Friday, February 17, 2012

Jim Fetzer

Role reversal: Tim interviews Jim on JFK


  1. Wow, great show! Extremely informative. There are so many angles to the JFK case. Same with 9/11. They are both pretty complex operations when you get down to the details. Thanks for all your hard work figuring this stuff out Jim!

  2. Since I was in Dallas in the 7th grade when JFK was murdered his death has always haunted me. After he died, the country changed and that is more evident with every passing year.

    The more I learn about Kennedy and his policies the more it exposes who had him killed. Those powers are still in place today; although the people are not around today (except George H.W. Bush) the heirs of the coup are still protecting the institutions involved.

    Thank you, Professor Fetzer for all the work you’ve done in spreading the word.