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Assassination of John Lennon


  1. FYI everyone: Unlike what Total thought about my point about the handyman ...

    What I actually meant and didn't express fully, was that Perdomo could have been the handler for Chapman on the scene and backup, but the handyman (which the policeman thought was the murderer at first -- though he'd not likely suspect Perdomo) could have shot John closer than Perdomo. But not shot forward to the entrance of the tunnel, but backward toward the glass doors.

    The handyman could have exited the alcove for the service elevator (across from the glass doorway entrance), walked forward and PAST John, then spun around at close range and shot BACK at John, not forward. It gives a similar trajectory to what Perdomo would have had, but closer to John.

    Also see 4:07 forward in 'The Messenger' documentary (not from 1969 as poster on Youtube claims) . The Police press conference says Chapman MOVED -- moved closer to John and shot near the glass doors. All Newspaper reports, however, have him stationary and shooting across the arch tunnel they were in, shooting from Lennon's rear right, forward and a bit to Chapman's right, yet shooting through Lennon's left and somehow into those glass doors far to Chapman's right without moving.

    The story changed.

    Perdomo OR a man passing John in the dark and spinning around at closer range and to John's left could have done the same shots.

    For a great page on the shots, with a Cat-scan top view of the likely trajectories -- though skeptical to cynical at the end of the blog:

    1. Perdomo, remember, is the outer doorman, as we discuss in the broadcast, and he is of the same full name as the head of Operation 40 assassination team for the CIA's anti-Castro group which continued on.

    2. Note: within 4 days of when John was killed, he was due to go to support the West Coast fisher union -- he was getting active again.

      Also, Chapman claimed once that he was on the left side of the doorway when he saw the limo coming. He could have shot John from that position into the doorway, but a) it was never claimed that he had ... why? more obfuscation! and b) the shots were in a good cluster around the heart and in through the doorway, so John may well have gone through already and collapsed only a few steps forward ... it was a serious set of hits.

    3. Turns out, doctor said "at least 7 bullet wounds": (clip comes from "We Interrupt This Broadcast" by Bill Kurtis, date not given by Youtube poster).

      Interpreting this as total 5 shots (maximum from Chapman's gun): 4 entries, 3 exits with 1 bullet found in jacket and 1 missing (into doorway window) and 1 going through John into doorway window is awkward. It's JUST possible, but note: police claimed 3 bullets in doorway(extant good photo is only of window, bad photo of whole doorway is too unclear to know if a 3rd hit in doorframe). Also, these were hollow point bullets, which are meant NOT to go through a person. We have only the death cert (generalities), not the autopsy report (which would make the body exit/ entry wounds known). As family, may Yoko Ono someday fearlessly release the autopsy report!


      To see them, you have to go to: --- There are mistakes in the general thoughts sometimes, but the research is great.

  2. Note: I mistakenly posted this comment for the December 10 show,
    which I haven't listened to yet. It was meant for this show, Dec. 7.

    Thanks for another great show. Ever we find ourselves uncovering the real truth about all sorts of things. Keep up the great work. We're all becoming better thinkers through these programs. A much larger conspiracy is unfolding before our eyes. May I suggest an online book in pdf format which I now consider to be the best book I've ever read, replacing Douglas Reed's magnum opus, "The Controversy of Zion," written in 1956.
    "The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals," by Victor Marschalko, translated from the Hungarian to English and published in England in 1958 can be put into your favorite search engine. It took me about a week and a half to get through the 300 pages. I cannot recommend it enough.

    1. Thank you for your kind words to us 3.

      ---- As to your mistaken post: you can go back and delete it.


      I will have a look at the .pdf you mentioned.

      My feeling when hearing of the Zionists in most writers is that they conflate real war crimes for Israel and to help set it up, with banker conspiracies through the ages as a trend (and how many are prominent Jews), and with non-Jews who believe in colonial takeover of the Middle East, some of which in turn are cultically into the idea of spiritual power --- and beyond all these, the average Jew or non-Jew who says they're "Zionist" or "pro-Zionist" and really mean a generalized feel-good defense of Israel's existence and modernity, and the right of Europe's Jews to live there instead of under the potentially Hitlerian pogroms of other countries, they believe.

