Monday, August 6, 2012

Mike Sparks & Jim Viken

Deja "MK-ULTRA" all over again

NB: 127min


  1. Good show. I guess I don't have much patriotism left in me anymore. I'm beginning to think we never had government of the people, by the people and for the people. Maybe that was just good propaganda to control the people. No form of government is any good if the people who run it no longer have character and integrity.

    Mr. Viken gave good coherent reasons why things are playing out as they are and I think explained real motivations and goals very well. He spoke truths that many if not most people cannot accept and face.

    I am constantly amazed at how many seemingly intelligent engaged people there are who still believe Oswald was the lone gunman who shot JFK and that mind control by our government is a silly conspiracy theory. (I won’t even get started on 9-11 !)

    There is a small group of evil people running the world, they want a one world death and slavery system, and they are megalomaniacal and nehilistic.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Mike Sparks gave some good info, but I think he's wrong about the Occupy movement not asking for anything. Occupy tried to put the criminal banksters on trial in the public streets, acting as the voice of the plaintiffs against the bankster felons, and the nation was able to watch the cops beat the plaintiffs and protect the felons.

    JEANNON, as great a president as Abraham Lincoln was, his "of, for, and by the People" was a regurgitation of the national psyop that this nation was created for any other purpose than to promote the interests of a few wealthy merchants and slave-owning gentry-- those who in each State sat in the House of Burgesses (local vernacular for the French social term 'bourgeois') and who won their independence from their Crown overlords with the blood of small farmers and town laborers, for whom they did nothing but betray their interests. It's a burgess dictatorship with liberal trappings, so long as the burgesses feel comfortable enough to refrain from using fascism against the plebes.

    Jim Viken is right that there are plenty of adequate laws (like the civil-rights laws that were not enforced under Jim Crow). The burgesses and their political pawns make laws which are meant to protect THEM, not us.

  3. Be sure to take a look at Derren Brown applying the scientific methodology reproducing a Sirhan Sirhan killer. You have to dwcide for yourselves if what you see is real or acted.
    look for "derren brown assassin full episode".
    Step by step we watch as a MKULTRA killer is created, fascinating.

  4. Mike sparks, I love your passion man. But the Aurora 'shootings' (and victims) were faked.

    You are being purposely led down the 'government false flag' road. Ask yourself why.
    9/11 (completely faked) incriminates the U.S. government only too easily and obviously. This is not the form of master criminals.
    9/11 was really the symbolic beginning of the endgame that is the plundering the treasury and the collapse of the dollar (and ultimately the U.S. itself).
    Take a look at the WTC plan. Do you see a representation of the dollar sign? WTC1 and 2 representing the two vertical lines and the rest representing the 'S'.
    The U.S. is to be destroyed from within, and all this incriminating evidence will be presented to the public via MSM, when the time comes (this year). Revolution and destruction must follow.

    The West must fall.
    The East is where it's at.

    Come on Mike. Sort it out. I am such a big fan and have loved all your shows.