Monday, September 24, 2012

Jim Viken

Will World War III start tomorrow?


  1. Jim, Are you done getting your behind washed by the crypto Jew Mike Harris of RBN with the phone lines cut off to antisemites? Its true, but you cant handle truth!


  2. You know what really gets me? You Jews get mad at people like me for not trusting Jews as if it is crazy and outrageous.

    No, I dont trust one of you, Marine or rag peddler.

    If you could accept truth you would be in total agreement.

  3. mel,

    Mike Harris is good on the two issues most important to bad Jews: he opposes NATO wars against the Jewish state's mid-east rivals and he opposes the race-replacement genocide of the Jewish people's primary hate-target, the White peoples of the world.

    I see no evidence Mike Harris is a secret Jew, but if he is indeed Jewish then he's one of the better ones, where for all intents and purposes the entire Jewish people with very few exceptions supports the two programs I describe above.

  4. Even where someone like Stephen Lendman is against Israeli expansionism and the War on Islam that masquerades as a War on Terror, he fundamentally undermines his efforts and arguments against these when he says it's morally wrong for the White peoples of the world to demand freedom from colonisation by Jews, other Asians, Africans and others.

    Where White peoples as such cannot be allowed self-determination and their own countries on grounds of moral and universal claims, it becomes impossible to defend the idea that Palestinians or Iraqis for example have a right not be colonised by Jews or NATO.

    The people who control the public dialog understand this perfectly, and that's why people with Lendman's objectively anti-White double-standards are always found atop the anti-Empire movement - they will never be able to win the support of the (White, western) peoples they must inspire if the Empire is to be ended because they are quite transparently and openly hostile to those peoples' most basic interests, whereas the neocon-type Jews controlling the other half of the dialogue appear much less hostile and even, when necessary, pro-western.

    (Although never pro-White -- pro-Jew always, sometimes pro-Black over AA and the like, sometimes pro-Hispanic over immivasion amnesties and the like, but never ever pro-White).