      So yes, there is a long-term influence of the cultic traditions within Judaism, among some, and there are war crimes of Israel, and there are defensive attitudes by average people about the situation, and there are long-term banking empires influenced by Jewish and non-Jewish "Zionists" of spiritual power cultic beliefs. And ALL of these can be called "Zionism" of different types. Yet they're not the same thing. So sometimes I have a hard time reading people who put it all down to Zionism and fit everything into a generalized use of the term. Hopefully it's not that. :)

      Best wishes always.

    2. "and the right of Europe's Jews to live there instead of under the potentially 'Hitlerian pogroms' of other countries, they believe."

      Clare, this is where the book I mentioned will be a revelation.
      The millennia-old conspiracy is real and Judaism is definitely behind it.

      You may wish to listen to the May 14, 2012 interview here on the Real Deal, that Dr. Fetzer conducted with me. Then you will know more clearly where I stand.

    3. I know the thesis -- Mystery Babylon line of thinking -- in general; it relies much on an occultic (antediluvian) historical transmission of information. In other words, who were the Hebrews, were they renegades, did they carry paganism with them from Sumeria (when they first left from Ur), what were the secret paganic elements/sects into (religious or technology -- if they knew of antediluvian secrets, if there was a civilization before the Flood, etc.).

      Whatever the lines of truth or fiction or unknown in these things, the idea that "the Jews" of the modern sort are always involved in black ops is irresponsible, and some people end up taking that position.

      Also irresponsible is the idea that belief in "specialness for Zion" is limited to Jews. In fact, it is the alternate "mystical history" of early Celtic Christianity -- claims that they got Judaism early -- and the British Israelite movement.

      So we have to define what we mean. That's the issue I have with those who don't make that clear, or who think all major conspiracies are Jewish in some broad way; it's not like that. If there are Jewish and other criminals or mystico-occultist criminals, as claimed, there are also other cultist criminals in the world. Beliefs of the latter seem to dovetail in their beliefs with Jewish cultic traditions, through the Middle Ages material, but that doesn't make them Jewish in the normal sense or even in a stretch: they think they're different and ARE different in many ways.

      We can't say: if many occultic traditions share elements and give feedback loops, and that top branches band together for convenience on SOME events, that that means they're "the same" unless we define it better.

      I'll listen to your show -- I might have already; not sure. And I'll look up your favourite books, to understand the details of what you're saying.

    4. Again, Steve: you can delete your postings at the other show comment section. Just log in and press "delete". :)

  3. Hi: Good show. So much topics to cover in so short a time. I think it would be good to dissect the John Lennon case like you have done with JFK. At least do a several shows in a row.

    John Lennon political activity in his lifetime
    MDC was he a patsy or Manchurian candidate?
    The Dakota Years 75-80 (based on Seaman's book and other sources) was John really hiding and not just a househusband?
    Yoko Ono's own life story (She attended the same school as Linda McCartney though a few years apart Sarah Lawrence School in New York)
    Yoko was she an op or handler of Lennon?

    More exploration of the Paul is dead theories would be welcome too.

    1. Thanks, Aral Sea. -- For a good discussion of the political activities, Goldman has great backed up research. Regarding Seaman's book: it delves into the final year-2 years. As I stated here, Goldman editorializes a bit negatively on top of the negatives he brings forward about John's states and actions, but the research is deep and wide, and the material itself is not all negative at all. I would greatly recommend Goldman's book if you can handle ugly sides to someone who was so beautiful of heart.

      Ono is implied as at least angled in on Lennon by others; she knew Macca before he replaced Paul -- revelation which slipped out by Macca on Howard Stern, 2004, if I recall the year correctly); might have been his lover first (see The Winged Beatle by Iamaphoney); date of John's visit to Indica to see her exhibit was earlier than most timelines suggest and he heard about it while in Spain, prob. by Macca (who was undergoing the first transformative Plas Surg in Kenya about then): drtomoculus. blogspot. com / 2012/10 / hes-real-nowhere-man. html

      Implications are operations through Indica Macca involved, Ono pushed into or told to go after John. But NONE OF THAT IS CERTAIN at this point.

      The PID case does not have much left right now to discuss as definites. Emilio Lari (photographer on Help! came out in interview with Iamaphoney, saying he's sure PID and Macca was behind break-in for his negatives -- unsuccessful), but he didn't give definite knowledge except his expert opinion based on his photos and hearsay in London at the time.

      But Iamaphoney's promised RevelAtion movie is under legal and backroom pressure so is unreleased, same with The Faul of Paul movie group.

