Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Roderick MacKenzie III

He ran a safe-house for the mob in Dallas 1963


  1. "College of Complexes." I haven;t thought of that place in decades. I was there once ages ago. It's a bar with blackboards all over the walls where all the U of Chicago and other pseudo-intellectuals used to hang out.

    Anyway, not one word about the CIA involvement with these mobsters? Frank Sturgis of Watergate fame who worked with E. Howard Hunt, the paymaster for the JFK operation and Bay of Pigs. And it's "Marita Lorenz," a name guests can't seem to pronounce correctly, who was involved in gun running from Miami with Sturgis and the Cuban exiles to New Orleans and later Dallas.

    Lorenz is a very important figure in the JFK case. She was Mark Lane's star witness in the case brought by Hunt against Liberty Lobby. Hunt sued them for a piece written by another CIA agent, Victor Marchetti, saying the CIA wanted to get rid of him, Hunt. Lane was allowed to extend the case to prove the CIA was involved in the murder of JFK. See Lane's book "Plausible Denial."

    Also, they called it "the PRISTINE bullet." It was the one that wound up on a stretcher in a hallway at Parkland and is alleged by the Warren Commission to have passed through JFK and Connally in pristine condition. (So, now we know who put it there?) And not one word about Arlen Specter and his single bullet theory.

    1. Lorenz wrote an autobiography which is really fascinating, there was also a documentary film by a german crew. They actually talked to many key players

  2. Lane is "cointelpro" and works for the owners and operators of the CIA. Mark Lane's "truth" only diverts truth finding efforts.

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  4. JEANNON: "Lane is "cointelpro" and works for the owners and operators of the CIA. Mark Lane's "truth" only diverts truth finding efforts."

    Source, please.


      A little about the Jonestown massacre. Lane was their being the lawyer for Jones and Lane escaped fine and well. U.S. Rep. Ryan and company were gunned down when they came to investigate Jonestown.

      No date on this article

  5. Mark Lane is without a doubt one of most important and courageous researchers in the search for the truth in the assassination of President Kennedy.

    If you wish to besmirch his character with any conviction, you will need a more substantial basis than the internet sites you have listed above. Sorry, but the nonsense on those sites does not comprise "sources." Rather, it is unsubstantiated opinion.

    As indicated above by Joan Edwards, Lane won the appeal in the case of Hunt v. Liberty Lobby. The jury's verdict against E. Howard Hunt demonstrated that the CIA was involved in the JFK assassination. So, to assert that Lane "works for the owners and operators of the CIA" is preposterous.

  6. I do not discount the opinion of someone who worked full-time for six years for American Free Press. Lane lost a big case for Liberty Lobby too.

    I think facts can be gleaned from the Internet and I have no reason to believe that Christopher Bollyn who worked full-time for American Free Press for six years is simply making things up to besmirch Lane's character. Bollyn has it wrong about Dr. Stephen Jones and his "explosive nanothermite" diversion, but otherwise I think Bollyn is a fine investigative journalist.

    Mark Lane's history is incongruous and spotty and does not ring true, but his history does fit perfectly with what we have learned about cointelpro and its tenets.

    Joan asked for my sources and I gave her a few of them. I based my assessments on those many sources. Look in the mirror for possible besmircher.

  7. Lane worked for the branch of Army Intelligence that became the CIA.

    Lane was present at the Jonestown Massacre but miraculously escaped without a scrattch.

    Lane wrote a book full of lies about Vietnam veterans.

    Lane was condemned by the HSCA for lying to them.

    Lane got control of the AFP from Carto after a court case brouht by the ADL against Carto and the Spotlight.

    There's more, but to just dismiss the evidence against Lane is to ignore too much.

  8. Who are the saboteurs of 9/11 truth on this blog? Could they be Jeannon and Ian? Seems one can't mention Lane here without being attacked by these two with nonsense from the hateful and insane Christopher Bollyn rants.
    The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence"

    Some of Bollyn's more brazen lies included "Mark Lane works for the CIA", "the Liberty Lobby" (publisher of The Spotlight and forerunner of American Free Press) "is actually owned and controlled by a Zionist Jew named Mark Lane", and Michael Piper has been "attacking" Bollyn "since December 2001". Thus, in addition to his 'work' at sabotaging 9/11 truth by damaging evidence for controlled demolitions and promoting straw man conspiracy theories that could easily be refuted, he was helping Eric Hufschmid's COINTELPRO operation designed to sow mistrust and division by smearing genuine activists as agents.

