Monday, June 2, 2014

Jim Fetzer on Revolution Radio

False Flags (9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing)


  1. Jim: put ur show w. Kelly and Kateslate11 up--it was still good even w. all the glitches, don't doubt.

    1. Well, it's still there:

      MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2014

      Kelley from Tulsa and Kate Slate
      Sandy Hook

    2. Oh ok--I thought it was May 29 and went missing--THANKS--great show, again. A.

    3. Whoa--Jim, I don't know what's going on, but that May 24 entry is not there. Here's what's showing:

      Monday, May 26, 2014

      Jim Fetzer on Revolution Radio
      My history with JFK assassination research

      Posted by Total at 11:52 PM 17 comments:

      Friday, May 23, 2014

      Jim Fetzer
      JFK assassination / Jewish Holocaust (w/ John Friend)
      Posted by Total at 9:57 PM 7 comments:

      There's NOTHING for May 24

    4. May 24th was a show ;)

    5. oh ok--now I see it says MARCH 24 not May 24--this is sooo embarrassing....

  2. Having real problems getting people to understand Boston was false flag, when dealing with them on Twitter. The idea Bauman's friends would not shut up is a biggie. The computer drive, confession and boat note of Dhzokhar is another. Another is the idea that witnesses would all lie (the fact many would be confused does not seem to make sense to many people). Just informing you.

  3. The idea that the witnesses would all lie is neither difficult to understand nor is it an uncommon occurrence. The surest and simplest way to undermine, corrupt, defeat and destroy justice is for witnesses and all others involved in the judicial system to lie, lie and lie again. It happens all the time and, sadly, there is absolutely no defense against it.

    1. Actually, it would be imposs to get all witnesses to lie. They have to be befuddled at the event. If you mean a limited set of witnesses, into court, yes, sometimes can be kangaroo witnesses, but even in kangaroo courts, some are often confused or fanatic people who do not conceive there was a lie, or the inconvenient testimonies are cut short or reworked into false narrative even when makes no sense how the witness' statements could mean what they ultimately are made to mean.

      So there are many situations.

    2. There is no need "to get" all witnesses to lie. The witnesses are all perfectly capable of lying without any assistance or guidance and lying deliberately and wittingly with no confusion or fanaticism. Lying is the Achilles heel of all justice systems in all jurisdictions throughout the world.

    3. Philip Smith, lying is not known to be the standard practice. People generally tell their truths.

    4. " People generally tell their truths." LOL

      "Their truths" ?

      Whatever happened to telling THE TRUTH?

    5. Many of the real witnesses don't know what they say and will tend to unthinkingly modify their account to conform to the official account, because after all, that's what actually happened.

      Then you have the other group --people who saw nothing, who weren't there, or were several blocks away, etc. These are people who want to feel important, and being a witness to an historical event makes them feel important. So they just say they saw it (it being the official story), even though they didn't. They figure they're not harming anyone.

  4. Nice prologue to the false flag stories. War seems to be more about banking than oil.

    Central Banking and "Rogue" Nations, page 1

    Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Rothschild octopus, and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was established in Benghazi while the country was still at war.

    Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks
    Absolutely possible considering Gadaffi wanted a gold backed Dinar and a united states of Africe this would have been in direct competition with the Rothschilds banking cartel Islam forbids the charging of usury something that was also outlawed in the christian world before the Rothchilds clan took control of the bank of England in 1815.

    1. Joan,

      1) forget banking and oil.

      If bankster profit margins were behind the wars they'd seek bigger wars, wouldn't they? Say, the US vs. India - or, er, Israel (rather than little Iraq) or Britain vs. Brazil - or, er, Israel (rather than little Syria).

      The U.S. and Britain just happen to choose small-profit targets that also happen to be local enemies of the Jewish state, which itself - Israel that is - would seem a more financially lucrative target because of its relatively superior defense and political capabilities.

      Forget the bankster motive.

      2) Oil.