      All main known threads of inquiry are in my Jan. 4 broadcast (packed in there, going by quickly). Anything else is uncertain at this point. No-one has yet translated the WIRED Italia 2009 article properly. No new witnesses have come forward.

    2. And this is the other page on John and Yoko and the exhibition at Indica: drtomoculus. blogspot. ca / 2012/10 / 31st-october-1966. html

    3. Oh and you asked about MDC (Mark David Chapman). The evidence is that he was controlled of mind (mind controlled in different ways ... yes, directly probably but also influenced and trained to shoot and be with people who were violent). You would want to read "Who Killed John Lennon" by Bresler, which I mention in the broadcast. His work is incomplete but the best we have for the basics of the case, and the only serious one directly on the death. There is a newer one which Total found, called "John Lennon: Life, Times and Assassination" by Strongman. Unfortunately, the reviewer ( dailymail. co. uk / news/article-1335479 / Was-John-Lennons-murderer-Mark-Chapman-CIA-hitman-Thirty-years-theres-extraordinary-new-theory. html ) is dumb or disinfo enough to suggest the idea of a CIA hit is a new one!

      But as to mind control, Bressler, the original writer on the subject and the only for many years, is quite suspicious Chapman was under it. His direct arguments are weaker there than on some other aspects, but yes, Chapman was involved in both oppressive Christian cults and later in Satanic thinking (personal? induced?). He was a sensitive and troubled person, but also in strange places with too much money, one would think, to do all he did. He also had a fear and yet connection circle of friends who were homosexuals and it seems there may be trauma there or a way to control him.

      And he stood around reading his book after the shooting as if all was fine.

      Whatever else, his shots themselves seem to be too close to John but far from the glass doors and in the wrong direction; the police even originally had him closer to and facing the glass doors (as would make sense). They announced this on a TV press briefing. (It is compiled in "The Messenger", avail on Youtube under the wrong date of 1969).

      But the police then changed the moving Chapman, firing clearly into and nearer to the glass doors. All newspaper diagrams have the impossible trajectory forward to his right and even not moving ... yet glass doors were to his extreme right.

      Why did they do this, when the moving Chapman is a better fit? Probably to obscure Perdomo's position (or that of a handyman turned around after passing John). Once they'd dumped the sensible moving Chapman idea, they couldn't go back on it again so well in the newspapers would have been the same.

      At that point, they probably decided to get the trial aborted. Chapman said he heard God tell him not to have a trial (to plead guilty) and that it was not an audible voice. But rather it would have been a feeling. Chapman under hypnosis would only remember a feeling, not a word by God audibly, if the hypnotist wanted him to feel it.

      It sounds odd on the face of it but it's entirely consistent with his odd behaviour, history, changed ticket stub, money history, bullet trajectory changes in the news towards the ridiculous for some reason.

      I think he was a Manchurian candidate but a patsy.

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  5. Thanks Clare for your lengthy replies. Which goes to show the topic needs to be broken into more segments rather than an annual tribute episode.

    Also Lennon's killing is harder to debate with the lack of visual evidence and videos to dissect like you do have with JFK and 911. We have to go on eye witness testimony virtually alone. I also agree that the picture of JL/MDC seems very staged. Almost as coincidental as the 1st video of the 1st WTC being hit.

    I remember the Goldman book being greatly debated in the 80's especially the alleged fling John had had with Brian Epstein. But I have read Nowhere Man which puts Yoko as the controller in Johns later years. The fact they had a child together makes it seem he really wanted to be back with her. He was a recluse but still wrote songs in the later 70's when he abandoned Political activism.

    The PID case I have seen all the album cover clues and hear all song clues. Also, Magical Mystery Tour was recently remastered and reissued on DVD as a box set. Do you think the image you see of a "dead paul" is going to be clearer [or even removed]?

    I still have my doubts about PID but it is fascinating. I once heard about (but never heard) a conspiracy show about Harrison's death too (hopefully not the 2 hour video with the fake George voice etc.) But he claimed in the Anthology series to be a prime motivator in the Beatles to stop touring in 1966 especially after the Manila incident which is the "official" explanation.

    The main conspiracy at the time of Georges death was where was his body after death? It took about a month before somewhat credible media stated that he was cremated and his ashes put in the Ganges River in India which is consistent with his religious beliefs.

