Friday, June 6, 2014

John Morgan

The Assassination of Princess Diana


  1. before I listen to the show, this is another hoax now proven beyond all reasonable doubt by the letsrollforums and culto and loopDloop in particular. so that's jfk, the moon landings, princess Diana and 9/11 complete fakery put to bed. see how all are intricately connected by bothering your arse and going through this most excellent of investigations.

    now, on to the show (I bet the royal family are implicated heavily in the 'murder' and Diana is made out to be a victimised saint).

    fakery fakery everywhere
    and we lap it up.

    greetings, and good will to all.

    1. Away an' feck yerself, pshea.
      Yer a feckin' disgrace!
      Ye coont ye!

    2. What a load of rubbish, JFK, and Diana were killed and 9/11 was anything but a fake. Those 'excellent investigations' are utter nonsense, so laughable they make Simon Shack's work look competent.

    3. The research of John Morgan, who has ten books on the subject, is to painstaking and thorough that I am profoundly disturbed that someone like pshea would post a dismissive comment like this without even listening to the program. That is the signature of an op, a loon or a fraud. His stance is so irrational it is embarrassing he is posting here at all. My guess is there is too much truth here for the perps, who need trolls like pshea here to do what they can to distract or minimized what we know about the death of an admirable woman. My disgust for pshea knows no bounds.

    4. unbounded disgust, eh? is that you Sarah?
      are you even capable of unbounded disgust jim?
      I ask one question. have you read the (other) culto thread I linked to above?
      yes or no, man.

    5. Well said Jim, as you note, the stance these trolls take is always utterly irrational and untenable, which actually makes it more difficult to refute them as how do you begin to pick apart nonsense? So all we can do is scorn them for their nonsense. I agree, the fact they come here just shows that there is truth to be found that they want to obfuscate. Keep up the good work Jim!

    6. These loons seem to insert themselves into any story that threatens the elitists official story. Jim should know there are many of us who truly appreciate his quest for the truth. We shouldn't allow these shills to distract us from the truth.

    7. Well said Todd. I hate being hostile but what other way is there to be with these entities? They are the enemy of all good, rational and truthful people who actually care about our world, how it functions and what our future will be.

    8. Posting asinine comments without even bothering to listen to the program is just troll behavior. It appears you want to be banned from commenting. We can make that happen if it is your wish.

  2. time to look into this latest FF, spu hoax shooting ...

  3. I wouldn't put every single event covered extensively by media to bed. Let's just say what happened with the princess was a media event. The accident was a few photos at night in a tunnel. How can one prove here stuff beyond reasonable doubt? I recently was researching first few years after 911, before the big guy put the movie out, and got rattled as most of it is blanketed with posts from Let's roll forums. Needless to say the posts consisted of gibberish. To cut it short it looks like a spam forum. The princess may have been tired of waving to fans constantly and tired from being stalked by tabloids so she disappeared. Not much would change in her life minus the waving part. And if she died than she died.RIP Nothing to find there. That applies to other celebrities. Not to Kennedies tou. They do overkill.

  4. More on PSU.

    Published on Jun 6, 2014

    Aaron" No Motive" Ybarra the La Fitness Janitor supposedly shot up a Christian University that he did not attend for no reason..he was reported to have shot someone in the eye with a shotgun..

    Police: Seattle shooter Seattle Pacific University shooting: 1 dead, multiple victims

    Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax FULLY Exposed! Complete Compilation Of ALL The Evidence! CASE CLOSED
    (Not to be confused with Mark Dice he believes in all of the staged illuminati shootings)
    Mass Shooting at Seattle Pacific University, Another MK-Ultra Illuminati Conspiracy False Flag?

    Seattle Pacific Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Mayor, County Executive, and Governor Respond to Seattle Pacific University Shooting and Call for Action on Gun Violence

    1 killed, 3 injured in Seattle Pacific University shooting; suspect in custody

    One dead, three injured in shooting at Seattle Pacific University

  5. I think they got Oswald in the ambulance too. As to motive, it appears very logical that she was a wild card that needed to be taken care of in order to proceed with 911, long planned of event that she would not have followed the script on, and her iconic love affair would undermine the meme of the middle east terrorism threat. Combine that with the legal maneuvers necessary for Charles, and most importantly, to silence a witness that could undermine the parentage of the future king. Say kid, you can give up being King of the Empire by announcing your true father or you can let that go... Since she is gone anyway. Such are the designs of things. When there is negative incentive, as with Bobby Kennedy in his brother 's case, the truth rarely wins out.

