Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jim Fetzer

Interview by John Friend re Boston bombing


  1. The exposure of the Boston Marathon hoax is so broad and so well backed by easily accessible evidence that I'm broadcasting the facts everywhere I can, often in my own real name. One of the best places to steer people to is havf8's channel on You Tube(c). Keep the pressure on!

    1. Thx for the link.

      Sibel Edmonds has been doing a lot of work and great analysis on this latest bit of capitalist terror. Much of the stuff is abvailable to non-subscribers at her sight:

      She basically agrees with you that it for Putin's benefit so he could have an excuse to reverse himself [publicly, that is] on Syria and get a split of the loot for himself as he did in Iraq, Tajikistan, Libya etc.

      Putin has now banned Russian airplanes from flying over Syrian airspace. The implication is hard to miss.

      I've been following it on my blog too. Not trying to be an exhaustive source for info' on it, just putting pieces that I think are interesting.

      I've been following it

    2. In this video it is claimed that Russian intelligence officials asked both the FBI and CIA to investigate the elder brother. I forget what the term they use for this is but sometimes they put something into a media story which every state intelligence apparatus in the world will recognize as ridiculous. They do this as a way of saying to the responsible parties around the globe that this operationwas a joint venture between the US and RF and to stay the fuck out of it or suffer the consequences.

      The idea that Putin would turn the investigation of a Chechin [i.e. Russian national] terrorist [or so they contend, anyway] over to the US is absolutely hysterical. I'm still laughing.

      They say there is a little fascist in all of us, and I confess that there is something in me which admires Putin. As far as I am concerned, he is the greatest terrorist of all time--the apartment bombings in Russia, Beslan, the Moscow theater bombing in which he almost succeeded in killing the reporter who was investigating the apartment bombings and having it blamred on fictional Chechin terrorists, the decapitation of the entire Polish government leadership in the Smolensk crash--I mean the man is a genius, an evil genius, but a genius nonetheless. He's the Professor Moriarty of terrorism.

  2. I don't mean to hog the blog site, but... I heard Webster Tarpley lately, and he has it completely wrong: that the "bombing" was meant solely to raise tensions. This false-flag hoax has a global objective, and I still think that the way Russia Today and Putin have played it up as an unmistakable "Chechen terrorist attack" points to a back-room deal, as part of which Russia and the U.S. will join each other's phoney "War on Terror".

    I'd like to hear Mimi the Syrian Partisan Girl back on to tell us why she doesn't think this buddying-up puts Syria in the cross-hairs (as she insisted in a recent Alex Jones interview). I certainly hope Mimi is right! And it may be that Sibel Edmonds is defending a narrative that's meant to set Russia up by theorizing that this is a Russian-US joint venture: maybe even one I myself started in a few web comments! I don't want to leave out the obvious participation of the Stern Nazis running Israel and the Mossad, and Ms Edmonds may have given an additional fruitful twist to the thesis by highlighting the support that the Georgian crime state has given to Chechen separatists and their CIA and Mossad mentors. I recall that there were 200 or so Israeli "advisers" in Georgia (which is just across the border from Chechnya) when Georgian troops (perhaps joined by Israeli IDF and/or the Waffen-CIA?) attacked the Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia.

  3. Jim, I've met Rachel Corey's sister and I personally know dozens of her friends in the local Palestinian-rights movement. She would be appalled to hear you confounding the fascist scum who run the State of Israel with the entire Jewish world community, egged on by an authentic Nazi, as personable as he might be. It may well be that the Stern Gang is plotting to "Palestinize" the U.S. population, but if they're doing so it's as part of a global venture by the Nazi Underground--of which the better-financed and heavier-armed U.S. and European ruling classes, using SS Major General Reinhardt Gehlen's CIA and SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Paul Hausser's NATO are the dominant players--to re-establish the Third Reich with the U.S.A. as it's homeland (hardly the puny State of Israel). Why is it that, when someone from "Total Fascism" calls in, I can't be certain whether he's anti- or pro-fascist? Jim, why don't you wake yourself up with some anti-fascist research?

    1. LOL, I knew atlantabill would be here crying as soon as I saw Jim post this show. Typical.

      atlantabill, I would be more than happy to have an open discussion about WWII, National Socialism, fascism, communism, etc. on my radio program (or yours, if you have one) if you are willing.

    2. yep, I second that motion.

      BTW, thank you John and Jim for this podcast!