      The French and German oil companies were the primary beneficiaries of the Iraq war fall-out in that economic sector. American oil companies did not noticeably benefit. Oil companies generally were against all these recent wars that benefited Israel as Prof. James Petras has shown.

      You should look elsewhere. Like Israel, and the Jewish ethnic-biological motives that are at bottom of that bio-political project. That's where all evidence leads: Race. Who do you care most about if not your kids and parents? The Jews are no different, just more thorough.


      And, if you're sincere, you'll go from here and spread far and wide the truth about the oft-told conspindustry bollocks regarding the 'Rothschild Central Banks' ....

      The Bank of England was, without dispute, nationalized in 1946.

      You'll also, if you're sincere, wonder why the conspindustry is so keen to sell easily-contradicted by google B.S. about the Rothschilds.

  5. Between the fall of the Soviet Union and 9/11--before Muslims became America's bogeyman, we had a decade of action against the militias and separatists which was led by the ADL and the SPLC: Waco, Ruby Ridge, OK City, etc. Also, the nineties gave us the OJ trial and the LA riots--a focus on police misconduct. In 1993, there was the WTC entrapment of Muslims by the FBI even though the FBI supplied the live bomb. The FBI also played major roles in Waco and Ruby Ridge. In the latter, Ruby Ridge, the FBI pressured Randy Weaver into sawing off a shotgun and later attacked him in his home killing his wife and child. How is it we never hear about this atrocity? At least Weaver had his day in court and won.
    Southern Poverty Law Center, Waco and conspiracy

    A whole multi-million dollar "monitoring" industry has sprung up, personified by the loathsome Morris Seligman Dees and his grotesquely misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center, which raises incredible sums of money every year by promising their donors that they are contributing to our destruction.

    Horrifying and obscenely unconstitutional laws are being introduced in Congress every week in the name of combatting "domestic terrorism", the new code word for White dissent against America’s intolerable racial and economic situation. One of these bills, the brainchild of Rep. Charles Schumer (D.-Israel) for the first time introduced a legal procedure whereby Americans may be imprisoned for their thoughts, specifically "unseemly speculation and baseless conspiracy theories regarding the Federal government." This one didn't pass, but the fact that Schumer thought he could get away with it at all says something about the condition our society is in.

    1. Outstanding post, Joan. I complete agree. And that Schumer thought he might get away with it speaks volumes about the corruption of our Congress. We are the United States of Israel!

    2. is this 'loathsome morris seligman dees' you speak of the same morris dees that was teddy's national campaign finance chairman for his '80 presidential bid?

    3. Dennis Cimino asked that I post this:

      I have been following your posts pretty closely and in spite of the incessant back and forth between you and OBF in these posts, you seem to hit the nail on the head more than probably 90 plus percent of the others who come here to the comments and post.

      As you did in your final paragraph mention; "unseemly speculation and baseless conspiracy theories regarding the Federal government."

      It would appear that the words in that sentence above go to the heart of the matter here, and that is that the Zionist population of scum who illegally run this country and are destroying it, are getting a bit ‘twitchy’ over the fact that their propaganda and their trying to use the term; “Conspiracy Theory” to denigrate TRUTH, has ‘backfired’ on them now, quite apparently.

      Which was written by Chuck Scumbag of Jew Dork, apparently his zioturd constituency is really rattled by the fact that these ‘conspiracy theories’ are really grabbing the attention of those in the U.S. who finally are waking up to the becoming all too apparent conclusion that these khazarian fake jews are really running this nation intentionally into the hellish nightmare gulag they turned Russia into under Stalin’s purges. Just today I spoke with a woman in a Costco retail store about what was going on and she was initially so programmed with the Rupert Murdoch shit from Faux Noize that she seemed to be having initially a hard time accepting the fact that these ‘jews’ aren’t even really jewish, least not if being a ‘jew’ (bloodline) means you came from biblical JUDEA which none of them in Israel or for that matter, New York or Miami or Los Angeles ever could claim with a straight face. I spent a considerable time telling her about Khazaria and ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ and how much of Christianity is brainwashed into thinking these frauds are really who they pretend and scream out all day long that they are, but are NOT!