  6. You should do some research into Diana before firing off a load of speculation.

    Diana's death was likely for two main reasons:

    1. She was going to go to Palestine and take up the cause of the Palestinian children who are growing up under the most brutal and cruel Israeli blockade

    2. She was going to campaign hard against landmines and other arms deals.

    All the guff about Charles and Camilla is very much secondary to these reasons, the Queen has long stated she will remain on the throne until she dies, and this means Charles is unlikely to become king, or if he does, it won't be for very long.

    Dian couldn't upset the applecart of William's succession because there's nothing suspicious about his parentage, it's Harry who is the suspect one and he's third in line behind Charles and William, so hardly worth killing Diana over. Besides, James Hewitt, Harry's likely father, has kept quiet all these years, so what's t say Diana wouldn't have kept quiet too? Speaking out would have ruined Harry's life and Diana wouldn't have wanted that at all, she loved both her kids too much for that.

    Some have tried to speculate that Diana was going to marry Dodi Fayed and have gone even further to suggest she was pregnant to him, which would mean a half Muslim child would be related to the royal family - Harry and William would have a half-Muslim half-brother and some hve suggested this would be motivation for the Queen and others to want to get rid of Diana before this child was born. Well, I don't believe Dodi and Diana were getting married, they hadn't been together very long, several people close to Diana have said they were pretty sure Diana wasn't (at the time of her death) thinking of marrying Dodi and emphasised they had not spent much time together and the relationship was in a very early stage.

    In all, I don't believe Diana was a threat to the royals, she was immensely popular, far more so than the other royals, but I don't see what she was likely to have done to cause them any great problems. I am pretty sure the reason she was killed was her great global popularity and ability to really stir up a hornet's nest over any cause she took on

    1. sweet, so that's the latest gossip about the awkward princess.

      thanks for sparing us another load of speculation.

  7. [quote]
    If you've been following this thread, particularly over the last 5 pages or so, you will understand what I mean when I say that there is a direct symbolic equivalence between Diana's death in Paris on 31 August 1997 and the death of Sirius the dog in the WTC on 11 September 2001.

    Diana represents Isis, who in turn is represented by Sirius, the dog-star. She died (if that's what happened) in Paris, the city of Isis, with Sirius rising through the Arc de Triomphe, as viewed along the Champs Elysées, the Fields of the Blessed Dead, at the exact moment of the announcement of her death. She was buried in a dog cemetery, on the Island of Dogs, a truly shocking thing.

    Sirius, the K-9 (=11/9) bomb-detecting dog, registered #17, died in the WTC south tower, which collapsed with Sirius, the dogstar, directly overhead as viewed from the Washington Arch, which is a copy of the Arc de Triomphe.

    It would be hard to make these items fit together more snugly if we were making this stuff up.

    So, now, let's ask the really difficult question: was Sirius deliberately sacrificed? Did David Lim deliberately leave Sirius locked in his kennel in the basement of the South Tower, as part of some sicko ritual fulfilment?

    Tough question. Very tough question.

    My modus operandi in these investigations is to assume good faith, to assume that someone is a truth-teller. Until, and unless, they are caught out in a demonstrable lie. After that all bets are off.

    So now, we've shown David Lim offering some different explanations for why he abandoned his trusty friend and loyal companion in the crucial hour, but these might have been heat-of-the-moment decisions. His different answers above might be the result of confusion, or regret, or deep seated feelings of anxiety about his decision to leave Sirius behind. These don't exactly count as direct, in-your-face lies. I wouldn't want to take away the presumption that he is telling the truth about what happened that morning based on the answers we've quoted above.

