Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jeff Prager

Nukes at the Twin Towers?


  1. Fascinating stuff guys, thanks for all the research you both have done on this subject. I think Jeff is right on the money when it comes to the WTC being destroyed using mini-nucs... his explanation makes the most sense to me. A follow up interview focusing specifically on the financial crimes seems only appropriate. :)

    Keep up the good work! Much appreciated!

  2. Great show-- totally nails nukes at the WTC. Which of course, Anonymous Physicist and I have been promoting for years now.

  3. More support for the existence of nukes as small as and even much smaller than a grapefruit. I think he even said there could have been some as small as a part that goes in a desk computer.

    Prager said nukes can explain all the rust at the WTC and the "toasted cars." As I recall anyway. Those ideas certainly give more weight to the nukes theory.

    I believe it was the North Tower where we see like the top 20 or so floors smoking and can see fires inside along a straight line with that block of top floor shown burning and smoking. That seems counterintuitive to nukes. The straight line that perfectly delineates the one floor at the bottom of the block from the ones below it that are not showing such stark evidences of fire and smoke. Seems like a nuke could not have caused such a straight delineation effect. Of course, there may have been misleading things going on to make us think simple fires and smoke on certain floors but not other floors and in addition to the later nuking in the destruction sequence / process.

    Such a long time elapses between I listen to the show on the day it is first broadcast on Revere Radio and when the show gets posted here that I can no longer remember the points I would have liked to comment on.

    Here is a link to a nice free E book about nukes put out by Don't know if it has any info that would be of interrest in 9-11 truth search.

  4. Loved it. This show really got me thinking. Thank you Jim.

  5. I am not convinced that nukes can explain
    1. The behaviour of the steel 'spire' turning to steel dust - a well photographed, videoed and documented feature of the WTC 1 demolition
    2. The features noted both inside and on the exterior of Banker's Trust - crinkled exterior beam and interior rusting of core columns. Dust could not have penetrated the interior of this building, neither could nukes have crinkled the exterior beam without huge heat.

    1. Your comments invalidate your own objections. Nothing explains the steel spire crumbling to dust so well as nuclear shock waves and nothing would have created as much heat as a nuclear explosion.

  6. standing ovation. lack of heat from nukes? LOL.

  7. some thermite/thermate could have been used especially up top. painted on the interior columns to start the downward "collapse" illusion.

    1. "Paint-on-thermite"? Exqueeze me? I think JF might want to retort on this one. Oh, and monsieur Hightower perhaps?

    2. yeah, it can be sprayed and painted on, are you kidding? this is old news, and boring old news, dude. Even discussed in an episode of Jesse Ventura/CT.

    3. A component of the original demolition system responsible for sufficient heat production to vaporize the perimeter column/spandrel assemblies was sprayed on during construction. Dr. Ed Ward, MD reports finding two radioactive elements integral with the paint on unburnt structural steel present in the wreckage. Fusion in a drum? Fission in a drum? I do know that something added to the primer paint during construction was added to take part in vaporization of this steel. Copies of the application training film may still exist.

  8. JEFF PRAGER: The way you conclude your ebook with: "I found a woman in the rubble, burned, in an airplane seat, her hands bound..." quote from a a NYC First Responder is sensationalism. We need proof of that. In the documentary "The Flight That Fought Back" they claim the hijakers practiced slicing the jugulars of camels to gain skill at executing human beings, and in the movie "Flight 93" the plane does a dramatic dive at the time of the alleged cockpit scuffle, and anaysis of FDR shows that never, ever, ever happened. There was was no dive, pure dramatics. I would equate your quote from the first responder with filmmaking dramatics.

    You get nothing but full credit, but I don't believe the hands bound stuff, and a seat belt and some other airplane debris definitely doesn't prove that planes hit the WTC. It easily could have been planted/staged.

    Additionally, I'm sick of all the fake plane pictures and videos.

    ALL of the video of a plane striking the South Tower have removed the scenery and super-imposed a plane. The videos which include a plane make it appear as if Tuesday, September 11, 2001 were an extremely foggy day, and it wasn't. The videos which show no plane hitting the tower clearly include scenery, and it wasn't until later in the day, when the news footage miraculously had footage of a plane, but the scenery had disappeared.

    Amazing research. You prove your point with the nukes. Makes total sense, especially w/ the toasted cars.

    reference link regarding scenery:

  9. I don't discuss planes. I haven't studied that issue. I performed the physics and chemistry analysis with a physicist guiding me along and it still took me 2 years to be able to understand AND discuss this. Micronuclear fusion triggered fission devices are NOTHING like what we think nuclear bombs are like. NOTHING even close. My proof is here. Go ahead and prove me wrong.

  10. As for thermite: We know EVERYTHING about Dr. Jones' thermite from the Bentham Open Physics Journal. He equates it with RDX and HMX in his essay EXCEPT that RDX, HMX and TNT have velocities in the 8500 - 9100 meters per second range. Jones' thermite is 300 meters per second.

    To calcine concrete (turn it to dust) and to dissociate steel (turn it to dust) the speed of sound for those items MUST be reached.

