Monday, July 2, 2012

John McCarthy and Larry O'Daniel

The government within the government


  1. Dr. Jim Fetzer
    Hello Jim, Regarding the US motivations during the Vietnam War. During my service in Vietnam with the US Army I was told that the war was about oil but at that time there was no evidence for this opinion that I was aware of. Years later, in a conversation with a Chevron employee he stated that Chevron oil exploration in the South China Sea offshore oil reserves were thought to be another Persian Gulf because the oil found there was so pure, of high quality and extensive, but due to the fracturing of the sea bed floor it was decided that to bring the oil field into production was too difficult at the time, when Chevron came to this opinion in 1974 the war finally ended. This opinion was documented publicly in the Chevron Employee News Letter. Now that drilling techniques have improved, Chevron is again active in developing Vietnam oil resources.
    Best Regards

  2. Two fascinating guests. Its because the armed forces has people like your guests that there is hope for the union.