    But the David Lim story does have a very disturbing anomaly which changes everything. Let's start by hearing his version of what happened after he locked Sirius up as told to the 9/11 Commission. He tells the same story plenty of other places, and it's essentially the same each time. Here it is:....]...loopDloop

    you will have to go back a few pages to see how this starting information was decoded..

    mr. green sure knows his arse from his elbow on many various and sundry topics but he is a deliberate mis-leader. here he again disparages culto's work just as he consistently does simonshack's work, even though the extreme merit in and of both should be clear for all to see (I exclude jim fetzer in this reckoning).
    this is an intentional ploy, but I take little offence ian.
    the game is already up. each man played his part.

  8. Ian has interesting stuff to say albeit he does it in a very roundabout way,which asks the question why such a pretty lass like him does low quality burlesque.

    1. I don't follow your meaning, sorry. I thought I was pretty direct - if I agree I say so, if I don't, I say so. I don't purport to know more than most so I just give snippets of info that can guide others in where to research on subjects.

  9. I think you're right Douglas, sad how many of these entities exist, they are usually pretty easy to spot though.

  10. the show was exactly as expected, following all the breadcrumbs left to lead to the inexorable conclusions. that's the way they set these staged psy-ops up.
    please go through the thread linked in my first comment to get a better handle on the real truth.

    over and out.

    1. Phil Morgan's work is based on real evidence and research whereas what you are pushing is pathetic nonsense.

    2. lookfantastic, you say it, so it must be so.

  11. In case anyone missed it, here is my response to pshea:

    The research of John Morgan, who has ten books on the subject, is to painstaking and thorough that I am profoundly disturbed that someone like pshea would post a dismissive comment like this without even listening to the program. That is the signature of an op, a loon or a fraud. His stance is so irrational it is embarrassing he is posting here at all. My guess is there is too much truth here for the perps, who need trolls like pshea here to do what they can to distract or minimized what we know about the death of an admirable woman. My disgust for pshea knows no bounds.

    1. Looks like the real dealer worked out a fancifull theory of his own of the hit, yes the hit would be the right word I venture but who would be so evil to nuke the lovely princess.

    2. is it irrational to think that no one died at sandyhook or boston jim? yours is the reaction I have come to expect from official story defenders everywhere when the word hoax is mentioned in association with any of these (by now) obvious staged stunts.
      you are an official conspiracy man, for the most part jim. there are deeper layers, with most roads leading back to media fakery.
      following the evidence here leads to the inexorable conclusions that Diana's 'death' was another staged ritual. did you read the thread linked below, or not?

      can you comment on this video?

      It could be said that I have far more cause to be disgusted with you jim. you take the 'truth' so far and no further, and this is clear to the more discerning among us.
      but that is not a feeling I have towards you.
      I am grateful to you. I see the game.

      play on, professor.

    3. You must be completely ignorant of Jim's work on Sandy Hook in order to spout this utter nonsense accusing him of only going so far towards the truth. Jim has stated on very many occassions that, for him, only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will do. I once made the point tat it might be sufficient to prove that JFK's death was a conpiracy and therefore needing a new and honest official investigation and that it wasn't necessary to determine every last detail of how it was done, to which Jim replied that he wanted to know every last detail because only the truth, the while truth and nothing but the truth was good enough for him.

      Now, this BS you push about Diana, it is the same sort of amateur hour nonsense as Culto's JFK work and not worth the time of any serious, honest researcher. Why should Jim or anyone else waste their time with it?

      Quite clearly, you are either an idiot or a shill, most likely the latter.

      Jim should just ban you from this blog because all you do is spread poisonous BS.

    4. I spoke briefly about this interview on "The Dynamic Duo Weekly News" broadcast over noliesradio at the very end of the show:

  12. As usual Fetzer has added nothing new, at least he's running true to form. Same songs, same media worship and now same comments.

    'Diana was going after nuclear weapons next, I swear. She was just about to... honest!' What a crock of shit. . Sounds like the same shit JFK was just about to do...

    Did you know Hitler was just about to free the Jews? Just needed a few more days and he would've done it.

    1. Hmmm Did Hitler try to save the Jews?

      Here's what I think... Diana, JFK, Hitler...all puppets...
      Crash 97, Assassination 63, and Holocaust WWWII ... all hoaxes...

