the second part of the show--another great production w. prof. Fetzer at his best, matter-of-factly smashing and beating-down dis-info by means of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    But now, what I want to bring-up is the JFK story as subject of "big-lie" technique--thus a HUGE lie is presented and then duly repeated over and over and over, the specific trick being that the victim is made, ultimately, to FOOLING him/her -self, actually realizing the alternative is sooooooo monstrous that one prefers the lie to the possible and horrific truth.

    Same goes for 9/11 and so many other big-lies, the mediocrities of intellect within the culture persuade themselves to be willing if still somewhat reluctant suckers, knowing they're otherwise hostage to the powers-that-be, afraid to "rock" the proverbial "boat," so utterly lacking the courage to speak-out against the otherwise so terrifying and formidable establishment.

    And one can observe this culture of "big-lies" MULTIPLYING now (for the lies and lying) within a culture descending in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the schizoidal mentalities of the population evermore numerous, the few willing to dissent and speak-out evermore persecuted and dis-couraged--baffled and so frustrated for a means of fighting-back effectively.

    Thus the schizoid mentality, built upon afore-mentioned mediocrity-of-intellect is cultivated within an evermore outrightly satanic society, imposed by outright Satanists--subjectivists consumed in HUBRIS, building their private realities into a collective subjectivism, built upon lies, against the objective reality and truth.

    So then, good Prof. Fetzer, let me here give u a chance to respond in philosophic way to this specific "big-lie" technique and culture--does it exist?--tell us what u think.

    Thus I further contend, this "big-lie" culture continues to obtain, specifically, as product of Pharisaism/moralism, specifically the "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/hereticalism (Pelagianism)--the satanic powers imposing this as first premise/pretext for a larger SUBJECTIVISM, thus hubris, the basic premises by which they practice and exploit "big-lie(s)" and -lying, cultivating and even creating this over-populated mass of mediocrities and schizoids--schizoidism being the inability and difficulty for distinguishing abstract fm concrete.

  4. apsterian-apschizoidian

    Good to know the schizoid apsterian has learned a new word that describes his pyschological disorder perfectly. Now that apsterian has finally discovered that he's a schizoid, maybe he'll seek medical help. I hope the schizoid apsterian thanks Professor Fetzer and his forum for diagnosing his mental disability.

    See a psychiatrist soon, apsterian!!

    Don't forget to thank Professor
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  5. apsterian

    They don't call him Dr Professor James Fetzer for nothing.
    Feel free to use Dr Professor James
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    Enjoy your stay on Dr Professor James Fetzer's forum and don't worry, with Dr Professor James Fetzer's help and his forum's help, you're not going to be a sociopathic, schizoid maniac and loser all your life.

    1. Jew-w.-a-thousand-names: u're a REAL psycho, without doubt. Ho ho ho ho

  6. Dr. Fetzer, although I am inclined to be in agreement with most of your explanations regarding the events of 9/11..there are two items that I don't quite follow.

    1) You mention a C130 flying over the Pentagon dropping debris on the lawn. Wouldn't this have been a remarkable and observable event in itself? Dropping chunks of metal from a plane would have caused scarring of the lawn... and wouldn't it present too small of a target to be hit with any precision from a fast moving aircraft? Your thoughts?

    2) Why would these Israelis make such obvious incriminating actions, such as the towers painted on vans, high fiving at the towers collapse, etc. Is the Mossad really that arrogant? or is it possible that this stuff just one more layer of obfuscation from a different perpetrator? Even all these arrogant actions of Netanyahu (the Gaza devastation, the land grab, etc) seems somewhat like another obvious ploy where the real perpetrators might be using the Israelis as a "straw bad guy" for us all to focus on. I'm inclined to believe that they might be that arrogant.. but I'm also wary of how obvious these events are... Kind of like "hey, look no further than Israel... there's your bad guys". I have not reached a conclusion, but would be interested in your thoughts.

    Thank you for all your broadcasts. I'm a regular listener

    1. The more I think about this....

      During the planning of this massively complex and spectacular operation where compartmentalized assignments are given...placement an wiring of the nukes... media coordination.... the Naudet brothers operation.... crowd manipulation, etc. All this and..
      Now, "OK, who's gonna paint the towers on the van?"
      I'm just saying.... Wouldn't some serious perp leader with some common sense have nixed that idea?
      Guess that's why we need a real investigation...

    2. MOSSAD Is "Arrogant," Un-Questionably--Just As Talmud Teaches

      "Hmmmm": u ask, "[i]s MOSSAD really that arrogant"?--well yes, in case u didn't know--and how could u NOT know? U ask ur question not seeming to understand any kind of context. Ur ignorance is tooooo convenient.

      First of all, Jews and Israelis are Talmudists--didja know that?--don't u know what Talmud teaches?--WAR AGAINST GENTILES (see and for best expo). Passover and Purim "holidays" for kikes celebrates mass-murder of gentiles--didja know that?--I'll bet u actually do know this; u're just playing stupid, like typical Jew shills.

      There may well be diff. factions of Jews, aside fm the Israelis, but they still co-operate quite a bit, the other main faction being perhaps the "leftists" behind Obongo who work w. United Nations "globalists" who want to exterminate most of the world's population, Israelis perhaps wanting to go slower to keeping more goyim around by which to continue parasitizing, as usual.

      There are also some lower-level Jews (sociologically, but still quite wealthy) who support libertarians and such as Ron Paul.

