Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jim Fetzer

Jim interviewed by Tim (again) on 9/11

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  1. Good Show Jim. Tim is a gentleman (although a little too gentle at times).
    But You really need to start focusing on the fact that alongside all the other uncovered fakery (video and otherwise), the collapse footage of both the twin towers and building 7 is also(crude in the case of building 7) computer generated fakery.
    Now imagine the public impact on discovering that very few if any real people died that day, most being computer generated entities with no basis in reality. You really need to go here Jim and take this full circle.
    You know no planes crashed on 9/11. So what are the shits going to do? Round up hundreds of people, kill them off and dispose of them, claim they died aboard the planes, with the remains of most incinerated and unidentifiable, and still expect cooperation from the many hundreds involved in the deception and no hell to pay from real families? Come off it!
    And the hollowed mostly empty towers have to account for the rest of the victims. Did the shits do the same here? Not on your life!

    The whole damn thing was faked Jim and there are
    people who are miles ahead of you on this issue.
    You mentioned Gerard Holmgrem. He mentioned 'No Victims' way back when, and he has gotten everything else pretty much right.
    You are supposed to be at the top of your game Jim, and I daresay on many subjects you are, but you are lagging behind here in your investigations into the true extents to which Fakery was incorporated into the whole 9/11 claptrap narrative.
    Step up to the plate, and break on through the 'Big Lie' Jim.

    With respect,