    Speed of sound for steel - 6100mps
    Speed of sound for concrete - 3200 to 3400mps

    Jones possess a SLOW INCENDIARY, NOT an explosive. Explosives are rated at ABOVE 3000mps. But of course the public doesn't know these things.

    Sprayed On Thermite:

    Dr. Neils Harrit estimated 29,000 metric tons of thermite was used as his LOW estimate. If 29,000 tons of thermite were detonated in less than ten seconds, the time it took the towers to fall, you would have seen the flash from Rome.

    His high estimate was 144,000 metric tons. With the low of 29,000 metric tons it would have required 1,500 tractor trailers. Now, regardless of the number of people, if you could move one 1 metric ton box from the tractor trailer at the loading dock to its final destination every 15 minutes it would have required 100 days working 24/7 JUST TO LOAD THE BUILDING WITH THERMITE. That does no include opening the 29,000 one ton boxes and applying the material.

    If you think thermite did this you have malfunctioning neurons. The elements in the dust prove ternary fission and likely quaternary fission.

    Elements don't lie, people do.

    Please, someone explain to me 93 Becquerels per kilogram of uranium and over 3,000ppm of strontium and barium from the dust scraped from a girder that was INSIDE a 1000+ foot building.

    Explain the zinc, the sodium and potassium.

    Here's the data. Scroll down to Chemistry Table One and tell me, using my linked PDF above, how this was NOT nuclear. Because, unfortunately, it was. Here's that link again:

  11. Link to Chemistry Table One (scroll down):

  12. You folks above, losdodgers in particular, don't understand nuclear reactions. The reaction occurs in 600 billionths of a second. 550 billionths for the deuterium-tritium or lithium deuteride fusion reaction and 50 billionths of a second for the uranium fission reaction and it's OVER. Immediately cooling begins. Additionally, these were micronuclear devices. Nano technology is a child of the nuclear industry. Founded and funded by the nuclear industry to reduce the size of nuclear demolition devices to avoid the international treaties which ONLY cover uranium and plutonium explosive devices. The fusion-fission devices decrease radiation by 97% or more. The Soviets exploded Big Ivan in 1961 and reduced radiation by 97% but NOT neutrons.

    For those of you that don't know, fast and hot neutrons pass through tree leaves and paper because they aren't dense enough to exchange their heat.

    They are attracted to dense materials like steel, iron, cement and concrete. Even the 4 acres of marble was gone. But paper and tree leaves and even tree limbs and branches DO NOT HAVE THE DENSITY to be affected by neutrons.

    Besides all of this gibberish, we PROVE ternary fission and we PROVE a tritium fusion component using physics and chemistry.

    Again, only people lie.

    Uranium, thorium, cerium, lanthanum, manganese, yttrium, chromium, antimony, molybdenum, sodium, potassium, lead, zinc, copper and the rest of the elements found in the dust samples DON'T LIE.

  13. Thermite painted on metal will do NOTHING to the metal. Well, let me qualify that. The 300mps incendiary possessed by Dr. Stephen Jones would do nothing at all.

    Adding copper increases velocity from Dr. Jones' 300mps to 2200mps (still not quite fast enough and still not considered an explosive) but of course Dr. Jones' thermite has no copper in it. There are other types of energetic nano-compounds that would work but Dr. Jones didn't find any of them.

    He found a simple, slow-burning incendiary with, according to Dr. Jones, a velocity of 300mps. We also know from peer reviewed data from Lawrence Livermore Labs that the MAXIMUM velocity for an iron oxide rich aluminum compound in a silica substrate (what Dr. Jones has) has a MAXIMUM of 895mps. We could BBQ some great organic steaks, build a fire on the beach or attend the Burning Man festival with Dr. Jones but we CAN NOT demolish even a small steel structure with an energetic nano-compound with a 300mps velocity. See my comment above re: the speed of sound in concrete and steel.

  14. I heard Richard Gage on a radio show last night and he said that when thermite is made "nanothermite" it greatly is increased in its explosive power. That is about all he said, but it is a sly way of continuing to suggest that this special "nanothermite" is powerfully explosive enough to explain the effects observed at the Twin Towers.

    Jones / Gage & Co. specifically avoid giving facts or figures regarding explosive power as Mr. Prager has provided us. I just find the whole Jones / Gage show so deceptive. Apparently they have perceived a need to reinforce the mind control of their groupies regarding this super mysterious and powerful substance called "nanothermite" so Gage is touring 30 U S cities now showing their latest update of their deceptive video. But in a sly sophisticated way they only skim over the topic of nanothermite and bait and switch to call for a new investigation of Building 7 by scientists. I have heard Niels Harrit and Richard Gage speak the formerly verboten words "inside job" on two occasions, so part of the plan is to let everyone know that Architects and Engineers is really getting real and really getting tough now and demanding a new scientific investigation. I just do not buy it. It amazes me that there are 1700 architects and engineers who cannot see through this or at least question the modus operandi of Mark Hightower and Jeff Prager have told us the cold hard facts about "nanothermite" and the "red / grey chips" but somehow there are large groups of people, including large numbers of professional engineers who have drunk the Jones / Gage KoolAid.