Friday, November 16, 2012

Judith Vary Baker / Jim Fetzer

Kevin Barrett interviews both about JFK (an hour apiece)


  1. Excellent interview! Thanks all.

    Regarding cancer, I would like to share some extremely profound info most folks are not aware. The story has been developing very quietly over the last 20 years or so.

    The headline is that there are compounds within the raw Cannabis (Marijuana) plant that are probably the most powerful, and safest anti-tumoral substances known.

    The over-arching discovery began in 1964 with Prof. Raphael Mechoulam isolating THC. That began the exploration of what is now referred to as the “Endo-Cannabinoid System” (ECS).

    What`s been discovered is that it`s the most far reaching, and significant system of bodily regulation yet found, and controls a multitude biological functions literally from cradle to grave. Basically we manufactor these marijuana-like compounds in our bodies everyday. They control appetite, sleep, mood, and slew of other functions. They are also ferocious free-radical scavengers, and primarily through programmed-cell-death (PCD) are able to shrink tumors while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. There is even some recent evidence that cannabinoids may aid in brain cell regeneration after stroke or other internal cerebral trauma.

    Unfortunately our own ECS began to get overwhelmed with the start of the Industrial Revolution as the number of toxins, and thereby, free-radicals increased in our environment. Fortunately, enter Cannabis, a plant that almost perfectly mimics many of the these cannabinoids acting on the receptors in our bodies. It is an incredible stroke of luck for us to have this non-toxic plant, in nature, that almost perfectly mimics these cannabinoids.

    And it turns out that they are everywhere in our bodies, not just the brain.

    In addition to the above mentioned, it turns out that cannabinoids are also anti-aging compounds. And most outrageously the Federal Government is the owner of US Patent 6630507 “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” issued Oct 7 2003. All the while classifying it as a having “no medicinal value”. Unbelievable.

    An interesting story is regarding Rimonabant, a diet drug approved for use in 2006. It`s manufacturers thought; “Well if we can suppress the ECS, we can essentially stop the munchies”. And it worked. The only problem is that when the ECS is suppressed we develop tumors, become depressed, and even suicidal or aggressive. After many reports of such side effects, and (5) deaths, it was taken off the market in 2009.

    Anecdotally there are now hundreds of reports of how patients suffering with many diseases are treating them very effectively with cannabis in various forms.

    First point is that smoking does not provide the concentrations of these beneficial cannabinoids needed to treat serious illness. Although, several studies have indicated that even heavy smokers actually have slightly less cancers of the head, neck, and chest, it will not really have a theraputic effect beyond pain relief and appetite stimulation.

    What patients are doing is extracting the oil from the dried plant. There are basically (2) methods; one is to extract it using solvents (google Rick Simpson method). The other is to use a vaporizer, burn the cannabis and allow the oil to condense onto the glass surface, then crap it off (google Shona Banda method). The patient then eats tiny amounts of the oil daily.

    Patients are also taking the raw, undried plant, and juicing it, which is extremely effective at delivering cannabinoids, but also has an added benefit. It turns out that the raw plant has a THCA, not THC, which until it is either oxidized (smoked), or released by solvents or fats, is not psychoactive. Maximum beneficial cannabinoids, without the high.

    Jim, I would heartily recommend you consider doing a Real Deal on this topic. I know you did a show within the last couple of years discussing primarily the legal aspects of cannabis prohibition, but this knowledge is really the key to bringing down cannabis prohibition once and for all. And make no mistake, legal recreational use, and expedient medical research go hand-in-hand.

  2. What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

    Granny Storm Crows List ( 700+ studies)

    U.S. Patent # 6630507

    Cannabinoids, Miracle Drug of the 21st Century by Jeffrey Dach MD

    Rick Simpson Run From The Cure (Second Edition)

    Shona Banda - Live Free or Die

    Cured: A Cannabis Story (A Film By David Triplett)

    Dennis Hill, Biochemist Cures his Cancer with Cannabinoid Oil

  3. Artillery and then 2 years at San Diego Hollywood Recruit Depot huh? My Captain was busted in rank and put on the rifle range. Tell us, how did you become such an expert in rifles while in artillery? Were you even an expert rifleman at all? You might of well have been at the Michigan Jewish gun club there in San Diego.

  4. The only period of my life when I was involved with organized religion was in Junior High and High School, when I was active in the Young People's Fellowship at St. James Episcopal Church. All Marines are required to qualify with a rifle every year, where I usually shot between 210-219, which made me a "Sharpshooter", but one year, as I recall, I qualified as an "Expert". Why are these bigots so obsessed with Jews and Judaism? I am not Jewish, but there have been many important artists, scientists, and authors who were. This rank anti-Semitism is completely disgusting.

