Monday, January 23, 2012

James Norwood

JFK and "The Lost Bullet"


  1. Great show, Norwood always presents his cases well.

    "The Langley Ledger." Hysterical!

    It reminded me of a speech Michael Parenti made about JFK. He reads an op-ed from the Ledger after the House's investigation determined there probably was a conspiracy. Gotta be heard to be believed. It can be found here in 2 parts --TUC Radio

  2. Great show ! Jim and James on top form.
    Just to point out that the guy doing the voice over on the Lost Bullet flim-flam said that the rifle (allegedly) used by Lee Harvey Oswald was a high velocity rifle which is a downright lie.

    The whole thing was a load of lies.

  3. Dave F., I can't find the show you recommended. I searched "Parenti". What should I search?

    1. Sorry Clare, go to the link above, and at the top 'search item' write 'Parenti." A list of audio will appear. About halfway down u will find "Michael Parenti: JFK Assassination" in two parts. Here's the first:

      And here's the second:

      He starts out angry [he's quite the firebrand], but it just keeps getting funnier.

    2. If you like Parenti, u might like his talk 'conspiracy and class power.' Why have so many presidents and other political leaders been assassinated. H e gives his explanation [and mine] here:

      His book "History as Mystery" is also terrific. The best deconstruction of the assassination of President Zachary Taylor can be found there too.

  4. Hi Jim,

    what are the prospects of you having Barrie Zwicker on?

    Good article by him:

    Wikipedia article about him:


  5. Ref: The Lost Bullet white wash and the newly restored NG films taken on that day I suggest all newly restored JFK films be viewed with the deepest suspicion. The films may look pristine and seem to be a true representation of the original film but one always has to remember to ask oneself what has been edited out or "enhanced" they say. And on that point Greer doesn't seem to turn round in the NG enhanced Zapruder film.

    On the death of presidents one has always been curious about the early demise of both LBJ and Richard Nixon after they either left office or as in Nixon's case was given the bum's rush... as they say. LBJ died pretty quick as was to be expected.. perhaps but Nixon fell off the perch pretty quick. One wonders if either was given a helping hand to the Great Oval Office in the sky or wherever those sons of bitches go.