  9. This show provided the most compelling evidence of a conspiracy to kill JFK. Not only was MacKenzie 100% credible by his delivery but he connected the known conspirators, corrupt dealings between the government and the mob and for the first time to my knowledge Officer Tippet is tied in to the plot and a connection to Rubinstein and the mob is established. I only wish Fetzer had taken charge sooner and possibly more relevant info could have been disclosed.

  10. He is a good guest but having heard him on other shows, he must be pressed to give details or he will wander off for most if the interview. In the other interview he made, he listed gunmen he knew to be involved and so forth.

  11. I listened to MacKenzie's account and believe it for the most part. I lived in Lowell, Mass for quite awhile and he's got the accent! Met quite a few interesting folks decades ago there. This was the old Lowell when Jackie MacDermott was the main bookie and Billy and Whitey ran the state. I grew up following the mob in NYC, NJ, and Mass area then all over the world and it was a different time. Jackie is long dead, shot by Barnoski who died in prison last year. Remember when Hoffa went missing and there shop steward for the Teamsters came in with a huge sign:"Where's Jimmy" on his truck. What I can't understand is why Bobby Kennedy took on Hoffa busting the largest union and the middle class when the mob ran wild and his family had a lot of ties to them. Big banking and corporations got what they wanted a global playing field and the people as serfs the way I see it. Jack Ruby was going to be let go for time served and the witnesses Mark Lane taped are enough to send chills through your spine. Funny how most of them came to bad ends after. America wasn't what I thought it was growing up in the 1950's. As for 911 I have no idea except I know they wanted the oil in the middle east and those buildings torn down. Killed two birds with one stone I think and if you look at the photos building six is interesting with that hole in it plus most of the towers blew into dust. My best guess now is they used some type of nuclear devices on the towers plus conventional stuff and conventional charges on tower seven. Katz just blew up at Hanscom which I figure was a "hit" four days after cutting Norcross out of the papers in Philadelphia. Follow the money, it leads you to the real rulers. John J. McCloy ran most of the 20th century for the Rockefeller boys and it the "Jewish" gangsters who seem to have emerged as top mobsters in America now. Meyer Lanksy could never have dreamed of having so many Casinos here! NBA, NFL, NHL teams, sports betting syndicates, even breaking Brett Farve's legs in the Saints/Vikings game in the "bounty gate" scandal??? They rigged the Superbowl!(a very nice payoff too) The mob learned how to pay off the Federal "government" and sort of merged it seems? Adelsen, Katz, Silverstein, Chris Christie shuts down the GW Bridge? Couldn't have pulled that off when I lived there. They just went mainstream and corporate but I do know one thing that as long as oil backs the dollar you follow it's prices moves for direction in trading all markets here. McCloy, Kissinger, Scocroft, Z-Big, all worked for the top boys-Rockefellers and they're oil and banking bottom line.

  12. Like to say "Hi" to Joan! Long time since the AOL days and it seems the rulers shut down much of the free net now. Global corporate BS going on and sure 911, JFK hit, Hoffa getting whacked by Sheeran for Buffalino, and the top Jewish gangsters fighting each other like Katz blowing up at Hanscom. It never ends. I still like Con Ed stock. MLP's, Munis, preferred stocks that pay high dividends from Wells Fargo, JP Morgan,-the big crooks and Kayne Anderson. I want to see cash flow and cash dividends. Twitter, Amazon, Face Book don't grab me although maybe if they pay out cash later? I guess I'm like the Rockefellers, oil and banking mostly-it pays and rules. As long as they keep the price of oil fairly stable all is OK in the world and markets.
    Katz is interesting. Parking lot King of NYC, Jersey and Philly. Grows up poor in Camden(now heroin highway) with a single mother, studies biology at /Temple, gets a law degree at Dickenson, Lawyer in Cherry Hill NJ near Tenafly where I lived then somehow owns all the parking lots in NYC, NJ and Philly then part of the Yankees, and a hockey and NBA team and four days after cutting Norcross and his buddies out of the Philidadelphia newspapers

  13. I have to say, MacKensie was more credible, even with his rambling, than anything that Haley Otis has ever said on this show.

    I'm amazed of late that this show has spent more time trying to tear holes in the fabric of the research community, instead of focusing on the John McAdams and Gary Macks of the world who keep putting out the same drivel.

    The timing (right around the 50th) for these "JFK Wars" to start is also suspicious to me. We've come a long way from the "big tent" approach that used to be the norm. Now it's just the carnival freak show.

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