    3. Believe me, the offer is tempting. But I'd be at a great disadvantage knowing that everyone who called in would in the fascist camp. It would be my first experience as a talk-show guest, and even Alex Jones has his calls screened by those he trusts and only gives airtime to those who disagree because he knows he controls the switches and can smear them after they've hung up. Frankly, I'm not a radio professional of any bit the competence in that area as someone like Alex Jones.

      Show me a link to a radio talk show in which the guest is put to a disadvantage like that, and it might encourage me. Too bad, too, because I've just begun familiarizing myself with some of the work of Otto Strasser and would love to share my impressions. Strasser opposed both the antisemitism of Hitler and Rosenberg and the counterfeit "anti-capitalism" of Hitler and Göring. He early-on believed that Germany should be allied with Italy and the USSR. His major difference with Marxism was its insistence on internationalism to the disadvantage of his concept of nationalism, as expressed in his use of the term Sehnsucht, which translates roughly as "longing" and which he interpreted as a nationalistic desire. Unfortunately, he was up against Hitler, who was backed by the army (for which he had long been an agent) and centuries of antisemitism promoted by Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism. I would guess that Strasser's state-capitalist version of National Socialism was influential for Martin Bormann, and I can see its influence alive today among leading German politicians. I'm fascinated by the thought that Strasser's concept of Sehnsucht may have been capturing the romantic ideals of the early local formations of the Freikorps, which you can hear here if you disregard the Jew-batiing and realize that this version substituted "Adolf Hitler" for something like "Deutschlands Ehre" (before the cult of personality had set in).

    4. Oh, yes. I didn't add that I don't have a radio show. But, if I had one, I'd be excoriated in the workers' movement for inviting an open antisemite on, let alone a Nazi.

    5. Woops! Soldatenlieder refused a direct link to the mp3 again. This page has a link to the mp3 along with the text of the song, as redacted by the Hitler faction of the NSDAP. The first link is to the earlier Hitler-cult version; the second is to a later orchestrated version that is crap.

  4. Atlantabull likes to write many, large, semi-unusual words, strung together into many large paragraphs, as part of many 'first-to-the-thread' posts, as part of an intentionally distracting mish mash of crap.

    Atlanta...nowhere else to peddle your 'wares'?

    1. while I agree with your premise, this is the second time that you Copy/Paste this post. Unless your keyboard has something wrong with it, you better start typing some new opinions/inputs to express your point of view.


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  7. The "Truthseeker" show at Russia Today is also calling Boston a false-flag. It takes less computer overhead to watch it on YouTube(c), but here is a link to the Russia Today original. Dr Fetzer and Dr Kevin Barrett were interviewed.

    There's some circumstantial evidence here that Daniel Hopsicker, who is the investigative journalist at Mad Cow News, is a government mole, but I'm highly doubtful at this point. Here's an interview Dave Emory gave to Daniel Hopsicker regarding Makram Chams, a "former" consultant for Titan Corp., a major war-profiteer and linked with the Saudi monarchy, and Makram Chams' ties to the (willing?) patsy Mohammed Atta; with links to the interview in this and a second archived audio file of a from 2006. Here's an April 2013-updated article by Dave Emory with numerous links connecting Tamarlan Tsarnaev of the Boston Marathon bombing to PTech (a Mossad front company which works with the Muslim Brotherhood), the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist network, and both the CIA and FBI - and be sure not to miss the comments in the Discussion section of the article, and particularly the evidence that points to possible Russian FGB (formerly KGB) involvement.

    Emory has in the past referred to people in the 9/11 movement as "troofers", but he has some excellent evidence linking major terrorist operations to various Islamic and German fascist networks, for instance here, which contains links to this and a second archived audio broadcast.

    Don't discount the possibility that the Mossad, the CIA, and even the Russian FGB might be playing the Muslim Brotherhood and associated pseudo-Islamic clerical fascists to accomplish mutual objectives in a very complex and convoluted war against democracy!

  8. The Muslim Brotherhood are not now, nor have they ever been a fascist group. They just play one on television. Emory, as he is asbout so many things, is just dead wrong abt this. The Brotherhood was created BY the Mossad, or the elements who later became the Mossad. Anybody following events in Egypt.

    Here's the truth:

    There is a reason Brussell, Constantine, Nip Tuck, John Judge et alia havre denounced Emory--He is a spook.

    Changing subjects: anybody needing a good laugh, follow this link

  9. Emory's connection of the Muslim Brotherhood to European fascism is supported by the MidEastWeb for Coexistence RA, the (true) Friends of Syria, Point de Bascule of Canada, and numerous others. They can't all be Zionist agents.

