Monday, June 3, 2013

Jim Fetzer

Ohio Exopolitics Radio and The Realist Report


  1. in addition to this podcast..

    Firsthand account from US Special Forces officer Joe Cortina.

  2. Lately Dr. Fetzer has been making repeated, rather credulous references to Cathy O'Brien's "memoir" of being a CIA sex-slave for top-level politicians of the 1980s.


    Just as is the case with Cathy's erstwhile housemate, Brice Taylor (who is also the author of a suspiciously similar book relating her own suspiciously similar, abusive adventures while under mind control) the ghastly stories Cathy tells need to be filtered through a solid understanding of the "bodyguard of lies" that has been erected (by the genuine Langley perps) to protect the truth of how the agency has developed and made deadly use -- of its proprietory mind-control technology and protocols.

    The story of the CIA's use of mind control was initially probed by several honest investigators (both inside and outside of government) back in the late 1970s. What was accurately revealed (in the only semi-controlled mass media of that bygone era) was so shocking and paradigm-altering that the damage-control spooks who were subsequently assigned to "clean up the mess" faced a serious challenge.

    And for the most part, they met that challenge successfully by flooding both the popular media (and the pre-Internet, fringe media too) with a torrent of limited hangouts, wild distortions, impossible fantasies, and synthesized delusions -- so that anyone actually trying to assemble a potential "jigsaw-puzzle" image of the MK-Ultra truth was instead confronted with way more puzzle pieces (many of seemingly identical shape) than needed.

    It is in this context that Dr. Fetzer should consider carefully what eventually expanded into a whole sordid, literary sub-genre (or sub-literary genre!) of CIA/Satanic-ritual, sex-slave "memoirs," "confessionals," and "expose's".

    Having closely followed the mind-control story from the time of the Senate's amazing (but limited-hangout) "Church Committee" hearings down to the present day, I can state with confidence that at least some (but not all) of the many infamous political assassinations/accidents/suicides of the late 20th Century did indeed employ actual MK-Ultra programming. Other more conventional means (via contracted "wet teams" fully conscious of their task) could, of course, have been used in all of these "hits," but in certain instances the covert wizards simply decided was it was necessary to DEMONSTRATE THEIR 'LONE-NUT" CREATION CAPABILITIES to the various politicians, generals, business execs and media celebs who would become the spooks' influence-targets in the future. (continued)

    1. (continuing) Now, if you think John Marks' flawed-but-valuable "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" is the ultimate historical resource on this dreadful business (with the clever way it portrays the spooks' brutal experiments as a vicious and costly failure) -- try searching instead for Walter Bowart's "Operation Mind Control," the well-suppressed masterpiece of 1970s parapolitical research that (doggedly and documentedly) picks up where Marks cautiously left off. As for the MK-Ultrafied sex memoirs of Ms. O'Brien and others, they need to be taken with many, many grains of salt(peter), either as creative disinfo, blending suppressed truth with invented falsity at every twist in the tortured plot, or as sincere-but-confusing METAPHOR for the beyond-imagination, actual debaucheries of the ultra-elite, as in the highly stylised orgies of Kubrick's final feature film. (And let's not forget that poor Stanley was iced precisely 666 days before the start of the real year 2001.)

      Flashing forward to September eleventh of that symbolic year, with its rogues' gallery of "witnesses" to impossible (and as we now know, simulated) yet world-changing events, we hardcore doubters of the mass media coverage should then be willing to consider the likelihood that the folks who swear they saw, in person, real airliners, real jumpers, real top-down/explosive tower collapses (rather than an excessively re-run CGI movie on TV) aren't all just paid actors or low-level/Sayanim co-conspirators. Perhaps some of them really BELIEVE the crap they've been spewing (or sobbing about) for the past ten years.


      Because their own sense of "reality" has been conveniently FABRICATED, via MK-Ultra, just like some of the sex-memoir authors.

    2. If Cathy O'Brien is a disinfo agent she deserves an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. I'm not saying she isn't but if the tactics are that devious to trot her and Brice Taylor around for advanced pysops to confuse armchair investigators, the depth of their resources is insurmountable. Our only defense left is to sit on the porch with an AK47 and a 45 automatic and wait.

    3. I have been in contact with Susan Ford AKA Brice Taylor. We have exchanged a number of emails. She works here in NC as trained therapist working with SRA victims.

    4. I certainly don't doubt that these ladies were subjected to some sort of malevolent/traumatic mind manipulation. Such abuse certainly does go on, then and now. But the fact that they've been haunting the "fringe media" scene for many years now, without being snuffed by the dark lords from whom they supposedly escaped -- suggests they're neither a threat to the ultra-elite nor highly accurate in the ladies' celebrity-overflowing "memories".

      Back when they first appeared on the scene, some of the sharpest investigators of parapolitics, such as the brilliant (academically martyred) historian Antony Sutton, and the astoundingly intuitive legal gadfly Sherman Skolnick, found the ladies' credibility problematic, in large part because of the curious background and behaviour of the "handler" both, at one time, shared.

      If you really want to leap down that ol' rabbit hole of yesteryear, here's a potentially useful place to start:

    5. It is m y understanding that is a CIA operation.

      I have questions myself about Ted Gunderson, Barbara Hartwell, and the whole Art Bell fiasco. Bell says Gunderson set him up on child molestation charges.

      I have read that Gunderson and John DeCamp were both pedophiles. And that the whole Franklin Cover Up was actually a cover up.

      From the gut level Susan Ford come off to me as being authentic.

    6. ted gunderson was set up in that art bell fisaco if u do yo research,and ted gund and decamp pedos? u have to be joking these 2 have done more expose pedos then anyone in the truth movement,the franklin coverup is well documented and certanly no hoax watch conspiracy of silence read the franklin coverup from john decamp read the book by nick bryant on the franklin coverup...barbera hartwell however from my research is in fact a disinfo agent like stew webb both are all over the net spreading lies about ted gunderson.

    7. Here some more information about Ted Gunderson and his dirty deeds.

      Karen Garrett of Free Range Humans

  3. I have a copy of the very rare book "The Manchurian Candidate" for sale - the definitive book on the CIA and MKULTRA.

    Anyone interested?

    1. "The Manchurian Candidate" - A novel, the definitive book on the CIA and MKULTRA?

  4. Perhaps "The Search For The Manchurian Candidate"?

    A totally different kettle of fish or should that be a house of totally diffident color or is someone barfing up the wrong heck of the hoods?

  5. i have walter bowarts book as a ebook as well as kathleen sullivans book unshackled another mind controlled slave