  5. I did 13 months in the Far East as the Fire Direction Officer for a mortar battery and then was assigned to the USMC Recruit Depot, San Diego, where I supervised recruit training for a year, with 15 DIs and 300 recruits under my command going through training cycles. I have no idea what's wrong with melgibstein, but he appears to be a crack pot. There is nothing "Hollywood" about the depot in San Diego. And in that capacity, I supervised marksmanship training at Edson Range as one of my responsibilities.

  6. I did 13 months in the Far East as the Fire Direction Officer for a mortar battery and then was assigned to the USMC Recruit Depot, San Diego, where I supervised recruit training for a year, with 15 DIs and 300 recruits under my command going through training cycles. I have no idea what's wrong with melgibstein, but he appears to be a crack pot. There is nothing "Hollywood" about the depot in San Diego. And in that capacity, I supervised marksmanship training at Edson Range as one of my responsibilities.

  7. I want to second x_out's suggestion that we hear from an expert on the ontological possibilities of cannabis. I wouldn't have thought that decriminalization held out any social promise before I began finding out only recently how prohibition is being used by the prison-industrial complex to re-introduce slavery in this country. I'm not exaggerating. I think there are actually concerted efforts at introducing a wholesale neo-feudalism as the next step to follow the current debt serfdom. There are towns in my State where the local economy is already prison-feudal. Decriminalization would throw a monkey wrench into these efforts. It would be a great turnabout on their turning profits from plunder and pillage if we could make stopping them pay with innocent recreational enjoyment.

  8. Bill, most of the medical profession has no idea regarding Cannabis Science. It`s only really been in the last 20 years that the bulk of scientific work has been done. It`s just not in the medical lexicon. What`s that you say? Cannabis can cure cancer, and many other degenerative disease??? Huh? Does not compute.

    Years of official programming.

    So I think the discussion about decriminalization is not even useful at this point and just diverts us from what we all need to understand about this plant. It has a 5000 year human history and there have been no historical accounts of societal decay, and destruction, and populaces driven mad from use. Instead we see a plant that really in truth has to be one of the most useful in human history.

    And from just the science over the last 20 years it`s clear that every person on this planet should be consuming the plant in some form daily. The raw plant derived cannabinoids are essentially a super vitamin. And, it is especially of note regarding "juicing" the raw plant, and it`s non-psycho-active state.

    So my stance is that current cannabis research indicates the plant is seemingly a medical panacea, including profoundly effective treatment of cancer and many other degenerative disease, that has no known toxicity level, and has to be the most safe medicine ever. The current cancer rate is something like 1 in 3. I wonder how long this insane, brutal, prohibition would stand if the majority of people worldwide knew this.

  9. The other serious consideration is the impact of legalization on Big Pharma.

    It`s fair to say that a simple weed most people can grow in their garden, or indoors in the winter months, that would likely eliminate 90% of their products is a serious financial threat.

    I`ve heard that worldwide cancer treatment, including all the peripheral industries, foundations, etc, is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry. From diagnosis to death, the average cancer patient incurs anywhere from $400,000 to 1.5 million in total cost. Much of it, no doubt, not covered by insurance.

    This knowledge about the medicinal properties of cannabis is the club we can use to bring down prohibition. However I`m also not so unrealistic to ignore that their also has to be a way to orderly unwind the 100`s of billions tied up in conventional medicine.

  10. The fact that it can be shown that there were several shooters, in differernt places, does not in and of itself prove a conspiracy. This is not logical, for it remains a possibility that each shooter acted alone and without any knowledge of or relation to any of the other shooters. To be sure, other evidence demonstrates a conspiracy, but Mr. Fetzer needs to be a little more careful with his logic when he argues purely on the fact that there was more than one shooter that this proves a conspiracy.

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    2. Your kidding right? But OK, I`ll play along. What do you think the odds are that more than one "lone nut" could have been in Dealey Plaza, operating completely as an independent, on the very same day the POTUS was visiting?

      I think it`s safe to say the chances are near nil and not even really worth any serious consideration.

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  12. Of course marijuana helps to fight and sometimes cures cnacer, espeicailly lung cancer if you smoke it. Cigarette smokers almost never die of lung cancer if they are marijuana smokers as well. And smokers of marijuana who do not smoke cigarettes almost never get lung cancer.

    It is indeed odd then that cigarettes are legal and marijuana is not.