    Eric Draitser of in a (must-read) article at Michel Chossudovsky's Centre for
    Research on Globilisation has some evidence that the chief international organizer for the Brotherhood, al-Banna's son-in-law Said Ramadan, may have been recruited to the CIA by 1954 (and if you think that Dave Emory is playing the spook when he says they have Third Reich ties, I'll show you the chain of it leading back to Alan Dulles' first talks with Reinhard Gehlen).

    You should know that I was for years a patron of Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone's Taking Aim Radio program and website: they mentioned me specially in their last broadcast for WBAI, who effectively forced them off the air. Ask Ralph about "Bill in Atlanta" and ask him whether he considers himself a Trotskyist, as he told me he was. I heard nothing about about the Brotherhood's history in the Press TV interview you linked to (and I was all poised to be proven wrong). There's something you might not know about Ralph Schoenman: he was so much convinced that "no planers" were "disinformation agents" that he and Mya tried to keep them off a 9/11 panel in, I think it was, New York: I can't remember who told me this, but I think it may have been Jim Fetzer. Some time back, Ralph wanted to do a radio program on the "no planer" agents, but I intervened with Ralph and called on David Ray Griffin to ask him not to for the unity of the movement, however Kevin Barrett saw my message first and talked to Ralph. The program, although advertised on the preceding broadcast, never came off.

    I was reading Constantine's "exposé" of Dave Emory just last night, and funny you should mention it. Perhaps you got passed the Internet logs from Carnivore ...just joking. John Judge, isn't he the "blowback" guy who advised Cynthia McKinney on 9/11 and whom a lot of 9/11 truthers believed was a spook? Well, maybe Constantine was telling us something that was going on with Dave Emory, that he was having episodes of paranoia at one point; but he seems perfectly rational now.

    The Muslim Brotherhood's beginnings go back to 1928, so it's highly unlikely that the Mossad, which was created in 1949, could have created the organization. What "elements who later became the Mossad" could you have possibly been referring to? The Lehi group of Avraham Stern, the Irgun, or could it have been another ally of the Third Reich I haven't heard of yet? Many sources say that Hassan al-Banna was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and that the Brotherhood has started riots against innocent Jews and has worked with fascist organizations against workers' organizations (trade unionists, for instance). He was also a liar, so when you read him writing that he was only a promoter of peace and therefore could not have supported the fascists, you'd do well to remember that both the Books of Moses and the Suras of the Qur'an have favorable things to say about deception.

  10. I do not deny that theMB got connected to Euro- and Zio-fascism (that's the point), but you dont seem to appreciate that the MB was a creation of MI6, and is the antecedent organization for Fatah and Hamas, both neatly controlled and funded by the Zios, who, back in that day, were also neatly tied to Euro-fascism. Moreover, I was refering to the role the imperialist/Zionist role MB plays now in the ME.

    And yes of course they alll can be Zionist agents.

    Before they were recruited to the CIA, they were FORMED by British intel'. After ww2 the US took over a lot of the functions once performed by the UK.

    The link to the Schoenman interview was not supposed to illustrate the MB's history, BUT THE ZIONIST FUNCTION IT HAS NOW. The MB works for Western capital, and it always has. It's function in Egypt [and elsewhere] is to be the loyal, faux opposition to Western imperialism. Since the revolution, it has been charged with running Egypt on behalf of Wall Street and making sure that the revolution gets defeated. [I wrote somethinmg called "counterrevolution 101" which you might find interesting.]

    Regarding Schoenman's trotskyism/no planerism: relevance?

    Even if Judge is a spook, are all the others too? emory was Mae Brussell's mentee [along with Judge] and she denounced him.

    Beyond what others say about him, Emory insists that the tail is wagging the dog, that is that fascism is and has taken over capitalism. Fascism is one expression, one form of capitalism. When bourgeois republic succeed in placating the masses and keeping them in line, then that is the form capitalist society takes, when the people see through the charade and rebel, out comes the iron fist. This was Trotsky's view, among others, but the best analysis of fascism I know is R. Palme Dutt's Fascism and the Social Revolution,

    And Emory cites the worst, discredited bourgeois works of history to support his view, and reads uncritically from them. He aalso has obvious spooks like John Loftus on and never challenges the latter's highly incredible assertions. Emory is a spook.

    re "The Muslim Brotherhood's beginnings go back to 1928, so it's highly unlikely that the Mossad, which was created in 1949, could have created the organization. What "elements who later became the Mossad" could you have possibly been referring to? "

    This goes to my point about Emory. You are fizated upon the Stern Gang which you invariably mention in this context. They were a tiny part of the revisionist faction, and a much tinier part of the Zionist movement. You have moved them center stage and suggest, in Emory fashion, that the tail is wagging the dog. The Mossad is the legatee of a few developments, the Jewish Brigade/Hagganah chief among them. They received military and intel training from the Poles in Zakopane, and later from the Nazis there and elsewhere. It is from the this group and others that the Mossad, IDF, and certain political parties were formed.

    re: "Many sources say that Hassan al-Banna was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and that the Brotherhood has started riots against innocent Jews and has worked with fascist organizations against workers' organizations (trade unionists, for instance)."