    4. Cimino comment (continued):

      I closed the discussion with how the Roman Empire more or less vanquished much of the real population of biblical times ‘jewry’ and forced many of them to flee to Spain and these are ‘sepharadi’ and the non-sephardic caste which occupies Palestine and New York and Miami and Los Angeles and in fact, LONDON, are ‘ashkenazi’ jews without roots to the holyland. I made it clear that Israel’s main boy, MILEIKOWSKI is a polack from Pennsylvania, educated in the U.S., and not one drop of his blood has any
      Judean rooted DNA in it. I think that when the discussion ended her eyes were pretty wide open but she was not dumbfounded, she looked profoundly ‘awake’ and not in the same condition in which I met her in. It was a pleasure to see the lady actually seem to get pretty excited because all of her base instincts about the endless propaganda, were starting to be re-affirmed by what I had told her at that table.

      Back to Chucky Cheeze Schumer or Schummer or Scumwad or whatever his real name is, perhaps it’s another polack name like BiBi Mileikowski’s is, the apparent problem fucks like he and his other zio brethren and frauds in the U.S. government are having with the ‘conspiracy theories’ is that people are finding out they are not really THEORIES but CONSPIRACY FACTS when you get right down to it.

      We have others like Schumer such as James Randi, a homosexual shrimp of a man with a following of mostly Zionist jews, who, like Schumer, will do everything in their power to try to stifle truth about 9/11 and even these hoaxes.

      Unfortunately for the Zionists, people are, one person at a time, learning that, as this one lady found out today, that those who occupy what we call Israel neither are real ‘jews’ by bloodline, nor are they descended from Judean roots of any kind, but came from Khazaria, after approximately 12 centuries of inbreeding…and after having adopted the religion of ‘judaism’ well after 815 a.d., long after any dream in their neanderthalian balls could be revisionist history altered to make them descendants of real jews from the biblical holy lands, which per the now late Arthur Koestler’s work, a ‘stretch’ to say the least.

      Conspiracy theories are a threat to these khazarian monsters and imposters, obviously, per your very astute observation that Schumer would like to stifle all ‘conspiracy FACT’ in the U.S. with a law ramrodded thru the scumwad House and Senate.

      Conspiracy FACTS are making these Zionists a tad bit off center and edgy, don’t you think? Too many people are waking up to the fact that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is backfiring on them and they are too feeble minded to see they cannot out-maneuver the cold hard fact that people now see these ‘conspiracy theories’ in the light that they are far from being theoretical but being borne out by FACTUAL EVIDENCE.

      The Chuck Schumer’s only wish they could legislate this away, but they cannot, they shit in their own yarmulkes and now have to wear them, full of the shit they spewed trying to cover up what has been time honored to bear itself out without propping up, and that is TRUTH.

  6. No real planes on 9/11 seems the most plausible explanation to me. So many dots connect correctly. Just to mention one of them: NORAD "stand down" which was no actual stand down at all and merely a consequence of there being no actual hijacked planes in the air!

    1. the "NORAD Stand Down" meme is a bunk talking point within 911T. There was an unprecedented convergence of "war game exercises" coincident with 911 morning, which had most of the fighter jets & jocks far away from the northeast on 911, like in western Canada. And for the few jets remaining in the NE 911 morning, there were "false radar blips" manually inserted into what the fighter jocks were seeing, which had them chasing ghosts over the atlantic & elsewhere.

      (^ I'm agnostic on Peak Oil Theory, but we digress)

      FWIW, I'm not a fan of (Truthers chasing their tails infighting over) planes vs no planes @ WTC, for the reasons I describe here:

    2. It would be interesting to check if there actually were war game exercises going on, or if those are just made up stories as a part of a coverup. I believe the U.S. government was innocent and not involved in the initial 9/11 attacks and that people were forced/tricked to do a massive coverup against their own will.

    3. Well, Pat Colo, planes or no planes is the crucial question 911. Without planes, there couldn't have been any foreign hijackers, and to believe the official victims part of story without the plane crashes, takes a LOT of faith. Without the plane crashes, the basis for the War on Terror and all this other nonsense we have to go along with, simply doesn't exist.

