Monday, January 2, 2012

Jim Fetzer

Jim's "Tribute to The Beatles"


  1. The Beatles promulgated both musically and lyrically - in most of their songs - the ever true maxim that the "love you equal to the love you take."
    Excellent show. Interesting Jim to hear your take on many of the great songs you played.

    Please check out out The Mark Jones Video Collection - available for free - at last - on the internet now - particularly if you are a fan of Paul McCartney. Just google. Thirteen volume set. DVDs. Rare. Most of the content not commercially available.

    Here's Vol. Six as an example.

    01-Paul and Linda on Late Late Breakfast Show
    (first Broadcast of Say Say Say)
    02-Ringo Starr Interview about Marc Bolan 'The Rube' 11/25/83
    03-Paul on Razzamatazz 12/13/83
    04-Pipes Of Peace Video
    05-Paul Interview on The Tube 12/18/83
    06-Unofficial Versio nof Lennon's Borrowed Time (Broadcast only once)
    07-Newcast on Mess Made During making Pipes Of Pece Video
    08-Newcasts On Paul And Lindas 1983 Drugbust And Yoko And Sean Visiting Liverpool.
    09-'My Love' - Wings 1973 Performance.
    10-Pete Shotton Interview, 'Pebble Mill At One', 1984.
    11-'Blue Peter', Beatle City Report With Janet Ellis, 1984.
    12-Paul Interview, 1966.
    13-Paul On 'Aspel And Company' With Tracy Ullman 9 June 1984
    14-Cynthia Lennon Interview, 'Saturday Review', 1984.

  2. Excellent! Many thanks, Darsie. Very, very nice.