      Who told the world about all the good that Diana did or was about to do? The same cunts who lie to you every single day.

      They didn't get me on that one though, I never liked that bitch and I have met very few who cared about her death.

    2. The Jews didn't disappear, a lot of them emigrated, often taking up new names, the population of Israel thought it better to adopt Hebrew sounding names to replace their German, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Ukranian, Hungarian names. A large number remained, General Patton discovered there were still millions of Jews left in Germany in 1945 when he became commander of the US occupation zone, hence he realised the holocaust was a myth and he was going to speak out about it when he finished his tour, resigned from the army and returned home to the US to tell the truth, it is one of the reasons he was killed.

      We can prove the Holocaust didn't happen as the official history says, and that has been done. We could probably establish the truth if the records were all released and historians allowed to study them. David Irving is one of the few to study what documents are available and he has proven many facets of the official story false.

  13. and that's a very good point you are making here, the typhus. epidemic. You can add to that hunger and new born or early deaths among children and you have the picture of pre war Europe. Add to that yeh the cheesy propaganda that worked back then. The trap people fall in today is they don't have a clue of the past reality and try to imagine things looking at them from modern perspective. Millions were dying in Europe before the war even started.

  14. Millions weren't dying before the war started, the only wars were the Finniso-Russian Winter War of 1939-40 and the Spanish Civil War. The killing of civilians really didn't start until 1941 when the Germans invaded Russia, that is where the majority of civilian deaths occurred. Before that the civilian deaths were counted in the tens of thousands and happened in a few British and German cities from aerial bombings or in Poland where the Russians and Germans both took steps to eliminate the political classes and the intelligentsia, the Katyn Massacre where the Russians killed thousands of Poles in 1942 being a prime example.Vastly more people died in 42, 43, 44 and the first half of 45 than had in 39, 40 and 41, as the war continued it grew ever bloodier. All sides committed acts of mass murder against innocents, the British killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in one night in Dresden and in total, the Allied bombing campaign killed millions of civilians in Germany including hundreds of thousands of allied citizens who were there as forced labour.

  15. i know who i am
    i have good will toward all
    and take not truly un-intended hurts to heart
    the illusion unravelled
    as was always the way

    fakery fakery everywhere
    we finally get it
    (as was always the way)


  16. No-one wants to read your BS, no-one is stupid enough to believe it.

  17. More fairy tales. It is good you mention general government of Poland. It was the center of jewish settlement in the east for centuries. Whole towns were Jewish. What happened to the Jews there. They disapeared. If you don't believe you can visit the place for yourself. No sources to mirror. You want sources go to Krakow or Vienna. Look for Jewish cemeteries. They are no holograms.

    I take it you never heard of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. And no, he was not dealing with some kind of restoration of Hebrew as Wikipedia will feed you. The only Hebrew in Yiddish is religious input from a few centuries back. You do the rest of the maths. The source is contained in the languages of respectively both Hebrew and Yiddish.

    The best way to do the statistics here is to know someone who lived in those times One of my grandmothers had six sisters out of which four died before they grew up. They died of hunger and hunger related deceases and that was how people lived and died back then.

  18. I am more of the opinion that the anti-landmine campaign was the one campaign Diana was allowed to do by her handlers, in her naivete. Landmines are a *defensive* weapon, a cheap and effective way to defend a sovereign border against globalist armies. Other anti-weapon campaigns she may have wanted to engage in the future would not have been as welcomed by one-worlders.

    And with 9/11 having been planned decades in advance, as was the global war of civilizations (West vs Islam); yeah, the future King of England having a Muslim half-brother would have been a major impediment to the century-long fear campaign we are now 13 years into.

    1. That's an interesting point about 9/11 being planned decades in advance. It may well have been but I have yet to see anything concrete about that. I did read one interesting article that mentioned that Mel Brooks and another Jewish writer living in NYC were aware of something being planned around the WTC way back in 1967, which was before the towers were built.

      It makes one wonder if the symbolic and ritualistic aspect was planned out from the beginning - someone presented a fascinating theory that the twin towers represented the twin pillars of freemasonary - Boaz and Jachin and actually shared the exact same proportions, so were built that way.