      You may want to listen to this show by Jeffrey Grupp from 2010 on why there were no planes on 911:

      Later (post below) he argues Why the PLANES vs. NO PLANES on 911 distinction is SO IMPORTANT!

      Tons of substance in that video.

    4. I disagree with Jeffrey Grupp about the big media reporters were lying. I think they actually saw the CGI plane on their monitors live (with a few seconds delay). Ace Baker has a good explanation about how the fakery of the live plane could have been done.

    5. You too are protecting medias involvement in this (and almost every other) operation, Anders. I don't like that very much.

    6. Thank you for the two links with Jeff Grupp. I really really like his insights, his style, and his whole approach. I'm awaiting acceptance to comment on fakeologist blog site.

      By the way, it seems Dr. Fetzer did interview Jeff G one time in the past....I would certainly wish and hope that Dr. Fetzer would get JG's latest on either 9-11, Sandy Hook, or Boston.

      7 April 2010
      Interview: The 188th broadcast of "The Real Deal" will
      feature my special guest, Jeff Grupp, discussing his book,
      CORPORATISM, 5-7 PM/CT, Archive:

  7. I just wanted to and that George Bush did mention mini nukes in. Reference to terrorists " they van aquire a nuke the size of a softball" scientist proves fact but dialogue tells the story.

  8. terrorists " they can aquire a nuke the size of a softball" s orry

  9. Gerald Whiting said : "The idea that the witnesses would all lie is neither difficult to understand nor is it an uncommon occurrence. The surest and simplest way to undermine, corrupt, defeat and destroy justice is for witnesses and all others involved in the judicial system to lie, lie and lie again. It happens all the time and, sadly, there is absolutely no defense against it."

    And yet, "serious researchers" into events like 9/11 routinely take the verbal testimony of alleged eyewitnesses as virtual gospel, with only the most rudimentary attempts at background checks, and if they are not busy doing that, then they are just as busy believing the only other type of alleged "eyewitness testimony" out there; that is, the various alleged video and photographic records from the MSM, "amateur" and pro videographers/photographers, and institutions such as the N.I.S.T., with [again] only the most crude and rudimentary analysis of any/all of that alleged "eyewitness testimony" imagery.

    And so it goes...

    Regards, onebornfree.

  10. Joan Edwards said : " Horrifying and obscenely unconstitutional laws are being introduced in Congress every week..."

    Reality check, Joan. The US constitution and Bill of Rights was/is a scam, right from the "git go".

    A quick scan of the text of, say The Alien and Sedition Acts [1798]: ,

    and/or historical documents detailing Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase [1803] :

    should make my point abundantly clear.

    Regards, onebornfree.

  11. Onebornfree said:
    "Reality check, Joan. The US constitution and Bill of Rights was/is a scam, right from the "git go"."

    First, Why are you changing the subject, obf?

    To answer you, though, the Constitution was written by rich men for the rich, but the Bill of Rights was for the people and worked so well they haven't quite dismantled the whole thing, at least not quite yet.

    An excellent book every American should read to counter the myths we've been told in public school, is "A Peoples History of the United States: 1492 to the Present" by Howard Zinn.

    Known for its lively, clear prose as well as its scholarly research. A People's History of the United States is the only volume to tell America's story from the point of view of -- and in the words of -- America's women. factory workers. African Americans. Native Americans, working poor, and immigrant laborers. Revised and updated with two new chapters covering Clinton's presidency, the 2000 Election, and the "war on terrorism." A People's History of the United States features insightful analysis of the most ...
    See more details below

  12. How about more on the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). They couldn't have been clearer on how much they wanted a "catalyzing event" like 9/11. Here's a video on Zelikow, author of the 9/11 Commission Report. "the myth creator." Where are the rest of the gang now--Perle, Irving Kristol, Cheney, Quayle, Feith, Jeb Bush, Rumsfeld? Are they cooking up another "Pearl Harbor"?
    ? Zelikow 9/11 Inside Job - YouTube

    We hear from author Webster Tarpley, Professor Graeme MacQueen (religious studies, McMaster University, ret.), Ken Jenkins (filmmaker), and Peter Dale Scott, author.

