Monday, April 28, 2014

Harley Schlanger / David Robinson

The latest on Ukraine / Academic freedom


  1. I'm sure that most of Jim's listeners, gusts, and Jim himself shake their heads in disbelief when they see people falling for the Sandy Hook Hoax and the Boston Bonging soft core terror porn non event.
    And, it's even worse when relatively intelligent people fall for such pathetic "made for TV" psy-operas.
    Now we have the AGW junk science scam...and again, many of us are shaking our heads in disbelief.... at Jim - not with him.
    Time to get Dennis Cimino in to set Jim on a rational course of thought. I don't know for certain where Dennis stands on the issue but I've got a pretty good idea.
    When you have Obama administration Czars strongly suggesting imprisonment for AGW Deniers, you've gotta realize that the truth is not to the administration's liking. This is a parallel to arresting Holocaust researchers in Germany,
    First, we have the claim of "universal consensus on the science." Well, consensus used in the scientific method is no more relevant than including a cheese grater in with your sex toys. Talk about painfully inappropriate...
    But, what makes the consensus argument so weak is that it is a lie.
    Google - Scholarly articles for 1800 peer reviewed papers disputing global warming.
    Did you do it? Come on you lazy, willfully ignorant, Green Commies! Just copy and paste it and you are there. Now, the so called consensus claim should be a dead issue - an instant death.
    Look at the claims of the CO2 / Mankind haters. They say we are either about to or have already crossed the point of no return on atmospheric CO2 levels.
    Really? They want you to believe that at .04%, we'll hit a tipping point - or so their models are programmed to tell us.
    These "climate models" are about as representative of reality as Anderson Cooper is discussing Sandy Hook.
    The models created data that was inconsistent with the famous decline in actual observed readings that they needed to hide it - that is where the "Hide the Decline" statement came from.
    It gets worse. Somebody pulled that .04% out of their ass. How do I know? Because for the first few billion years of Earths existence, the atmospheric level of CO2 was near 30% - with almost no Oxygen.
    According to the AGW Alarmists version of science, we should not be here today - since we were well above the "tipping point" billions of years ago.

  2. Thanks to Jim and David Robinson for this outstanding program on higher education. My three decades of experience in teaching in colleges across the nation supports your thesis about subjects that are tacitly considered offlimits in the academy. An important and timely conversation!

  3. Elias Davidsson is one of the best scholars on 9/11:
    This is why 9/11 matters!

    1. The first reason why 9/11 matters is rather mundane and might seem trivial to some people. The reason is that the victims of a crime – and this includes relatives of the dead – are entitled to know the truth, namely the What, How, When, Who and Where of the crime. This entitlement is both moral and legal. While US domestic law does not provide victims of a crime with a legal right to the truth, international and regional human rights judicial bodies have inferred the right to the truth from various fundamental human rights. States have also recognized the right to the truth by the establishment of Truth Commissions.

    The right to the truth is also regarded as one of the remedies due to victims of crimes. To deny to relatives of victims the right to know how, when and where their loved-one died and who was responsible for the death, is cruel. In many cases, determining the facts of a crime is the key for relatives of victims to obtain compensation.

    In order to circumvent the obligation to provide the truth, the US government offered relatives of 9/11 victims a deal: It would provide them with a substantial financial compensation – at the average $1.8 million per victim – if they accept not to sue anyone, that is not to force discovery of incriminating evidence through the courts.

    To claim that it is “irrelevant” who committed the mass murder would be rightly regarded as cynical by the stakeholders.
    2. The second reason is simply that the perpetrators of any crime should be identified, prosecuted and punished......

    3. The third reason is related to our individual and collective security. No person has been prosecuted for planning, organizing and/or participating in the crime of 9/11, because none has been actually identified and linked to the crime............

    4. The fourth reason is that the events of 9/11 have been used to justify wars of aggression. The events of 9/11 have allowed the United States and NATO to legitimate wars of aggression and military occupation of sovereign states...........

    5. The fifth reason is that the events of 9/11 were followed by the most successful propaganda operation in contemporary history. No precedent exists for such a mass indoctrination under conditions of peace, the free flow of information and the Internet age.......

    6. The sixth reason is that the official account on 9/11 has been one of the main justifications for restrictions to human rights and for increased police powers, verging on police-state methods..........

    7. The seventh reason is that the events of 9/11 have helped governments to increase the level of secrecy and thus reduce government accountability.........

  4. A great scholar of the JFK assassination is Mark Lane. He was the first to come forward and offer legal counsel to Oswald at the behest of his mother, Marguerite. His books are classics in the law, and yet he gets no press from the academic community. I wonder why that is. Could it be Lane fingers the CIA as the pivotal players in the assassination and that universities have close financial ties to CIA foundations?

    1. Lane is not a great anything, he's a lowlife rat scumbag. He's a Zionist Jew who began his career in US Army Intelligence in the 1940s, this is the outfit that became the CIA. He was posing as Jim Jones' lawyer and was present during the massacre at Jonestown but miraculously escaped unharmed. Jonestown was a CIA mind control torture centre, part of the MKUltra/Monarch program.

      Lane gained ownership of Willis Carto's organisation due to the lawsuit against them by the ADL, since then, the AFP has been nothing more than a controlled opposition mouthpiece for the CIA and ADL, we have seen AFP employees Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper expose themselves as cointelpro agents in recent times, they are employed by Mark Lane.

      Anyone who keeps pushing Lane as a great scholar must either be ignorant of the true nature of the man or also a disinfo agent.

  5. What a pity. I know people who are going for their law degrees who are clueless about what is happening in the real world. If they are like me, they will have to unlearn much of what they've been taught and relearn on their own. Sadly, they will have to choose between loyalty to the establishment or to the truth. Both come at a price.

  6. In order to circumvent the obligation to provide the truth, the US government offered relatives of 9/11 victims a deal: It would provide them with a substantial financial compensation – at the average $1.8 million per victim – if they accept not to sue anyone, that is not to force discovery of incriminating evidence through the courts.
    Where is academia on this one? Or haven't they noticed?

    1. Of course it hasn't gone unnoticed, I wrote about Ken Feinberg's work to dole out the billions in compensation/hush money in a VT article I co-authored with Jim Fetzer and Don Fox. Feinberg managed to prevent any legal proceedings in court by families of the victims through paying out those large sums.