Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brian Stavely

9/11 TV fakery


  1. Great show guys, very interesting 2 hours! Thanks!

  2. Brian has some fresh ideas about the 9/11 false flag that deserve being followed up. There are SO many layers to the onion! He seems to be on top of the Sandy Hook shooting, too: great groundbreaking journalism on his website at Thanks for bringing Brian onto the show, Jim!

  3. If no planes flew that day, and the evidence seems to indicate that there were no planes, then what was going on with Cheney and Minetta, and their countdown? Was that the plane that flew over the Pentagon?

    1. You are talkin about the so called "stand down"? All part of the show my friend to make the plane BS more believable.

  4. 3 videos exist of the missile that hit the Pentagon. Not 1, but 3. Try to get it right next time.
    I somehow think that you'll mess it up again. I wonder why.

    Here's the link to the 3 videos of the missile.

    By the way, you keep mention Israel's role in 911, I was wondering if they had released any documents about "5 dancing Israelis?" I supposed you'd be all over it if they did. Or maybe not.