    Zelikow, hired as a Bush II transition team member for his expertise on al-Qaeda (according to Karen Hughes), didn't want to hear anything about al-Qaeda from Richard Clarke, chief counter-terrorism expert on George W. Bush's national security council. Similarly, John Ashcroft at the Dept. of Justice didn't want to hear anything about al-Qaeda before 9/11 from Thomas Picard, acting director of the FBI. In these and other instances, Zelikow as executive director of the 9/11 Commission, suborned perjury, Webster Tarpley charges.

    Tarpley reveals Zelikow's cover-up role in the Able Danger FBI effort to expose "al-Qaeda" cells. Prof. Graeme MacQueen calls attention to Zelikow's unique role in predicting then explicating the consequences of "the transformative event" as head of the commission charged with investigating the catastrophic terrorism of 9/11. Ken Jenkins and Peter Dale Scott note that Zelikow's expertise is in creating and exploiting public myths, and that Zelikow's links to the neo-cons date to the early 1980s. The 9/11 investigation was itself an inside job.

  13. Joan Edwards said : "First, Why are you changing the subject, obf? "

    How have I changed the subject? You mentioned Schumer's shenanigans and complained of their supposed "unconstitutionality", as if this was something new.

    All I did was point out the obvious, that these types of shenanigans have been perpetrated since the coup d'etat that established the Constitution as "the law of the land"- and I gave two specific examples of that very early "unconstitutionality" to drive home the point.

    Joan Edwards said :"To answer you, though, the Constitution was written by rich men for the rich, but the Bill of Rights was for the people and worked so well they haven't quite dismantled the whole thing, at least not quite yet."

    That is a myth, plain and simple Joan.

    The Bill of Rights was a scam, a political ploy to head off the growing popularity of the Anti-Federalists.

    All provisions of the Bill of Rights were effectively nullified [ before they ever became law via state ratification ,2 years later], by the Judiciary Act of 1789, which left congress to become law _the_day_before_ the Bill of Rights left congress for individual state ratification.

    Paragraph 25 of the 1789 Judiciary Act gives the Supreme Court the specific power to interpret the entire Bill of Rights should it become law [almost 2 years before the Bill of Rights was successfully ratified by the individual states].

    See : "The Bill of Rights Scam - [aka The 1789 Judiciary Act Scam]" :

    Regards, onebornfree.

  14. time to look into this latest FF, spu hoax shooting ...

  15. Anders Lindman said: " Ace Baker has a good explanation about how the fakery of the live plane could have been done."

    In my opinion, Baker's explanation [i.e. C.G.I. plane image inserts into otherwise live footage] is entirely inadequate.

    For example , in part 7 of his "Great American Psy-Opera" series:

    he examines the Michael Hezarkhani sequence, and asserts that a plane image was inserted into an otherwise genuine live video sequence, when there are several fundamental technical reasons that make that assertion entirely impossible in the real world.

    To understand exactly why Baker[ aka "Colin Alexander"] is wrong in his theory, please see:

    "Why Jim Fetzer /Richard Hall/Ace Baker etc. Are Wrong About This Fl.175 Video [Hezarkhani]":

    regards, onebornfree.

    1. Michael Hezarkhani had time markers, such as a light sequence in the WTC facade to guide his camera motions without there being a plane there. 'Stage magician' stuff. The CGI plane in the Hezarkhani video was added later. The only live CGI insertions were the crude 2D plane silhouettes broadcast by five of the big television networks.

  16. Anders Lindman wrote:

    "The only live CGI insertions were the crude 2D plane silhouettes broadcast by five of the big television networks."

    Dear Anders,

    Sigh... you're just not getting it, are you? The 9/11 imagery was a totally prefabricated Hollywood movie.