      Do u realize these Jews demand the freeing of traitor-spy Jonathan Pollard?--that they celebrate the terror-bombing of the King David Hotel fm back in 1946 which killed over 90 at the time?

      Jews and MOSSAD are "arrogant," first because they're filled w. HUBRIS, and they're psychopaths by their murderous, satanic religion, but then also because they rather have every reason to be arrogant, they owning and controlling all politicians and judges, etc., w. only few exceptions, this by means of their control over US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT fraud. Jews also have at least 3 and probably 4 of their people on US Sup. ct.

      Jews are the core and top master-minds, using afore-mentioned US Fed COUNTERFEITING by which they buy and bribe and extort everyone, but there are accomplices among the goyim, no doubt, these being, among others, organized homosexuals on "left," and esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists on the neo-con "right."

      So if u want to pretend there are any other factions or groups, elements, or "perpetrators," then u'd have to say what they could possibly use as power-base, NOTHING capable of standing-up against US Fed COUNTERFEITING. U "protesteth too much" for ur girl-like ignorance.

    3. And so, to be are not arrogant?

    4. What diff. does it make? Ur typical Jewwy comment had to do w. defending and covering for MOSSAD, wasn't it?--and u mentioned alternative "perpetrators" which I discussed. So there u are--to be "clear," ho ho ho ho

    5. It is not material dropped from a plane. I believe that bus that came with Feds carrying full garbage bags then proceeded to empty their litter and create the crime scene on the lawn. There is that rare shot we see of the Feds -- maybe some will recall this shot, as it was early on.

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  8. Talmud: Blue-Print, Strategic Instructions For WAR, Conspiracy Against Humanity

    Indeed, u're absolutely correct about LBJ's Jew ancestry, Don Fox: see

    As I understand, the Roosevelts also had Jew ancestry: see

    And Eisenhower was Jew--he sure hated Germans, oversaw operation Keelhaul and the mass-murder of German civilians and P.O.W.s by starvation. See Eisenhower's rise and promotions (by fellow Jew, FDR) just prior to American entry to WWII was nothing less than "meteoric."

    The heavy, intense Jew involvement in JFK assassination was specific subject of Michael Collins Piper's outstanding work, "Final Judgment."

    Remember Jews are topmost "banker" masterminds, "Central Banking" (just legalized COUNTERFEITING) the foremost pinnacle of all/any organized crime, and they've held this position since at least the Rothschilds of Napoleonic war era and surely even before.

    JFK was "loose-cannon" and "example" was made of him, I'm afraid. Fetzer needs to interview Mike Hoffman ( or Ted Pike ( to let them tell folks about Talmudism and what the Talmud teaches--WAR AGAINST GENTILES--"Zionists" are barely relevant, mere side-note.

  9. Amazing job, Gary! I thought that episode was odd, but you definitely convinced me!

    Ps: the Wecht conference videos are out, but unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend, you are out of luck. And by the way, if you want to watch the videos from his 40th anniversary JFK special, that is only 100 bucks. So much for getting the word out. Once a Fed, always a Fed. I like that.
    So JFK truth is a commodity? I always thought that was a disinfo tactic when people marginalize " conspiracy theorists" for profiting off their investigation. I always said, "That is crazy! People lose jobs and put themselves on the line to tell the truth; they certainly don 't make money off if it. I guess certain cliques do make money off it. By the way, I think I am developing a superb meta-theory as to what the ultimate truth is behind the JFK assassination, something completely obvious and out in the open but yet never discussed, at least on Black Op and most places. And it fulfills the mysteries of why the media would be so deceptive and militant on the 50th anniversary despite already officially endorsing a conspiracy in earlier decades. It explains why O'Reilly changed his tune, and much of the circumstantial evidence as well.
    Look to Ruby... And Zapruder...and this explains why Oswald may not have known who he was working for.

    1. Thanks Solfeggio, I was hoping for more comments on the JFK shows so I certainly appreciate you taking the time give a good one. Your right! Wecht is whacked out with his prices on everything he does, the conferences are over $100 a day.

    2. Yeah, for what it is worth I cried during one of your shows. I had just left the gym, and the Imagine song came on on the montage somehow-- I don't recall which episode it was -- and I had this mini epiphany because of the way that song was placed in context with the show, and the line "brotherhood of man". Like all spiritual moments, it's hard to describe, but being a musician and a fan of Fetzer and your work, and of Clare's, and seeing how the Beatles permeated their music with Love, and seeing how many diverse people reach out across time and space to encourage and uplift each other, and always hoping, always giving of ourselves, and trying to urge on some more noble sentiment in the hearts of man.

      And then gunshots; or some JFK researchers write a mean spirited review of Mary's Mosaic, a book that moved me so profoundly, or some people try to shit all over Clare's beautiful episode that was for me like drinking mana. Your episode somehow emotionally captured how we crucify our prophets and we enthrone the vicious. And yet... And yet...

      We will carry that weight... We will imagine... We will "ask not what our country can do for us , but what we can do for our country."

      And so I think there will always be a band of brothers, sisters, who play the song of love, truth, and wisdom.

      So you may not know you are hitting with your labor, though he may fail to speak, but you are probably hitting others just as you hit me right in the heart.

    3. Indeed: Fetzer blog is for QUALITY--not mere quantity, by golly.

    4. Thanks again Solfeggio, Of all the montages I have put together..... I feel it's my best for the reasons you so elegantly expressed above.