  11. re: "Many sources say that Hassan al-Banna was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and that the Brotherhood has started riots against innocent Jews and has worked with fascist organizations against workers' organizations (trade unionists, for instance)."

    I am sorry, but this is just too ridiculous. He may or may not have been an admirer of Adolf Hitler [let's noy forget that he was Time' Magazine's Man of the Year in the 30s, so a lot of people admired him], in either case IT WOULD BE NECESSARY TO BE SEEN TO BE. He couldn't fulfill his role of Nazi-sympathizer and at the same time denounced the Nazi leader. Right?????????????????????????? Got it??????????????????????????????????? Of course many sources say so, he had to make them say so, right??????????????????????? Yes of course Arafat kept up the impression that he was an anti-Zionmist but we now know, and Israel has confirmed, that Arafat was on their payroll from the beginning. The whole PLO was. According to Ben Menashe and Viktor Otrosky, the radical outlier factions too were cut-outs for the Mossad: Achile Loro, Carlos the [Israeli] Jackal etc. [Emory, as far as I know, is still saying that the Jackal was in fact an Arab fascist terrorist working for the underghround Reich and all the evidence whic has come out to disprove this nonsense is nothing more than propaganda from the imaginary underground reich.]

    re "He was also a liar, so when you read him writing that he was only a promoter of peace and therefore could not have supported the fascists, you'd do well to remember that both the Books of Moses and the Suras of the Qur'an have favorable things to say about deception. "

    It seems you believe him when he says he is an admirer of Hitler but not when he denies it, what you don't seem to get is that these are all intel' cut-outs, psy-ops, like Morsi in Egypt.

    Lets lokk at this in an Emory/atlantabill way: The entire ME theater was run for MI6 by Kim Philby's father [or was it uncle?], the Mufti, Lawrence of Arabia, all of it, given that Kim proved to be an agent of the Kremlin, it then follows that the Grand Mufti wasn't a fascist but was in fact a Bolshevik?

    Intel'asset working at the behest of Western capital, fascist, or communist, which is it? One judges a trapper by his pelts. The facts fit the first interpretation, and mock the other two.

  12. Time Magazine chose Adolf Hiter for man of the year because Henry Luce was partial to the Nazi fifth column in America. Post-war circumstantial evidence (Norman Solomon): "Along with some other powerful media executives, Luce joined {Alan} Dulles on the board of directors of the National Committee for a Free Europe. That private front group funneled money to neo-Nazi emigre organizations." ("The failure to make a distinction between anti‑Semitism and criticism of Israel routinely stifles public debate." --Norman Solomon. Yasser Arafat had connections to the Mossad, the CIA, and MI-6 - all of whom worked together with Nazi staybehinds. Arafat was also a nephew and great admirer of his uncle Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was a personal friend of Adolf Hiter and organized two Muslim Waffen-SS divisions for him in Bosnia. This video features a WW-II German newsreel lauding the Amin al-Husseini for his work for the Wehrmacht.

    Kim Philby was the KGB double-agent. His father John Dominique "Jack" Philby was an associate of Ahmed Huber, a Swiss convert to Islam and Hitler-fascism. Not an exact echo of Dave Emory's sources' revelation of the Huber-Skorzeny-Philby plot to support the Zionists to help establish a "provocateur state" in the midst of the Muslim Middle East, but the Muslim Brotherhood's ties to Huber's Bank al-Taqwa are cited in this Wikipedia(c) biography of Ahmed Huber. The Asia Times has an article of 2002 on the Muslim Brotherhood that ties it to the Green Shirt fascists of Misr al-Fatah and claims that al-Banna was a close friend of Anwar Sadat, who, together with Nasser and with help from the Brotherhood, prepared an uprising in Egypt to aid Rommel's Afrikakorps that ended in the jailing of Sadat and his co-conspirators by the British. According to the same article, Alan Dulles and Reinhard Gehlen sent CIA assets, under the command of SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, to Egypt in the 1950s to rebuild Nasser's intelligence and security forces (this Wikipedia(c) biography of Skorzeny backs that up) --this echoes Emory's information, but maybe that's not accidental.

