Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meria Heller & Majia Nadesan

 Civil war, campaign politics, and foreign affairs


  1. The fearmongering is off the scales with the last guest. What proof do we have that anything at all happened at Fukushima? Where are all the radiation victims? We know the Sendai videos are fake (cars don't float), so why is a smouldering nuclear plant shot from miles away believable?

    The greatest threat to health is fear induced stress. Fear by deception is the military media's greatest weapon. Fear causes people to abandon critical thinking, which is the alleged lynchpin of Fetzer's persona.

    9/11 was the military media's greatest achievement. Knowing that, why are "critical thinkers" so easily taken in fake event after fake event?

  2. How are other "critical thinkers" convinced that because one event was faked then all were.