Monday, January 7, 2013

Jim Fetzer / Don Fox

Jim with Pete Santilli Part 1 / Reactions


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  2. This is annoying/amusing.
    Pete ShamSilly is a Truther ,if it wasnt for him,i wouldnt know that :not Professor but Cientist ,head of a tentacle that ranges control of the weather news and forecast,unmasked the traces of radioactive dust are radioactive!! clearly disinfo,SteveJ. not metioned,good.
    Exposed the cientist most of all,off the act in promoting intensly Dr Judy Woodwork with the obvious intent to supress her.


    its a sham ,its silly!!its Pete ShamSilly,kickig a$$ to all cientists outhere!!

  3. Pete: The jig is up buddy! You are being exposed for the fraud you are! That "interview" you did with Fetzer may prove to be a career ender for you.

    You have to ask yourself Pete why they roped you into being their attack dog. Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson don't have the guts to confront me and Fetzer. They are a whole lot smarter than you are and they scared sh!tless of us. It looks like you've bitten off WAY more than you can chew.

    You know it won't be long before this mp3 makes its way around the internet and everyone realizes that you are just a shill for the intelligence community.

    Thanks for Playing!

    BUH BYE Pete!

  4. If it's true that Santilli started his "radio" show with fifty thousand dollars of "seed money," then the likelihood of all that (dirty) cash originating from Dr. Cass Sunstein's infamous COGNITIVE INFILTRATION project is very strong indeed. IMHO Santilli sounded very much like an experienced shock-jock who had recently been recruited from his reglar gig for psyop work, issued a banal new web identity (ex-marine/soda-pop truck driver, indeed!), provided with a bare-bones, talking-points script of "Wood-worship" disinfo and turned loose on the Internet to viciously attack a whole list of well-known "truthers" -- JUST TO SOW AS MUCH CONFUSION AND ILL WILL AS POSSIBLE. (Which may be the primary reason for establishing the Wood Cult, in the first place.)

  5. Santilly is obviously controlled opposition, government controlled.

  6. When I saw Santilli's name on Jim Fetzers show list, I recoiled. I'd heard him somewhere else and decided then that he was an agent of negativity, probably on some payroll. After I realized that Dr.Fetzer had the show posted to discuss the abject poverty of Santilli's sham, I listened to both the "show" (display) and the commentary.

    Once again, Dr. Fetzer, with only bravery and the truth as he understands it, shines with a light that can't be hidden by ignorance and really bad form.

    As the other commenters have indicated, PS exposed himself.

    Thank You, Dr. Fetzer, for standing. We are all beneficiaries of your bravery.

    Semper Fi,

    Carolyn Boyce

  7. I was willing to believe that Santilli was just trying to be funny, and somewhat rude, until his closing comments. These were the mark of a man psychotic and deluded, or a man being told what to say and how to act by those who are paying him.