    1. Hi there. Sure, you're welcome.

      Well, I have NO doubt anymore about Macca's being not JPM. But if you don't see it yet, that's fine. Check out Faul's False Ears at plasticmacca . blogspot . com (he wore falsies, but also when not, his earlobes are RADICALLY different ... and a bit deformed ... as if maybe from bad plastic surgery or naturally).

      I don't know if they want 2nd shooter reports out. I really think it's the human element: "they" (different in each case) can't control all real reports.

      There was NO 2nd shooter suspicion officially at all in the JL assassination. Re-read what I said above about the glass doors and early press conference vs. all diagrams in newspapers (easier to feed to the news a lie in that way).

      George died of cancer, but who knows if that was aided by someone. Last Testament of GH is a disinfo piece (by the same people who made Dreams from My Real Father, claiming Obama, who is a formal "Marxist", was the son of Marshall, not Obama, Sr.; whether he was or not, his mother WAS linked to Marshall in sexual situations for photos at least, but this movie also deflects a lot of the right-wing "fear of Commie" types away from the birth cert and the social security #s, which are provable).

      GH spoke of the Manila incident, yes, but he also spoke very seriously about the stop of touring. He then mentions going to India (he did go while Faul was being adjusted the first time with plastic surgery in Kenya), as if going to India is the major shift. But Emerick, in an interview, actually said how sad everyone was and how different they were and how weird it was during the Sgt P sessions. I think -- unlike in his book -- he was 1/2 saying what went on, bleeding off some emotion about it without saying what was going on. The audio of Emerick's saying that is in The Winged Beatle, by Iamaphoney.

      George's attacker in 1999 is more likely a hit attempt from the cultic/intel groups than the cancer itself, but I wouldn't rule out cancer as deliberately given back to him (he'd had it before).

      The image I saw of "dead Paul" is almost certainly the dead cow which is in the subsequent scene on the top of the restaurant. I have some posts on that at the end of the PID comment page.

      But the MMT "Blue Jay Way" song by Harrison, with its forward expression of grief and truth (a "clue") is altered from the stereo, in the mono re-release. Between Harrison's first verse's lines, the others sing (in the stereo and film and maybe the original mono, but I don't know): "Paul ... died. ... Paul is very ... bloody." This is forward. Have a listen. It's right there. Get a copy of the movie or stereo version of the song.

      We DO know the choices of photos to show of JPM plus some doctored photos are more commonly shown. It's amazing to know and watch how "they" manage to do it. Like Time (or Life?) whose PID issue only showed photos back to 1967, to show you an assurance he was the same. Straw man argument: it isn't the issue from 1967 onward ... that WAS the same fellow. :)

      I don't know where George was after his death.

      I do know Iaap shows a short letter from the oncologist of Linda McCartney, stating she died of cancer and that there *would be no further statements*, which sounds odd.

      I don't have any surety about those things but I feel there's more fishy stuff than we'd think.

      Goldman backs up the sexual expression between John and Eppie pretty well, I think. John was a very sexed guy and was curious and a bit violent -- not when he was really wanting to connect, but he well could have raped and sort of did with some women (others no, he was very real and meaningful, even in brief encounters sometimes). And they hung out again and again. One way or another, there was an EMOTIONAL affair in a way, between them, and fully from Eppie.

    2. Oops, that part about mentions of 2nd shooters is really for Andy Tyme, below.

      YOU were asking re. MDC photo op. Yah, the photographer was a friend of John as a fan, for a while. It may have been lucky or someone expected it or something. Goresh was not, I think, knowledgeable of his role if he was manoeuvred into the role: he was devastated for quite a while after; he's talked in detail several times.

    3. I listened to "Blue Jay Way" in stereo and mono and I have a bootleg underdub mix as well. Only the stereo has the "Paul ... died. ... Paul is very ... bloody." which is still very subtle to me...but I can convince myself that is what it's saying. Of course you probably know the Beatles mono and stereo mixes have some subtle and obvious differences. At the end of "I'm So Tired" John says backwards Paul is dead miss him miss him miss him.

      It's just amazing this Faux guy can still write amazing songs. And he is part of the support of the 911 official narrative.

      The first Beatles session Yoko attended was for "Fool on the Hill".

      Other Beatles tragic deaths

      Stu Sutcliffe
      Brian Epstein
      Mal Evans

    4. Oh if you bump it, you hear it plain as day. It's not OooOO ... oo ...OO-OO-OO-OO ... ooo-oo

      It's PaUL ... died ... PAUL IS VERY ... blooo-dy.

