Friday, June 13, 2014

Brandon Martinez (w/ Joshua Blakeney)

Russia, Zionism and its manifestations

NB: 97 minutes


  1. Thanks to you both for your analyses. One of the most glaring turn-offs regarding Putin's government is the criminalization of being a Holocaust sceptic, denier or revisisionist. If this continues, this does not bode well for Russia's citizens.

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    1. That depends on what your definition of "is" is.

    2. Well, I am/is one without doubt. :-)
      Alas, I am not without error.

  3. Steve, can you state your information regarding Russia's policy toward Holocaust skepticism? I would just like to read up on that material. To call such a policy -- if true -- Putin's policy seems to be a fallacious argument if true. If one were to accept that fact, one would have to take heed that Russia was oppressed under a Soviet police state and the original holocaust propaganda was in great part perpetrated by them when they were our allies to paint their enemies -- the Nazis -- in a particular light. And like our allied war crimes, German war crimes were exaggerated to overshadow our own. I imagine there was a history of such institutional practice. However, more telling, after the fall of the wall and after we had practically inserted our drunk puppet Yeltsin after the PC 90,s, I could very well imagine some measures were adopted as part of our rush towards globalization.

    However, I think Josh displays his keen mind here and I can not fathom how this unlearned guest would equate Putin with such soviet apparatus when he is clearly a throwback to the Tzar if anyone, and he shares deep political sentiments that actually are not just rhetoric but match his action. Even in the Soviet system Americans forget that we were the aggressors and Churchill himself praised Stalin for keeping his word as we would go on to break ours.

    To Putin skeptics , I encourage you to read two or three of his recent speeches regarding political issues. It is another fallacy to assume that those that praise Putin's actions on occasion hail him as a demi-god. is he a realist fighting for Russian interests? Yes, is not that his job?

    I think the fellow that had the nerve to conflate Putin with Soviet crimes has just not read his homework and has not seen the rarity he is. Chavez is dead. A good guy. I am glad Putin is strong and can play tougubwith the decadent west. The jury is still out; but can we say he is a statesman when compared to the dolts in the anglosphere? You bet!

    1. Just google: Putin's Russia Holocaust Denial Laws