    Right now the Muslim Brotherhood is cutting a deal with the Stern-Zionists of the State of Israel to further Balkanize Palestine and tighten the blockade against them at the same time that they've declared a virtual clerical-fascist takeover in Egypt, a totalitarian move against which the Egyptian public are in a mortal struggle at this very moment. I use the Marxist-Leninist formulation "clerical-fascist" because, as most of the Marxist left, I believe that it characterizes the Brotherhood's anti-labor and violent, extralegal state-supporting politics to a tee. Here's the Muslim Brotherhood using firearms against Egyptian youth: looking for fascist gangs in the streets? In Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood constitutes a fifth column for the NATO/al-Qaeda terrorists.

  13. Looking at another face of Nazi re-emergence Bibi Netanyahu giving the fascist salute. Israeli "neo"-Nazis. Here is Dave Emory on selected "Martin Bormann Jews". You can hear Emory including the fascist heritage of the Israeli right wing in the first minutes of this archived mp3 of a broadcast. Emory draws far too much on John Loftus, who is, to be sure, a questionable eminence. Both Loftus and Emory give little attention to the Nazi stay-behinds who played such a key role in creating the State of Israel and giving it the character of a Third Reich clone, and the Mossad never really figures in their exposés of the pseudo-Islamicist fascist networks. I've been re-reading Alex Constantine's complaint to the FCC about Dave Emory, having to note at the same time that appealing to the bourgeois state is hardly a recommendation. A lot of Dave Emory's broadcasts, if not most, pre-date this complaint.

    I discovered Dave Emory when I was looking for more presentations/interviews with Peter Levenda. That's how I began to believe that there is much more to the Nazi International than just Operations Paperclip, Stay-behind, and Gladio. I had already familiarized myself with the Nazi-linked think tanks exposed by Right Web, especially the World Anti-Communist League (now renamed, I seem to recall, the World Republican Institute ) There are just too many connections that lead back to the Third Reich and its partners in Japan, the US, the UK, and to be sure the State of Israel not to believe that there is an ongoing transnational network, and I think that "Nazi Underground" is a fitting term for it. I'd like to know who has tied all the elements of this Underground together and made the research on them accessible in one place better than Dave Emory and KFJC.

  14. TelAvivSol aka atlantabill burped:

    "Jim, I've met Rachel Corey's sister and I personally know dozens of her friends in the local Palestinian-rights movement."

    So you say.

    "She would be appalled to hear you confounding the fascist scum who run the State of Israel with the entire Jewish world community, egged on by an authentic Nazi"

    I didn't know you were a spokesman for Rachel Corey's sister.

    "Fascist scum who run the State of Israel"? LOL. More like modern-day Bolsheviks! They're the "scum"!

    If John Friend is an "authentic Nazi" then I am proud to proclaim that I am too. At least I know the truth about National Socialism and what it stood for (e.g., National Socialism was not for export) and its great leader and not an ignoramus whose only knowledge of NS and Hitler is via very biased (read: Jew-approved) sources and publications.

    If you knew the real facts and truths about National Socialism and Adolph Hitler you'd realize that Jewish communism was the very ugly, evil, mega-MONSTER and tyranny the worldwide (mostly Jewish-owned) mainstream mass media made and continues to make him and National Socialism out to be.

    "I gradually came to realize that the Social Democratic press consisted mostly of Jews, but I attached no particular importance to this situation.

    Circumstances were the same at the other newspapers. One thing was remarkable to me; there was not one paper where Jews worked that I would have considered a proud national voice that was in line with my concept of national pride.

    I forced myself to at least make an attempt at reading this Marxist journalism, but the more I did, the more I disliked it. I now tried to get closer to the manufacturers of these mischievous words. From the editor on down, they were all Jews. I picked up every Social Democratic pamphlet I could and looked up the author’s name. Jews. I noticed the names of almost all the leaders. Most of them were also members of the “chosen people”, the Jews, whether they were representatives in the government or secretaries of the unions, chairmen of organizations, or street agitators. The same uncanny picture was continually repeated. I will never forget the names of Austerlitz, David, Adler, Ellenbogen, and others.

    One thing was plain to me now. The leadership of the party whose petty representatives I had to fight my most violent battles with for months consisted almost exclusively of an alien people. I then had the happy satisfaction of knowing for certain that the Jew was no German. Now, for the first time, I became thoroughly familiar with the corrupter of our people."
    --Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

    And so it is down to this very day. And in America.

    I'm finished. You can go back to listening to Alex Jones and whoever else you listen to and their ridiculous "nazis are secretly running things from behind the scenes" rants.