      I did the "oos" to show it can't be that. And did them with emphasis appropriate to accented loudness and pitch of notes.


      I don't think Faul is the best songwriter but even if he were fab -- ha ha -- he's a musician, multitalented, etc. He's also got a lot of creative people around him. Of course he could continue with decent songs.


      Stu had some kind of concussion. John seems to have blamed himself. Stu supposedly told his sister of a kicking by John and John claimed once he'd had metal pointy-toe boots on. BUT there was another beating by others, and it turns out the beating was more severe than they originally said; or perhaps it was that there were two beatings by others. I forget. One way or another, Stu died from some beating among them, it seems.

      Brian? Well, you might want to hear my most recent show on PID. I cover in detail some of the very thorough coverage from multiple sources, about that death and its circumstances, from Goldman. There is some detailed work in that book. The show will be at Don Fox (of Vancouver 9/11 fame)'s Wordpress account soon.

      Mal Evans: was shot by the head "police corruption" NYPD cop, Charles Higby. Higby was in charge of parts of the RFK murder coverup. He was also complained about by his boss, for de facto running the cop shop at times, where others listened to him, not the boss. He might well have been "tied" to CIA/paramilitary, etc.

      Mal died, ACCORDING TO IAMAPHONEY's claimed witness -- unnamed, though -- right after calling him to say he'd met or talked with Macca for royalties, for "Fixing a Hole" and "Sgt P", which he is known to have helped write. His ashes were "lost" (?!) and the book he was writing, "Living the Beatles Legend" was lost.

      His diaries were reported found several times, but only a few years ago they really did surface. Even so, only VERY few parts were published and, interestingly, none from the period in question.

      I have a comment (posted on Jan 16, 2012, 3:51 PM) about all this in more detail, at my radiofetzer PID show from Jan 4, 2012.

      This contains the general overview about Mal's diaries AND HIS NOW-FOUND BOOK (Iamaphoney's The Winged Beatle movie shows a page at the end of the movie, twice, with different parts blanked out each time, so you can't be a passive watcher and understand).

      But I just added now, Dec. 20, 2012, 7:09 PM, where to find the diaries excerpts for free.

  6. Since there ALWAYS seems to be second-shooter descriptions or evidence in the early, mainstream-media reports of high-profile, "lone-nut" killings (whether or not there really are extra shooters) I'm beginning to suspect that the MK-Ultra style choreographers of these public mindset-traumatizing events WANT those initial assassin-assistance reports to briefly circulate, deliberately PLANT such ephemeral narratives via the perps' key assets in the news agencies, and then let the unwitting (or complicit) law-enforcement officers on the scene predictably respond with their official denials. The lingering suspicions that subsequently circulate only serve to exacerbate the ongoing destabilisation of our society -- opening it ever wider to the seemingly inevitable, popular embrace of the promised "security" of the next Reich.

    1. There was NO 2nd shooter suspicion officially at all in the JL assassination. Do re-read what I said above about the glass doors and early press conference (see movie The Messenger, ca. 6 min's in, I think, on Youtube) vs. all diagrams in newspapers -- see (easier to feed to the news a lie in that way). This image has the lobby door structure but some diagrams didn't even show it.

      For a summary image by the Website author, but without the lobby door structure shown:

      For the Perdomo argument and info on crime scene and witnesses, see chapters 1, 2, Appencices A-E and go to bottom for "New" section. Link for contents

      Ignore the author's over-belief in FBI as the worst and only active cause here, and in the belief that everything links in the world through Jewish conspirators only. He has some good info on some Jewish friendship networks of crime, but he also is hot to trot about these ideas so much that he makes crazy conclusions sometimes. The basic work he does, though, is great.

      It also has amazing analysis on Hendrix, Morrison, Alan Wilson (Canned Heat drummer) deaths and reports with obfuscatory comments.

      Best wishes.

  7. Clare, have you ever taken a public stance on the conspiratorial worldview of "Alex Constantine"?

    And also, do you maintain an accessible archive of your own web postings?

    1. I actually don't know much about Web archiving, just got a Twitter account 2-3 days ago, set up a blog page same day, though had registered for one some time ago.

      I had heard of Alex Constantine but was not -- specially -- familiar with his work though, of course, might have ended up reading some over the years.