    I take it that that you're Swedish ? If so, the language barrier may be your problem. Why don't you just call me on Skype - and I can get you up to speed, in Swedish - free of charge! How about that?

    my skype username: simon.shack

    1. @norwegian I'm too shy to do Skype. My current view is that the CGI fakery for the 9/11 amateur videos were done after the event. And not even by the initial perpetrators! Instead a secret cabal forced/tricked the U.S. government to do the coverup for them.

    2. It's good to have all options on the table and therefore different competing conspiracy theories are useful. Otherwise there is a risk of being led into a false detour.

  17. and pray tell me Anders who that mysterious very secret cabal is, a bunch of NASA conmen, Hollywood fx and a couple of dudes from british tabloids.

    1. My idea is that the cabal is separate from government agencies, mainstream media etc. And the Naudet brothers, Fairbanks etc may not be direct cabal members but at least hired by the cabal. For example, check out the firefighter in the Naudet video of the first WTC impact; he was potentially hired by the cabal to signal the exact time for when the camera operator should turn the camera.

    2. Anders, that scene in the Naudet movie is for sure a Hollywood animation. They have among other things inserted a shadow on the Postal Office building that could not possible have been there - this one:

      Here is what it looks like in Google Street View:

      Play with Google Street View yourself and see if you can explain this shadow in this Hollywood animation? ->

    3. There are tall buildings in NYC. Could the shadow be from a tall building further away?

    4. I have looked for that Anders, but I was never able to find or see what could have made the shadow in the movie. This should be explained Anders, and you could help us out here with you analytical skills I would hope. It is not acceptable to insert a huge (scary?) shadow in a documentary you know. My conclusion is that this proves that the movie was created on a computer.

  18. Anders,

    These two gifs (looped clips from the original DVD-quality Naudet movie which I have purchased) :

    Try to think of Naudet's "911" as an entirely prefabricated "Hollywood / special fx" production. You know, if you go to the movies and see Spiderman climbing on a web woven between the twin towers, that doesn't mean that ANY part(s) of that scene was necessarily filmed in Manhattan, New York. I hope you get my drift.

    Simon Shack

    1. That looks like it could have been the shaking of the handheld camera.

  19. When debating OBF and Shack, why does no one mention Niels Harrit and University of Copenhagen, and more importantly: RJ Lee Group?

    After the towers collapsed Deutsche Bank sued WTC for cleanup costs, alleging that dust from the towers had coated its building's interior. WTC denied the dust resulted from the events of 9/11¸ so DB hired RJ Lee to test over 100,000 samples of dust.

    RJL found that the dust was rife with molten iron spheres (evenly distributed in samples), 150x more than is normal in building dust, which corroborates both Harrit's and USGS. RJL also found evidence of vaporized lead which requires temperatures of 3,180 degrees F. The suit was settled and WTC paid for cleanup.

    All three studies corroborate each other, so arguments about chain of custody, government documents being faked, etc, hold no water. All three sources corroborate each other, there is no history of fraud from the sources, and there is no confluence of interest whatsoever between the sources.

    In my opinion, OBF, (along with Shack and Ace Baker, who tainted the evidence they presented by making themselves look mentally ill via bizarre music videos, fake suicides , and ridiculous song segues in psy opera), is a shill and should not be taken seriously. He is here to inflame people and divide the movement, evidenced by his trolling (taunting posters, laughing at them, etc) here and extremely rude antics (such as playing guitar in the background during the debate with Don Fox and then pretending he didn't realize it was audible).

    Their theories of media fakery are partially correct, but they take it too far and lead the movement into the everything-is-fake -and-there-is-no-reliable-evidence-and-no-way-to-prove-anything trap. There was plenty of fakery, but IMO the buildings were nuked and at least some people died. IMO the no-planes-nuke theory (w possible aid of nanothermite in weakening structure pre-blast) is the only theory currently viable.

    Please make mention of U of Copenhagen and especially RJ Lee Group in any discussion of USGS dust samples. Also, Jim Fetzer- please allow commenting without having to have Google, Facebook, or other corporate account.