      I see from the Wiki page about him that he does understand the CIA/military Satanic cult connections: protection, involvement, start-up. And I found something of his -- which I have yet to read -- about John Lennon's murder from 2009 at here: http:// www. whale. to / b/john_lennon. html

      My new blog is at http:// youcanknowsometimes . blogspot . ca

      Right now, it's only on Newtown, Columbine and (by Libor link through dads of Lanza and Holmes) Aurora.

      I focussed on my own learning, on participating in e-mail lists with Jim, on radio shows from time to time, on Altgens articles and research (I am actually the author of the 1st three of the last four paragraphs of: http:// www. veteranstoday. com / 2012/04/13 / jfk-special-2-oswald-was-in-the-doorway-after-all ), and of course was at the Vancouver Hearings this past July.

      Thanks for the recommendation re. Constantine.

      I should have kept up a blog and stuff over the years. But honestly, I didn't have the skills and was alone with this stuff except for Jim for quite a while and now ... it would be a lot of work!!

      I have done a number of interviews which demonstrate a hard-packed form of understanding and items to look up, if you write them down quickly, ha ha. Also, thanks for mentioning Constantine again to me -- it reminds me to look, sometime. (Not enough people have taken on John's murder as suspicious.)

      Best wishes and thanks again, in general, for your correspondence! Makes life nicer. :)

    2. Aside: this must be on Pacific time, because it's showing 1:17 a.m. for some reason -- though Jim is not on Pacific time. Because I note for fun that it's actually 4:18 Eastern. So, yes, I was up late. :)

  8. Thanks so much, Clare. I'll be in touch.

  9. Good show.

    With respect to Paul McCartney, his death was faked as a publicity stunt. Some people still think he died back then, but this is absurd. Music is something you listen to, not something you look at. Yes they faked pics and vids to add to the stunt pretending that Paul had died, and yes they put subliminal messages in the music.

    BUT, you can still hear Paul's voice right to the end of the Beatles recording career!!!

    1. Paul does look different after the summer of 1966. Maybe his baby fat finally left him? Some people have changes as they grow.
      He was only 24 in 66. Or the effects of some of the substances they consumed?

  10. The spooks seem (if you can believe ANY journalistic accounts of their behaviour) to place a fair amount of well-founded/funded confidence in the "science" of VOICEPRINTING.

    If we as amateur sleuths also give this "science" any credence, then it is super-essential to find some non spooked-up sound technicians who can also do the necessary testing of early (Paul) and later (Macca) singing and speaking. Or has this been done already? (I mean by one or more audio ultra-experts who have absolutely none, zip, nada connections to the Dark Side -- and that includes malevolent, foundation-funded research projects at prestigious universities.)

    Yes, I remember the supposed "independent" voiceprint verifiers, a generation ago, who claimed to have authenticated that infamous, single-sided phone conversation recording of a posthumous Elvis seeming to acknowledge the faking of his death and his need to hide out for a while. But are there, as of late 2012, any Macca-is-Paul verifiers with sterling-silver, non-spook credentials?

  11. This is elementary my dear Watson. Either Paul McCartney died, the Beatles found coincidentally at the same time a perfect double not only in appearance, but in voice, personality, mannerisms and ability to play bass left-handed, then fooled everyone including his late wife, and rather than simply announce his death decided to pretend it was just a publicity stunt by faking photos, vids and adding subliminal messages and then they all managed to keep quiet about it while the imposter carried on McCartney's marriage until his wife passed away, and his career to this very day, or it was a publicity stunt in the first place.

    1. Why are you covering PID here, Stooy44?

      Different earlobes without earpieces, similar lobes with clear earpieces and one doctored photo (can see line of Photoshopping).

      ENOUGH THOUGH YOU HAVEN'T SEEN. No-one said it's a perfect double.

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    1. Cool you like the blog -- ahem, which one? This one of Jim's shows here, or plasticmacca.blogspot, or mine at youcanknowsometimes.blogspot ? Either way, check out new repro of John Lennon drawing at my blog; post for March 11, 2013.

  13. Whatever, Clare.....I mean Marten.


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  15. Clare - In reading about Tara Browne's car crash, and that of Princess Diana, I got a picture of how Paul might have been killed, using a similar m.o. Both those other assassinations by car used a blinding light and a further diversion to produce a car crash. I know that in Paul's case there were indications he'd (also?) been run over, but perhaps a collision preceded it. Any thoughts?